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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Make Fun Of The Skeletons In Someone else's...Car?

Last Sunday when I took the girls out to eat at Peking Buffet (my farewell to Chinese food for awhile) we got out of our car and I noticed a weird little collection hanging from a car's rearview mirror. They had skeletons in every shape, size, and color. We declared it one of the freakiest things we had seen in awhile. Well....as I am paying the bill, the kids like to get quarters and raid the "bubble" toy machine.

Cutie recieved this skeleton in her "bubble."

Scrappy says to Cutie "Ew...that is a creepy little man."
Cutie replys "I love creepy little men." and hugs it.

She carried it through Walmart like it was her new best friend!

Moral of the Story...Don't make fun of the skeletons in someone else's car...you just might take home one of your very own.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sneaky Peeky

Here's my Scraplift Tie Breaker layout...my 2 layouts have been posted...now I just have to wait til Friday to see if I win!


I am so excited to start this journey and I am SO excited to see that a few of my bloggy friends are gonna join me!

My starting weight is 215.0.
My BMI is 40.58...I am obese.

I am weighing on my WiiFit.

My first goal is to lose 10 pounds by May 31 (Dr. Hubby's bday)!

My end goal weight is 125.

What was your starting weight?

What is your first goal?

What is your end goal weight?
There are 3 weight loss posts for today...don't miss one!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I plan on doing my Carmen Electra Striptease DVD workout...don't laugh...it IS as funny as you think it is! LOL!

What are you planning to do for exercise?

Food Journal

Think of what you eat in a day...Food journaling helps me when I am dieting cause I tend to "graze." If I have to write it down then I am less likely to pop it in my mouth. Here is what I had yesterday...

Breakfast: 1 1/2 sausage egg biscuits from Mcdonalds and a large sweet tea

Lunch: 10 boneless buffalo wings from KFC and a large sweet tea from McDonalds

Snack: Can of Coke

Dinner: 2 Honey mustard snack wraps and a large sweet tea

Snack: Grandma's Fudge Chocolate Chip cookie and a coke

(Someone revive Mechelle...she just passed out!)LOL! I am a bad girl.
Now this is not a typical day because I was on the road ALOT yesterday...but I tend to eat out ALOT (not every meal of the day like today though) and I don't go for the healthiest of menu items.

What did you have to eat yesterday?

Each week you will have a chance to share a day of food journaling...this will give us ideas of new things to try instead of the "same old thing."

A Little Dirt Never Hurt (Unless You Are Brand New Clothes)

At the end of last summer I wished I had taken a before picture of the little one's play clothes...

So I did this yesterday....these are the first 4 outfits I bought at Walmart.
The kids began the testing yesterday afternoon...they ran, they jumped, they hung upside down...

this is what Cutie's toes looked like after a couple hours with Grandma. At one point she was outside the schoolhouse completely naked playing with the water hose. I really hope she doesn't become a nudist when she grows up!

This is Cutie's outfit at the end of the day. Talented?!

Here's a sneak peek...this is the layout I did for the Font/Title Challenge Tie Breaker. We had to do a vertical title with visible journaling. I loved working with this paper...the colors are so fun! Now I have to get to work on the Scraplift Challenge Tie Breaker!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Letter To My Fat (Part 2)

Dear Fat,
Well I bet you just loved the first letter I wrote to you. You want me to be depressed and low...so I will feed you. Well...I've had enough. I am coming for you. Pound by pound I will release the hold you have upon me. It will be a long journey and I am not sure just how much of you there is...but I will do it. Stop laughing...I know I have tried many times and failed...this time I will do it. I won't be strong every day...but I will win. I will be healthy. I will feel better. I will be a role model for my daughters. I have a plan...I attack on Wednesday.

**Don't forget! First weigh in will be Wednesday! Prepare yourself! We can do this!**

"Farmy" Photos & An "Ooh You Gotta Try This"

I am in love with Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush bath gel, body lotion, and body mist. The fragrance I chose was Candy, Baby. I want to try the Coconut next. The scents are DELICIOUS! Last night Dr. Hubby cuddled me up on the couch and said, "Mmmm...you smell like cotton candy."

Yesterday it was 95 degrees here...gee I think we went from winter straight to SUMMER! It was hot and I broke down and turned on the AC...I just love opening my windows and getting fresh air in the house. While the sun was out and everything is getting greener and more lush I decided to play with Mr. Nikon...

