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Friday, February 27, 2009

This Is A Little Better...

I made a comment that we had traveled to some very "unexotic" locations...Cleveland, OH...Dayton, OH...Charleston, WV...ya see what I am sayin'? Don't get me wrong...I love the kidfree weekends with Dr. Hubby! I would just like to go somewhere new.

On Monday we leave for Washington DC...I am SO excited! I can't wait to see and do EVERYTHING! I have a tiny giveaway for you. Dr. Hubby and I are taking 2 people with us. Can you guess who those 2 people are? One guess per person...first person to guess both people correctly will receive a post card from DC!

Have a great weekend!


Last night's AI was no shocker...even the results were boring. Also I think that next week's show is going to be one that we can all DVR so we can FF through alot of it! I just pray that America gets rid of poor little emotional headband wearing gay Nathaniel...I can't take it!

This is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) I did for an AMR swap. I made 20 of them...some had striped paper instead of flowers. We were to incorporate our word for 2009 on them.

I did this for the AMR Font/Title Challenge next week. We were to journal on the layout and make the last word our title. Keep your fingers crossed...this is the challenge I haven't won before! The rhinestone word is "sassy." It didn't photograph well.

Speaking of "Sassy"...I couldn't resist photographing Wild Child in her hot pink wig. She looks like that little girl from Lazy Town! LOL!

I can't wait til she decides to pose more for me. I have to beg her to look my way and out of 30 pics I get maybe 3 or 4 with her looking at me...and even then I gotta be QUICK!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm A Winner!

Right after I posted all my layouts I popped over to AMR to see if they had announced today's winner. I saw the message announcing the winner and opened it to find...I had won! I was so excited I almost choked on a Sour Patch Kid. Yay! I only have to win a Title/Font Challenge to reach my goal of winning once in each of the 4 categories!


In between my busy lifestyle of traveling to UNexotic locations & nightly television addictions I have managed to produce a few scrappy creations...

AMR Product Challenge...Use fabric on a layout...the yellow block is fabric by Mary Engelbreit.

AMR Color Challenge...Monochromatic Layout...I am sick of snow and it is almost painful to have to scrap it...especially 2007 snow. So behind!

AMR Font/Title Challenge...Use the excess letters you have accumulated...I loved this idea...I got rid of alot of my letter stickers that were taking up space...notice Wild Child has on the shirt and Cutie has on the pants in the pictures! LOL! The concept was that the Zs were Cutie sleeping and the other letters were Wild Child dancing around her singing the mixed up alphabet song (abcfgytuv....).

AMR scraplift challenge...I did this one before I knew about the monochromatic challenge...pretty sick of blue now!

AMR name ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap...we each got a partner and had to make an ATC for each letter of their name...using their fave colors. You can imagine I had a hard time working with black, gray, red, and white...LOL!

AMR color challenge...use a solid red background and 2 patterned papers containing red...this is one of Dr. Hubby's cousins. He was VERY premature.

AMR Font/Title Challenge...Handcut the Title...I used the markers you insert in your cricut and then handcut them...I also handcut the picture of the cake for the last word of the title.

Unfortunately most of those were not winners....a couple are still waiting the verdict though.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Thoughts Round 2

Round 2 proved to be a little boring and was filled with mediocre singers. I don't have much to say except for 2 things...

Adam Lambert rocked! You know he had to be good when Randy compared him to Edward Cullen! AND...

I love Norman Gentle...Simon better watch out...I think Nick's dad is gonna get him if he says anything else bad about his son...if looks could kill! LOL!
Looking forward to the results!

Star Commenter Award & Your Daily Twilight Fix

Thought this was a cute one!

A special thank you to mommablogsalot for this cute award. Now I must pass it on...so if you look and you are in my top ten on my side bar...then this award is for you! Thank you for your comments. I love every one of them. Especially the ones that make my head swell a little...LOL! I truly have the BEST bloggy buddies in the blogosphere!

OC Stands For OMG Catfight!

Last night was the reunion show for the OC Housewives. I was so excited and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. The girls all sat stiff on their couches unable to relax. It was weird. They put Tamra and Vickie on one side and Jeana, Gretchen, and Lynn on the other. Every time they asked Vickie about something she did on the show she tried to act like it really was misrepresented. She tried to make us think she did nothing wrong. She was SMUG about it too. I just wanted to smack her (or for Gretchen to leap across the room and take her down!).

