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Friday, July 30, 2010

Do You Smell That?

I was thinking. Did you smell smoke? heehee

If I had to spend one day in a small room...all alone...could only bring along material objects that would fit in the room...no other people allowed...what would I bring?

I think I would bring my blanket, chinese food, Dr. Pepper, Sour Patch Kids, the latest People magazine, my laptop, my iTouch, a good book, a notebook and pen, and my TV {with my DVR and satellite attached}. I would be all set!

What would you bring?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Speckled Me

Yesterday I took the 2 little ones to see the movie "Despicable Me." They were a little worried that it would be scary, but it wasn't. Wild Child told everyone she was seeing "The Speckled Me."

It was a cute movie. A little slow in the beginning, but things got going once the 3 adorable girls showed up. Because of our experience with fostering and adoption this movie tugged at my heartstrings. There were alot of laughs. I would definitely recommend taking the kids!

After the movie we went over to the mall play area. The girls went straight for the giant hot dog! After an hour of play Wild Child said she needed a Dr. Pespi. I cracked up. She says Dr. Pepper is her favorite...amen sister! She rarely gets caffeine, but I gave in today.
Are you going to see the new Cats and Dogs movie? Comes out Friday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Online Retail Therapy

I don't think it is any secret that I {heart} Gymboree for my littles' clothes. Tomorrow I am going to go to their online store and put together outfits from their latest collections...

I Love Soccer Collection
Smart Girls Rule Collection

Cowgirls At Heart Collection
There are some great pieces in each collection. The one item I am most excited about...

How flippin' cute is this cowgirl hat!? It is on sale for $10 and with my extra 20% off I will be buying both girls one at only $8 each!
Right now they have a great sale! Up to 40% off the newest collections {sizes 3-12}. An extra 20% off clearance. Plus you earn Gymbucks! PLUS if you are a member of their Rewards club they emailed out an extra 20% off coupon!
Gee with this commercial I should be getting some type of payment or perk! lol
Sadly I do not. I just wanted to share with you mommas and grandmommas!
Today we are going to see Despicable Me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

You've Never Had It So Random {Photoless Edition}

My MIL amazed me last week with her gossip skills...the subject was skid marks.

Why can you not change clothes in front of a Pokemon? {answer at the end}

I am flying with my mom to visit Lil Sis the first week in August. I will be pretending to be a young single childless girl for 10 whole days!

My addiction to Real Housewives is still growing...can't wait for DC. AND Teresa from NJ has managed to fall from my #1 spot. I have a feeling we were all fooled...

Did you know that on August 18th a movie called "Vampires Suck" comes out. I think it is done by the guys who do the scary movies and such. The preview is HILARIOUS! The wolfpack shirtless in their denim shorts...dancing and smacking their own butts to "It's Raining Men." I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

"Our Family Wedding" really stunk. I spent the whole movie thinking that they couldn't get Martin Lawrence and George Lopez so they made do with Forest Whitaker and that Mencia guy. B.O.R.I.N.G.

Answer: Because he will PIKACHU!

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Over The River And Through The Woods...

Me and my three girlies went to visit my parents on Monday. It was an interesting visit. We went shopping on Tuesday. It rained off and on and I got soaked at least twice going to the car. Crazy! It rained 4 1/2 inches that night which equaled major flooding. My uncle lost all his hay he had just baled. On the news they talked about a 70 year old woman whose family helplessly watched her trailer float away while she was still inside. It hit a bridge and tore to pieces. She is still missing. Heartbreaking.

Yep...that is an 8 point buck.

Here's some advice from me. If you are playing Solitaire on your iPod Touch and feel something fluttering on your forehead...STOP PLAYING FOR A SECOND! It is not your hair...it is a GIANT MOSQUITO sucking out your brains! LOL
Feels good to be home...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ok, We Are Enablers!

On our date night last night we picked up 2 pillow pets. The 2 little ones have been discussing them for several months. We thought it would be a fun surprise since they had to stay home and Manga Dork got to go spend the weekend with her cousins. Yes, we are enabling their addiction.

Our little ones have quite the collection of stuffed friends. This is not even all of them. AND I just filled a 30 gallon black garbage bag full for Goodwill the other day. I also decided it was time for BATHS! I washed ALL the remaining friends...4 LOADS! They smell so fresh and clean now.

Oh and btw...WARNING...the Pokemon have commandeered the Wonder Pets' flying vehicle thingy.
Happy Weekend! Do you have a pillow pet?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Have Entered the 21st Century...Technologically Speaking.

This is my new iPod Touch. I am in lllllooooovvveee....how did I live without an iPod? It is SO fun. Manga Dork makes fun of me because I only have 2 songs. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade and...coughcough...this is as bad as admitting I own the Paris Hilton CD...Tardy For The Party by Kim Zolciak {Real Housewives of Atlanta}.

And the apps are SO fun! I of course have the Twitter app so I can keep up with all my celebrity BFFs. The Mad Libs app takes me back to middle school. I also have the Eclipse trivia game...I probably know more answers than most 35 year old moms should...heehee.

