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Monday, February 21, 2011

Teen Fun And Teen Not-So-Fun

My favorite high school senior arrived Friday afternoon. I was so excited to spend the long weekend with her here. We hopped in the Escalade {that is still not the same after the accident} and headed into town. We ate at Applebees...shopped at the mall and TJMaxx...and watched "Just Go With It." Btw...that movie is the best I have seen in a while...funny and romantic. Jenn Aniston and Adam Sandler are great together.

On Saturday I went to my first thirty-one party {fabric personalized purses, lunch totes, totes, etc}. Then we went to the grocery store. We ended the day with a pizza party and a Just Dance 2 Dance Off. Fun!
On Sunday we joined Dr. Hubby on a shopping trip at Cabelas. We entertained ourselves the best way we knew how. Fun photo time! We ended the day with a Game Night {from hades} at my inlaws. My 2 little ones were monsters and no one seemed to want to stay focused on the games. FAIL.

Manga Dork is 15. She has a boyfriend. I have offered to take her, her boyfriend, and another couple on a "date." They can walk the mall and see a movie by themselves. This must be with me or Dr. Hubby chaperoning.
He can even come to our home for a couple hours, but they have to stay in a "public room." NO bedrooms. She is not allowed to go to her boyfriend's house. She is not allowed to go to a friend's house with her boyfriend or other boys.
She is very unhappy with these rules {which I take to mean I am getting it right}. She cried cause she wants to go on the "date" with another parent chaperoning. The same parent I saw this weekend who told me she was tired of running around town and that even though her daughter's boyfriend is not allowed to go to her house to hang out she was on her way home and "what his mom didn't know wouldn't hurt her" and "if he gets caught it is on him not her!"
So my question is...
What are the teen dating rules in your home?
or what will they be when your kid becomes a teen?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spoiled...And Lovin' It!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

I started the day by juggling 38 mini bubblegum ball machines, 38 fun dip valentines, 5 boxes of chocolate, 4 handmade cards, and a marshmallow sucker with an owl on top. This is what the 2 littles were taking to school for classmates, "boyfriends", teachers, and a bus driver. I was SO glad when it was all delivered!

Manga Dork gave her boyfriend a musical card, box of candy, and an itunes card. She came home grinning from ear to ear with 3 roses and 3 balloons. Her first valentine gift from a boy! Dr. Hubby gave her a new tshirt from her high school.

My valentine gave me my Verizon iPhone 4. L.O.V.E. it!

I surprised him with a watch winder box. The top two circles spin every 18 minutes to keep his kinetic watch working. He had no idea such a cool toy existed. My hint was "Adrienne's hubby, Paul, has one on Beverly Hills Housewives." He had no clue...guess he should have kept watching it with me! heehee

The 2 littles both came home with a box full of candy and cards. They spread it all out while they ate their after school snack. They also got a teddy bear with a rose and candy from Daddy.
We were VERY spoiled. Hope you were too!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Party Animals

This weekend felt like one great big party!

This was the first time Wild Child had ever bowled...her first bowling rental shoes...PU.

Wild Child attended a bowling party for one of her classmates. Then we came home and I put on my "show." Don't know what I am talking about? Read the post before this one.
On Sunday me and the 3 girlies attended niece's 12th birthday...Justin Beiber themed! We cracked up at the hypnotized state Wild Child entered while SIL lit the candles. I shot about 15 photos of her before she snapped out of it.

I love Manga Dork's shirt...hilarious.

Then we took all the kiddos to see the Justin Beiber movie. My 2 littles were bored except for the 2 songs he sang that are on their iPods.
Oh and there is an Easter Bunny movie coming in April that is going to be hilarious. I can't remember the name of it. This was the first time I had even seen previews.
We are looking forward to seeing it and...Gnomeo and Juliet, Rango, Rio, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Smurfs. I am so thankful for all the great kids movies they are putting out! Keeps us entertained. Oh and I am looking forward to PIRATES 4...coming in May!

What movie are you looking forward to?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shows Nightly!

Last night something happened. Something that made me want to dig a hole, climb in, and D.I.E.

After taking Wild Child to a bowling birthday party I was ready to sit down and relax in my pajamas. Dr. Hubby was feeding the animals and would be in soon to sit down and watch tv.

I stripped down to my undies and then realized my pajamas were in the laundry basket of clothes to be folded in the laundry room. As I was walking out of my bedroom Dr. Hubby was coming in to wash his hands. He asked me, "Did you pick up my tacos?" I said, "Yes, they are on the counter." I was on the phone with my MIL too.

I chatted my way into the laundry room that is off our kitchen. Still chatting I picked up my pajamas and turned to go back out and to my bedroom.

That is when I looked across the kitchen to the office area and saw...


His back was turned. I am sure the look on my face would have won us a million $ in a video contest. I ran back to my room. I managed to squeak out to Dr. Hubby {and MIL on the phone} what had happened. What was my dear sweet hubby's reaction?!

He chuckled and said, "You said my tacos were on the counter?" WHAT?! Then he just went into the kitchen.

I didn't know whether to laugh uncontrollably, cry, or vomit.