This is in the pasture...I love those little purple flowers! So cute.

While we were away on Easter my FIL & MIL decided to trim our trees...LOL...I just noticed yesterday that they cut our pine trees to look like regular trees...I called MIL and told her "You do know that pine trees are supposed to go to the ground?...she is such a blond!

Cutie wanted me to take some photos of her like I did the "big girls." She posed and posed and I got some cute ones until I noticed she had dirty fingernails and a booger in her right nostril...MAN! Then she did this....poor little farm kid.
Happy Monday! Make this a week to enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Should Check These Out!

I have recently found 3 things that I want to share with you...

Remember Mandisa from American Idol (Season 5, I think, Taylor Hicks' season). Well, her 2nd contemporary christian album is FANTASTIC! One of the best I have ever heard.

During Spring Break I took Manga Dork and the cousin that was visiting to see the Hannah Montana movie...don't tell anyone...I guess when you reach a certain age it is not cool to like Hannah anymore! Anyway, this movie is so cute. It is perfect for tween girls and their moms to go see. It made me want to go on adventures, ride horses, write a song, live in a small town...wait I already live in one!
On Friday night we rented this on PPV. I love Jim Carrey and this is his best movie in awhile. I love the idea behind it. He plays a guy who constantly says no to everything and everyone. He is bored and in a rut. He attends a seminar that encourages him to say "YES!" to every question and opportunity. It opens him up to so many adventures...he is hooked. This movie is not for kids primarily due to one scene.
Check them out...let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Spring's greatest joy beyond a doubt is when it brings the children out.--Edward Guest

Manga Dork helped me alot last weekend so I told her that she could have some friends over this weekend.

She had her 2 best buds over...who just happen to have the same name. The sun was shining and the dandelions were EVERYWHERE!

I love seeing teenage BFFs (one had to leave for a softball game).

I couldn't resist this cute little guy...I almost squished him while rolling around in the grass taking pictures.

Looks like he is doing the "Walk Like an Egyptian" dance....
Happy Spring...feels good!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Am Excited...Scared...Honored...Nauseous...

AMR decided to end the Queen challenges early...it's been 4 months. I found I am tied in 2 categories (Font/Title Challenge and Scraplift Challenge) to win Queen. Wow! I was shocked. We have to complete a tie breaking challenge...I am so nervous...the 2 girls I have to compete with are excellent scrappers! My layouts are due Thursday at 9pm...and I will know if I won on Friday!

This layout won the Font/Title Challenge this week at AMR...we had to rhyme our title or journaling. This is my cute little nephew's 7th bday...we just celebrated his 9th...I am still SO behind!

This was another layout for the challenges...love the colors on this one!

I fell in love with this stamp at the expo...this card is for a special friend...who should be receiving it any day now.

Wish me luck...I want to win in one category SO BAD!

Weight Loss Wednesdays...Are You Ready?

Have you ever been in Charlene's frame of mind? I know I have. I am ready to do something about it. I hope you join me! I have decided that Wednesdays will be dedicated to weight loss on my blog. There will be a chance for you to share your weekly weight, your loss/gain, a food journal entry for one day of that week, etc. You can share as much or as little as you want! I might even have a little goodie for the person who has the biggest success each week! So this is your chance to get set up to start on a weight loss journey together starting next Wednesday. Find your starting weight and be ready to post it! Or for you "I'm not telling anyone my number" ladies you can just let us know you are joining us and then tell us your loss/gain each week. I am so excited! Hopefully we can motivate and support each other to be healthier...here's to becoming hot healthy bloggers!

Bath Time is Splash Time!

There is one thing that the two little ones do in the bathtub that drives me nuts! See the puffed out cheeks...

they are full of water!

Then they spit it out...

and spit it out...

I keep repeating..."You do realize your butts are in that water?!"

They respond by spitting some more...I don't think they care.

They just have to be careful not to "fill up" on the bubbles end of the tub!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dresden & Amish Country Getaway!

On Sunday evening my mom and Aunt Patty came to visit. On Monday morning the 3 of us packed up the car and headed to the Longaberger Homestead. The tulips greeted us!

The weather was chilly with light rain....except for the downpour that turned my umbrella inside out!

This huge basket was so cool...the apples looked so real in person...Did you know Longaberger's office building is shaped like a basket with handles?

I met this furry friend while touring the rooms of the Homestead. They have so many pretty things.