I have also downloaded one video...The 25 Top Real Housewife Moments...AND a for a few minutes {2:29 to be exact} the Jersey Shore Miami sneak peek was on there. I deleted it after watching...I have my standards.

What is your fave app?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back To Life...Back To Reality...

That 80s song is always in my head on the way home from vacation. I can't remember who sings it...

Here's a few more adventures from our big blue house. Which by the way is called "A Sun of a Beach." I hated that name. I tried NOT to book it because of the name. It is the only house that fit everything we required at the time. When I went into the office to pick up the keys the guy at the counter said, "What did you just say!?" Then died laughing at himself. I was only mildly amused.

One evening I took family photos on the beach. I got some really good ones for the cousins. I keep calling them all cousins...the husband and wife are actually Dr. Hubby's aunt and uncle. They are only 40 so they seem more like cousins.

We met this crabby little guy one morning. Cutie Patootie turned and went straight back to the house. She won't even eat at Red Lobster because of the lobster tank.

For our 16th anniversary Dr. Hubby and I went out to dinner with the gang and then we saw Eclipse {I loved it}. I gave Dr. Hubby a gorgeous bracelet from the Russell Simmons collection. He gave me my FIRST iPod...a 32G iPod Touch...I have barely put it down since. I am learning how to do everything on it. So far I have downloaded only one song...Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade...oh and I downloaded "The Top 25 moments from Real Housewives." heehee

Dr. Hubby's uncle surprised us by actually going through with getting a REAL tattoo. I am not a fan of tattoos. It inspired this...

Manga Dork's means "dangerous." That made me laugh. I think Cousin Kay's meant "eternal." Hey maybe the dude who keeps leaving spam comments on my blog can translate for me! lol

Cutie got an unicorn.

Wild Child loved her dolphin!
Our trip was great. It took FFOOORRREEEVVVEEERRR to drive home thanks to some insane traffic. I was headed to bed at midnight when I spied my new People magazine...Bethenney from NYC Housewives was on the cover...I actually stayed up to read the article. I may need a 12 step program soon...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Going Too Fast!

I can't believe it is already Thursday! It is that point in the vacation where you start thinking about going home...I'm not ready! Here's a another sample of the fun we are having...

We drove south to Myrtle Beach for a day. We ate at PFChangs and the air conditioner in my Escalade went out...and the temp on the rearview mirror said 104 degrees! Then we took the kids to Family Kingdom amusement park and proceeded to sweat more than I have ever sweated before! It was fun watching the kids enjoy themselves though!

Cousin Kayla and I took a walk on the beach one evening and ran into this guy. A fisherman had caught him. He was safely returned to his ocean...he didn't look real amused...lol.

I got the idea for this photo on flickr. Dr.Hubby and I are going to take one later. These are the cousins.

On the 4th of July we attempted a family photo. Manga Dork went to see Eclipse and the little ones were cranky. I don't know what my exscuse was...

I love gummy candy. We found the "World's Largest Gummy Snake." He was 36 inches long.
Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. We are going out to see Eclipse tonite! I can't wait to give Dr. Hubby his gift!

Time to go get more sand on my toes...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Wanna Move Here!

When we cross the bridge to Oak Island I get a sense of being home.

We have been having a blast in the ocean and sand. We went shopping at one of the cheesey beach shops. Cutie found a sombrero.

Then I found an Italian Ice Shoppe. Yum! Mango and Watermelon!

There's just something about beach umbrellas that make me happy!

I could totally live here...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Beachy

10 hours in the car...gorgeous oceanfront beach house...on the beach first thing in the morning...girls are having a blast...little ones freak me out in the waves...I need a valium...tired...sunburned on the front of my legs...dinner at The Lucky Fisherman...Mango and watermelon italian ice...watching fireworks on the porch...life.is.good.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Sometimes Imagine A Little Yappy Pomeranian

Yesterday evening while running back and forth trying to get pre-vacation stuff done I glanced out the window and saw this sky. I immediately dropped everything and went outside to sit on the porch. Amazing! I felt like God inticed me to take a break...my feet were killing me!

This also reminds me of a conversation I had last weekend with Dr. Hubby. We were on our way to WV.

Scrappy: Are you excited about 4wheeling?
Dr. Hubby: I wouldn't call it excited. I think it will be fun.
Scrappy: Why wouldn't you call it excited?
Dr. Hubby: I don't get excited over stuff like you do. You even get excited about eating a certain food.

Ok this isn't the first time I have been told something like this. It makes me imagine a yappy little pomeranian bouncing around excitedly over a treat. I also don't think it's a bad thing. I just really really really enjoy life and the little things. And he is SO right cause...

I am so EXCITED to eat hushpuppies with honey butter at Lighthouse Restaurant...ON THE PIER! Eeeeeeee!

I am also excited to go on a date with Dr. Hubby at the beach to celebrate our 16th anniversary! Wait til you see the present I got him...it is so HOT! I can't wait to give it to him!

Do you get excited over the little things? Do you take time to smell the roses or enjoy the sunset?