I was totally confused about the guy that had contacted Tamra. He said he was Gretchen's boyfriend! Gretchen denied it, but Tamra had so much info. that it was hard not to wonder. She totally made Gretchen out to be doing something she shouldn't and unfortunately Gretchen fell short of convincing the viewers that Tamra was lying! It was awful to hear this only minutes after hearing Gretchen talk about Jeff's last minutes. He passed away 9-13-08...the day of Manga Dork's 13th birthday party.
I still hope there is a season 5...and I hope Gretchen clears herself of Tamra's accusations. It was a big disappointment. AND believe it or not...I hope Lynn returns...but with a backbone and a mouth to put Vickie in her place!
Here's to being REAL!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bachelor (No spoilers...rest easy)

You asked...

Here are my thoughts on this season's The Bachelor...

Jason is a great looking man and all the girls were very pretty. I think from beginning to end he gave each girl a fair chance. There were some girls he REALLY should be glad he got rid of (Mean Meghan, Egotistical Erica, Stalker Shannon, No Brain Natalie)

My fave girl was Steph. She was so classy and sophisticated. Her story was inspiring and her gentle spirit was a breath of fresh air on that show! However, I don't think she belonged with Jason. I would love to see her as the new Bachelorette!

I really liked Jillian and it was so hard to watch her heart break. I think if Jason was feeling they were only friends then he should have hopped out of the hot tub and taken a cold shower instead of steaming it up more!

I read a spoiler a few days ago about what happens in the finale...I will not share it or spoil any secrets, BUT if it was true I will be very irked.

I don't have a favorite out of the remaining 2 girls...it's all in Jason's hands. Enjoy!


Forbidden Fruits

While we were in Dayton Ohio I visited fye to check out the Twilight merchandise. They have some really cute things. I was so excited to see these boxes of conversation hearts with a Twilight twist. How cute! I bought Manga Dork a box...

Last night while watching The Bachelor I got me a few to try out. You may trust my opinion because I am a "non-chocolate candy connoisseur. I first noticed the poor quality of the messages. Most did not even show up. Then I popped one in my mouth and found out why they are called forbidden fruits...picture this....you are walking in the mall and pass by a hair salon...you immediately say "Phew! Someone is getting a strong perm!"....well that is the purple one! Ew!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Casa Sweet Casa

On Saturday night we ate at PF Chang's and this was my fortune...
How exciting! I hope they are in photography and/or scrapbooking and not housekeeping! LOL!

I thought the Sacred Heart Church in Dayton was gorgeous! We could see it from the indoor pool area of our hotel...but I never got my camera that close to water. So I took this photo while hanging out the car window! Thank God for camera straps!

These cables were over the streets in downtown Dayton and I saw a bus go by attached to it. Not a trolley but a regular looking bus...never got a chance to ask about it...anyone know what it is for?

I couldn't resist this Twilight goodie when I found it! Mwhahahahahahhahaha! Sorry Manga Dork!
Happy Monday! It is good to be home!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scrappy the Fashionista!

Manga Dork has a dance next weekend and needs a new outfit. While Dr. Hubby and I were at the Dayton Mall (very cool place) I looked at several shops...

The necklace came from Deb and pulls the whole outfit together.

The bracelet is from Forever 21.

This is the piece that started the whole thing. I loved this hairpiece. It is so pretty! I found it at Forever 21. I can just see it with a funky hairdo!

The neon yellow shirt came from Forever 21 and the blue tank underneath is from Deb. Manga Dork loves the neon colors and she likes to "stand out" at the dances.
Hope you like it Manga Dork!

Going Tropical in Dayton Ohio?!

AMR hosted an online crop last night (continuing unofficially through the weekend). The theme was tropical. I learned this right before we were leaving for Dayton so I ran around like a nut trying to find suntan lotion, flowers, and other tropical items. Dr. Hubby was looking at me like I was crazy! I mean who needs suntan lotion in Dayton in February?!

We were challenged to paint our toenails and show them off with something that has the date on it...they wanted them FRESH! LOL! I NEVER paint my toenails so this was a little weird. I used Manga Dork's ice blue polish. It isn't so easy for a chubby girl to paint her own toes...LOL!

This is what the desk in the hotel room looks like right now. What a mess! I am going to crop some more today BUT I will be cleaning up first!

This is a layout I completed for AMR's color challenge this week. The challenge was to use color based on the theory gallon-quart-pint. I haven't got the picture developed yet, but here is the one I will be using on it...
The funny thing about using Annie Louise for this challenge is that she is colored using the gallon-quart-pint theory too!

Here's a little Twilight goodie for you...I would like to do one a post until March 21st!
Happy Weekend! Do something FUN!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dayton Ohio

We made it into Dayton last night about 10:30 pm. We had set the GPS for the address of the hospital and we were just going to look for a hotel close by...well not as easy as we thought. The hospital was across the river? from the city and it looked kinda creepy at night.

We called a hotel that the hospital had suggested...drove across the river?...and checked in. Can you guess which Hilton family hotel we are in? The photo above is a hint!

