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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life Is Totally "Fair"

This past week was our county fair. Dr. Hubby always attends the sale to purchase an animal. I like to attend this day too (cause he looks so HOT in his hat and boots).

This year he purchased the Grand Champion Market Goat and a pen of 3 rabbits. Both belonged to patients. We did not bring the goat home with us...she was donated back to the 4H Fund. They take her to another market and the 4H gets the money from the sale.

We did however bring home this "Cutie."

*Wild Child refuses to reveal her gender color theory...she is currently has "no comment."
**My computer has decided to rebel and will not allow me to upload photos(after these 2)...watch for flying computers!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Summer Results Are In!

Yesterday evening was our last TOPS weigh in of the summer. Did we make our goal of losing 24 pounds this summer?

I lost 1/2 a pound for a total loss of 25 pounds!
Manga Dork maintained for a total loss of 15 pounds!
Tay lost 4 pounds (she nearly passed out) for a total loss of 17 pounds!

Together the three of us lost 57 pounds!

I am so proud of these girls. They have really give it their all. You can see the difference in their faces and in the way their clothes fit. They both went down a size. They were eager to set a new goal.

Our next goal is to lose 13.5 pounds by October 29th. That is 9 weeks...1.5 pounds per week.

Happy Dieting!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gender Color Confusion

I have been having trouble convincing Wild Child that Lilly-Grace is a girl dog.

I say, "Wild Child she is a girl."

Wild Child says, "No, she is brown. Boy dogs are brown..."

"...and girl dogs are white."

She is convinced. I don't know why she thinks this...could it be cartoons?

Bolt is white...but he is a boy.

The Grinch's Max is a boy...and he is brown.

Lady is brown...but she is a girl.

Mr. Wienie is a boy...and he is black...I must ask her what black dogs are.
Scooby Doo is brown and he is a boy.

Snoopy is a boy and he is white. Ok I don't think cartoons is where she is getting this...maybe she picked it up in my world...
Tori Spelling's pug Mimi was brown...and a girl.
Paris's Tinkerbell is brown...and a girl. Wait! I've got it...

Elle Wood's Brewster is brown...and a boy! However, he does wear dresses and has a "boyfriend." Which I felt was totally stupid and completely uncalled for...I guess there wasn't enough "homosexual content" for Hollywood...so they made the dog gay! argh.
Anyway I have not figured out this mystery...I finally went to ask...she is asleep! I guess you will just have to be on the edge of your seats until she wakes up....

Any theories?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Last of NC...

On Day #5 we were back in New Bern, NC. We played disc golf. My BIL loves it...me...umm...not so much. But I really enjoyed trying out something he likes...and he was very patient with my limited abilities...LOL!
That evening we ate at Andy's...a great chain restaurant that serves burgers and fries...yummy! Then we headed to Emerald Isle beach.
Lil Sis wanted some cute beach photos of her and BIL...but the lighting was already gone.
We saw a baby sea turtle make his way into the ocean...so neat!
We played a round of mini golf. BIL and I tied...he is probably still googling how to decide the winner in the case of a tie in mini golf...LOL! He likes to win...and he is not fond of sharing.
On our last day I got to do something really cool...well not as cool as petting tigers...but still cool...

I played papparazzi while driving past Nicholas Spark's home. He has done quite a good job with his trees...I basically just got a bunch of gate pics...well played Nick.

Then we were off to the Accidental Artist for some paint your own pottery. I made Annie Louise a very cute doggie bowl.

Goodbye NC...til next year!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet Lilly-Grace

This is our new furbaby, Lilly-Grace. My grandparents gave her to us.

Like most tiny dogs she thinks she is 10 feet tall.

Annie Louise is SO not impressed.

And like any baby...she's sweetest when she's sleeping...surrounded by my piles of freshly folded laundry.

Monday, August 24, 2009

T.I.G.E.R.S. or The Coolest Thing I Have Done In A While

I am finally getting around to telling you all what we did on day #4 of our trip. In Myrtle Beach, SC there is an attraction at Barefoot Landing called T.I.G.E.R.S (The Institute of Great and Endangered Rare Species (I think that is it)). You can have a pic taken with a couple animals OR you can do a VIP tour of the reserve. The tour is $199 and you can purchase a video and/or photo collection DVD of your experience. In all it cost around $450 for Manga Dork and I (we split the cost of the CDs with Lil Sis. Spending this much money on one activity made me really nervous...would it be worth it?