At 5:00 (when everything closed) we headed north to Amish Country. Home to some of the yummiest restaurants EVER! These hats and coats belonged to Amish men who were dining.

My mom and aunt love the fabric stores...I imagine they feel the same way I do when I get to go to Archivers!

My mom is making me this Scotty wall hanging...except she is using Christmas fabrics. We spent Monday and Tuesday nights at a hotel and headed home Wednesday evening. I was tired! I curled up on the couch with Manga Dork to watch American Idol...we munched kettle korn...and I held her when she cried over the results. We will miss you Anoop!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Going to Longaberger Homestead and Amish Country with my mom and aunt...see ya on Thursday!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hint! Hint! mwhahaha!

Are you still so eager to join me?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

mwhahahahaha! Don't ya just love an evil laugh moment!?

I have a plan...a brilliant idea...I want you to join me! It could change our lives....mwhahahaha! Oh the wheels are spinning...we could take the journey together...mwhahahaha! Oh the plotting and planning I have to do...mwhahahaha!

Another Scrappy Goal Bites The Dust!

I won again! This was for Thursday's AMR scraplift challenge....this means I reached another goal of being the leader in one category...I have won 3 times in the scraplift category! Now my goal is at the end of the year to be the Queen of one of the categories! These challenges are fun and making me push my scrappy limits...not to mention my albums are getting fuller and my pictures are getting done!

This was for the product challenge...you had to use as many scrap manufacturers as possible.

I made this ATC (well actually 15 of them) for the May Day flower swap at AMR. I used the new stuff I bought from PK Blitz at the expo...this is such a fun technique...but I was still finding glitter on me the next day! LOL!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Letter To My Fat

Dear Fat,
I have a few things I would like to say to you. You are not a good thing. You are a negative influence in my life. You make me cry alot. I am worried about how you are affecting my health...I get out of breath lately. You would think that I would do everything in my power to get rid of you. Yet I do everything in my power to keep you around. It's like I want MORE of you. I feel powerless. I know the things I should be doing to kick you out...yet I do the opposite. You make me feel bad about myself...as a matter of fact I believe you have damaged my self esteem to a point I feel it may never recover. I hide behind my kids. I don't make eye contact. I don't feel worthy...I feel like a failure because of you. Why do you have such control over me? I can honestly say...I hate you. I am not fond of that word, but it is the only one that fits. What scares me the most is that I think I have passed on my bad habits to my daughter. She is fighting you too. This makes me mad. You also affect my relationship with my husband. I can't stand for him to hug me because he will feel you. You are no fun. Hopefully one day I will find the strength to kiss you goodbye.
Scrappy Girl

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Eggs...Flying Dogs...Fast Dune Buggies

Our Easter festivities began last Thursday with Wild Child's preschool party...she took these huge suckers for her classmates. I made the egg and tag. Fun!

On Friday we met my mom at her mall and we shopped til we dropped. We had to buy complete Easter outfits for everyone AND all the baskets and fillers for the kids! We pulled in her driveway at 12:00 midnight exactly!

On Saturday we spent the morning and afternoon with my parents. I snuck in a visit to BFF Ruth's home. We colored eggs...I used the magic crayon to design them and the kids loved seeing the secret messages appear...can you find the Team Edward and Team Jacob eggs?
We visited Dr. Hubby's aunt and uncle...I got VERY car sick...I think I was even drooling...yuck!
Then we drove to his other aunt and uncle's house to spend the night.
On Easter morning the kids woke up to their baskets....Manga Dork got 5 new books and a Team Jacob necklace (I know...I know...she is insane)....the little ones got stuffed Bolts and beachwear.

I hit Gymboree for the little one's easter dresses...such a fun place to shop! Dr. Hubby's only request was that they have hats...easy peasy!

Manga Dork was adorable and she is such a good poser for my pics...with those wedges she towered over her vertically challenged momma.

Our family photo...yes, I wore a jean skirt on Easter...sue me! LOL!

We attended church with Dr. Hubby's aunt and then came back to their home for a delicious meal. The kids had a blast hunting eggs and playing.

This is Gus...the flying Boston Terrier....I love playing with the sports mode on my camera!

Before leaving to come home the kids got to ride in the dune buggy...they all have a "need for speed."
Sorry I haven't been visiting blogs...I will get to surf some tomorrow!
Hope your Easter was great too!