This is the view from our window...buildings and a parking garage. It is really noisy here. Also there is alot of construction going on around the city. They started working (very noisily) at 5:30 AM! Honestly, NYC was quieter.

Not as many fun details in this hotel as there were in the Embassy Suites. I thought this pillow was so cute. Our room is decorated very well.

I had a little room service for lunch today. Buffalo Chicken wrap! Yummy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Travel & Tatianna Isn't The Only Drama Queen!

We are off to another medical conference today. This time we will be in Dayton, Ohio. In two weeks we are going to a large conference in Washington D.C.! Hopefully I can catch up on my blog reading. The 2 little ones have been sick this week, but they are on the mend. I also plan to do a blog makeover in celebration of something happening in March....it's not St. Patrick's Day....I'll give you a hint...red/black/white!

Loved the results show last night! I was so glad to see Alexis Grace, Oil Rig Guy, and Danny make it through! Let me just say that Alexis rocked even better than the night before! What a voice! I also think they pushed Tatianna as much as possible to see how she would react on Live tv...she held it together pretty well for a drama queen.

At our home, Tatianna (I mean Manga Dork) was obviously upset about Anoop going home. She voted 100 times (not 75 like I accidentally posted yesterday). She wore black to school today because she is in "mourning." LOL! I keep telling her that they will pull him for the wild card show!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In My Opinion...(American Idol)(OC Housewives)

Last night the first 12 of 36 performed. Ryan announced that they will be putting through the girl with the most votes and the guy with the most votes. The third person put through will be the next girl or guy with the most votes. The girls should really be glad they are doing it this way or they would be hurtin'!
My vote for best girl last night was Alexis Grace...she's an adorable mom with a great voice!

My vote for best guy was Danny Gokey (of course). I love to hear him sing!

I think the 3rd person put through will be Anoop. His performance was a little "boy band" but I think he is so likeable that people want him in the top 12! Don't get me wrong...I think he is a great singer...just a little "off" last night. Manga Dork voted for him 75 times! She ran one battery down on our phone and grabbed the other one...so funny!
Boy some of those performances were painful to watch...Stevie Wright...the poor girl who sang the song by the Police! And speaking of painful...

and (is it possible?) even more creepy. Tatianna Del Toro showed us that she is a victim of multiple personality disorder. She claimed her friends didn't recognize her or her behavior during Hollywood week. She also says she doesn't know where the laugh came from because she doesn't laugh like that. What?! PLEASE!!!! REMOVE HER FROM MY TV!
As for OC Housewives...
This was the season finale. Everyone got together at a beautiful party. Almost all the housewives from the other seasons were there (Quinn was the only one missing I think). Jeanna went on her first date since her divorce. Simon gave Tamra a gorgeous bracelet for her birthday...he totally shined this season. Brianna told Vickie she is going into the army nursing program (she didn't though). Gretchen was gorgeous (as usual) and Jeff sent her a love note from the hospital...and a gift! A red Harley! Tamra and Vickie were UGLY about it. I was shocked with Vickie's attitude and behavior. It makes me sad because she used to be my fave. She came off as bitter and heartless. At the end of the show Jeana came on and said that Jeff (Gretchen's fiance) had lost his battle with cancer about a week after the party. So sad...I am looking forward to the reunion show!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic


Because Manga Dork is so good to her friends they want to spend lots of time with her. So we ended up with 5 girls and 2 adults on our shopping adventure yesterday. We ate chinese (big shocker!) and then headed to the mall for a little retail therapy...

I owed Manga Dork an outfit for a weight loss challenge I had given her last month. She found a cute one at American Eagle...and these wedges match perfectly.

We enjoyed the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic! It combines the first two books. Becky Bloomwood is as likable and quirky in the movie as she was in the book. Luke was adorable too. But while Suze was perfectly cast I felt they totally missed with Tarkie. In the book he is kinda gangly and odd and in the movie he was slightly cute and slightly odd. I also did not envision Joan Cusack and John Goodman as her parents. Enjoyed their performances...just not a fit for the parents from the books. I loved all the colors and fashion...Becky's wardrobe is fantastic...I want the anchor necklace! The teens and tweens we had with us loved it too. A great movie to see with your daughter or best friend. I highly recommend leaving the hubby or boyfriend at home.

What shopping trip would be complete without a great "find." Well...the most noteable "find" was a not so great one...

I present...high heeled hooker shoes...with grandma's touch! Ahhh! And to think I found these at my beloved TJMaxx! Also as if it wasn't bad enough some crazy person thought...

"these are so great...LET'S MAKE THEM IN RED TOO!" BTW...notice the nice gingham lining!

Happy Tuesday! OC HOUSEWIVES SEASON FINALE TONITE...AND American Idol's first round of 12!