After a couple minutes Dr. Hubby started yelling for me to come in there. I put on my pajamas and went to face the awkwardness. I was going to pretend nothing had even happened.

As I passed Dr. Hubby's friend in the kitchen he so casually said, "I like the other outfit you had on better." That is when I died. The two idiots were laughing their heads off. I wanted to kill Dr. Hubby.

Turns out...his back was turned when I went into the laundry room too and he didn't even see me. Now Dr. Hubby said that his friend plans to stick his head in the door every time he comes over to say, "Scrappy Girl...Do you have your clothes on!?"

I am not amused.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You've Never Had It So Random {Brrrrr Edition}

The windchill here this morning is below zero...but the sun is shining bright. The one thing that brightens my frosty winter mornings is to look out and see everything covered in ice glistening in the sunlight. What is it about sparkle?

I have a theory. I think that the one reason Twilight appeals to teenage girls and their mothers who still feel like teenagers at heart is because Edward SPARKLES! It's all about GLITTER! Stephanie Meyer is a freakin' genius.

I have PMS. Bad. It is causing me to raise my voice and to break into tears randomly...like when Kathy Griffin was visiting Paula Deen's home on her show this morning. She said Paula's house was homey. I cried. Probably because my house looks like %(^#!$ and no one cares.

I can't wait for our trip to San Antonio Texas next month. I need out of here!

I don't want to be leader at TOPS this year so I am trying to figure out who I can schmooze into letting me nominate them.

My MIL is now on facebook...ALL DAY! She is addicted. I think it is a great distraction for her.

Real Housewives of Miami starts the 22nd...I've read their bios. I am skeptical. Could be worse than DC. You heard it here first.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl Made Me Want To...


I would love to buy the following items for Toby the Shih Tzu from PoshPuppyBoutique.com...

New Orleans Saints Jersey $45.

New Orleans Saints Charm $20 {Would look so cute hanging from his black leather spike collar}
My husband would think I had lost my mind if I spent $65 on those two items. Too bad I am not a RAIDERS fan...that jersey is on clearance for $17. {Insert me laughing at my BIL Dave}
Congratulations to the GREEN BAY PACKERS! Mostly because they have saved me from having to see MORE Steelers merchandise and hearing the gloating of Steelers fans in our town.
**On Saturday I went to Walmart and there was so much Steelers crap...cupcakes, napkins, plates, underwear, balloons, etc. I had vowed not to come back out for the rest of the weekend. But when checking out I noticed the couple in front of me was decked out in Saints merchandise! Cool! I started talking to them and noticed the accent...she said they were originally from N'awlins. Oh I love hearing them say that. I want to go back to that town...love it!
Happy Monday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Your Stereotypical

Beautiful...tall...thin...nicely dressed...jewelry...neat...snooty...perfectionist...wound a little too tight...

When Dr. Hubby was in med school I got lots of comments from friends, family members, and even acquaintances about how I was going to be after he became a doctor. "You'll forget about us." It seems alot of people have a certain picture in their head about what a doctor's wife is like. I started thinking they expected me to change into a completely different person!

Now that he has 5 years under his long white doctor's coat I can confidently say I have not changed. I don't fit the stereotype. And I am glad. I mean let's be honest...alot of the stereotypical characteristics expected from a doctor's wife are not exactly complimentary.

Now I get comments like "You aren't anything like I expected you to be." and "You are so down to earth." It's like they are shocked. Odd. One of Manga Dork's friends said she thought I would be tall and thin with pleated skirts and high heels. That really makes me laugh.

Funny thing is...alot of the people who said those things while he was in med school are the ones who act different around us...or have even disappeared from our lives.

I am very happy to be a casual, denim and flip flop wearing, slightly immature, funny, always smiling, chubby, slightly messy, loud, countrified doctor's wife.

I'm not the only one in this family that isn't following a stereotype.

Ever go to a doctor's office and try to figure out which car belongs to the doc?

Well, this "played in the back pasture at midnight last night" mud covered truck with a coonhunting dog box on the back belongs to our doc in town!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Tinked Out

On Sunday we celebrated Cutie's 5th birthday with a Tinkerbell party!

The littles were very excited. Manga Dork was playing the role of "cool teen" and was unable to enjoy herself. She sat texting on her cell phone in her coat.

Cutie was excited when her "boyfriend" showed up. OMG...this little boy is so cute and sweet you could just eat him. Adorable. She refers to him as her "boyfriend" like they are teenagers. It is precious.

We played musical chairs. We were all a little burnt out on "Baby" by Justin Beiber by the end of the party.

Cutie couldn't quit giggling while blindfolded for pin the tail on the donkey.

A really cute group of kiddos.

Last year Cutie hid under the table when we sang Happy Birthday to her. This year she was all smiles.

She closed her eyes and made a wish...

and then she blew out her candle! She clapped her hands and bounced up and down. It made me tear up how much she was enjoying herself.

During present time Cutie opened the present from her "boyfriend." She loved it so much she threw it down and attacked him with a hug and kiss on the cheek. She is so rough. Wild Child is holding her iPod videoing the "attack."
Now only 5 weeks til Wild Child's party...