We arrived at the reserve and were welcomed by a woman with a black eye and about 5 stitches across her cheek...what had we gotten ourselves into?

The first picture set up was with a LIGER (part lion/part tiger)...Napoleon Dynamite would be SO jealous. Standing on his hind legs he is 11ft. tall.

Then they bring out a Benturong (sp?)...he was a little creepy. We sat on a bench side by side and he walked on our laps while we petted his back...eek! He smelled like caramel popcorn...weird! Ok by the time I had survived these 2 I was feeling a little more confident...

After watching 2 Linx cats jump into the air after lures they took us to this petting area and put a 3 month old tiger in our laps.

This little cub is only 1 month old. It smelled like baby formula.

They had us all sit with our legs out in the pen and turned all kinds of furbabies loose on us. This little softie is a baby puma.

This was AMAZING! By this point I think I would have paid DOUBLE!

The baby Linx panted just like a dog. Did you know only 2 wild cats purr? The puma and the cheetah.

After the petting area we met Bubbles the Elephant. A guy came in riding her and when she bent down to let him off she passed gas VERY loudly. I can now say based on experience that downwind of an elephant is a BAD place to be. Bubbles showed us how she could eat a whole watermelon and we each fed her a carrot...eek...this made me a little nervous...I need that hand to type! LOL!

We got even more up close and personal...elephants feel so weird.

Someone asked me a while back to post a pic of my hair...here it is...I can't believe there wasn't leaves or grass or a small animal or two stuck in it by that time.

Next a lemur came to visit...we gave it a bottle and then it basically used us like trees and jumped all over.

Oh I loved this little gibbon monkey...so cute...and those are some LONG arms. Thank goodness he/she was wearing underpants.

Oh yeah...this was as cool as it looks...I LOVED it!
The last thing we did was go to a pool area and watch tigers swim. Then the orangatans came out in life vests and went in the pool. Not a normal activity for them in nature.
I would highly suggest this to any animal lover! Coming next...meet the new furry member of our family. She is a little less wild then these babies!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

American Idols Live 2009!

Yesterday Manga Dork, me, Dr. Hubby's aunt, and her 2 daughters headed to Pittsburgh, PA to see the American Idols. Of course no girls day out is complete without lunch at a great restaurant (Cheddars) and a little retail therapy (Tanger Outlets). We got stuck in traffic (Pittsburgh Pirates had a game too) and had to RUN from the parking garage to Mellon Arena.

Our butts hit the seats just as they started playing the AI theme...

Micheal Sarver (Oil Rig Guy) went first. He is quite the performer.

Megan Joy looked beautiful...those heels were awesome! Thank goodness she did not sing Rockin' Robin!

Scott was so in his element behind the piano...but I must admit...I took this chance to sneak off to the bathroom...bad Scrappy!

Lil Rounds was fun.fun.fun! She sang Single Ladies (minus Beyonce's hideous bodysuit).

Manga Dork nearly popped out of the stands when Anoop came on stage...she screamed...she jumped...she clapped...she SMILED! He was rockin' some purple high tops...hmmm.

I so could have used this as a bathroom break too...Matt was best when behind his piano.

The guys looked so cute during this performance...Megan and Lil joined them too.

During intermission we raced to buy a tshirt and an Anoop photo (they were out of Anoop so she got Kris).

We didn't even go to the same table and all three girls ended up choosing the same tshirt!

Allison was one of my fave performances. She came out rockin' to So What.

Danny showed us his dance moves and touched our hearts talking about this past year and how he has learned not to be defined by a tragedy.

Adam Lambert knows how to PERFORM! He rocked it out. There was ALOT of pelvis action though...

Adam and Allison performed Slow Ride.

Kris came out performing Heartless. He did not sing No Boundaries. Something tells me Kara D. won't be writing the debut single for next season's winner.

It was coming to an end...

It was such a fun show. I was sweaty...tired...my throat hurt...my hearing was "off"...

These 3 LOVED it...and that is what it is all about...we pulled out of the parking garage to begin our 2.5 hour drive home...windows and sunroof open...jammin' out to Slow Ride.
Pittsburgh is a crazy city to get out of...thank you God for GPS!
Happy Weekend!