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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glitter It...And She Will Come!

The Christmas aisles at Walmart are STILL screaming my name. I am serious. It is like the "powers that be" at Walmart got together and said, "How can we make our Christmas section so appealing to Scrappy Girl that she can't stay away?!" One of them says, "Let's color coordinate EVERYTHING...then arrange it in sections by COLOR. Then another one says, "I don't think that is enough to make her purchase something." Finally, the littlest of the "powers" excitedly proclaims, "Let's add glitter to EVERYTHING!" And they did.

On Sunday the 3 girlies picked out their special wrapping papers. I wrap each child's gifts in only one type of paper...very easy to find on Christmas morning! Cutie chose Tinkerbell. Wild Child chose Littlest Pet Shop. Manga Dork chose a pack that had polka dots, iPods, and cell phones. Perfect!

It's getting closer! I smell peppermint!

Monday, November 29, 2010

You've Never Had It So Random...{Turkey Day Edition}

Before we left for WV on Wednesday I received a package in the mail from my bloggy friend, Sondra. How exciting!

I can't wait to heat up this little pot and make my home smell like CUPCAKES! Thank you Sondra! You made me feel very special.

On Turkey Day we attempted a family portrait for our Christmas card. I think I'll just go with individual ones of the girls...
I love spending time with my granny and mom. Dinner was delicious!

The littles thought it was hilarious when Granny and Papa Pat put on their cowgirl hats. It was pretty funny...
We drove to our cousins' home to spend the night. Well, Dr. Hubby and the littles spent the night...Manga Dork and I left to go Black Friday shopping at 10 pm. We got back home at 8:30 AM and slept for 2 hours. I felt like a zombie on crack, but I got some great deals!
We headed back home at 6 PM. Since my Escalade is "broken" {the last I heard was something about $9,000 damage} we had to pile in Dr. Hubby's Ford F250 Superduty. Not nearly as comfy as the nice big seats and 6 DVD screens of the Escalade. Here's what the back seat looked like...
Wild Child propped on Manga Dork's knees.

This may be my fave picture of 2010...hahahahaha...Cutie was completely worn out. Manga Dork's head was in Cutie's lap, but in order to not die from the glare of a moody teen I will not show a pic of her...heehee.
On Saturday {I still had Black Friday Hangover} we ended the Turkey Day celebrations with dinner and game night at my inlaws. We played Monopoly and MIL beat us all! Be on the lookout for flying pigs!

Hope you had a fantastic holiday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thirty-six {OMG that's closer to 40 than 30}

Here's how my 36th birthday was celebrated...

I started off the day eating cold pizza {my fave breakfast} in front of the laptop. I loved reading all the birthday wishes on my blog, scrapbook message board, and facebook! I felt REALLY popular.

At 11:30AM I had to go pick Cutie up at preschool. We went to Dr. Hubby's office and while talking to him I almost burst into tears. I'm not sure why!? Then we went to the library to pick up some books...I had to wait outside a minute to compose myself...I was in tears again. Weird?!
Next stop was the grocery store. Cutie became impatient waiting for me to let the tears "pass" in the truck. Before going home we stopped and picked up chinese for lunch and dinner.

All afternoon my emotions were in hyperdrive and I went from one mood to another. It was bizarre. I felt extreme excitement and anxiety all at the same time. I was SO hyper! Finally by evening it settled down. My MIL came and got the 3 girls to spend time with at her home. I took a shower.

Dr. Hubby came home. He said my emotional issues were probably from the accident. He said I have been freakishly cool with the whole thing and it was just "catching up with me." He said we were going to go down and visit his dad {who is on the mend from chronic pneumonia}. Turns out I walked in on this...

I was so surprised! I am usually the one in the family that does this for everyone else! I am so glad my relationship with my inlaws has been mended. I felt loved. My MIL is blond so my candles were 35 + 1...the 1 was a customized 4...she cracks me up!

The day ended with one of the BEST family photos we have EVER had taken! Now if only I hadn't been in my pjs with wet hair...lol. It's gonna be a good year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Birthday Is Here!

This is what my sweet Dr. Hubby gave me for my birthday. I LOVE it. It has 20 clear and 40 jet black swarvoski crystals. I {heart} swarvoski! The sparkle from this watch caught my eye and I had to try it on a couple weeks ago while we were shopping. He went back and purchased it for me.
He also gave me a cute card about cuddling. The envelope was addressed:
To my darling, exciteable, beautiful, wonderful, sexy, considerate, hard working, passionate, forgiving, motherly, and rambunctious wife
I loved all those adjectives. They made me smile and giggle. They meant more than all the sparkly swarvoski crystals in the world.
I am a lucky girl.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not What She Used To Be

Last night on the way to eat chinese and go to the grocery store I hit a 6 point buck with my Escalade. It was just me and the 2 littles in the car. Dr. Hubby and Manga Dork stayed home to clean out the garage. I thought for sure I was getting the "better deal."

I had just set my cruise control at 55. This is unusual beause I normally set it at 59...4 miles over the speed limit. BUT I had seen lots of deer on the smaller road so I thought I better not push it. I hit the deer less than a mile after setting the cruise.

He hit almost right in the center of my vehicle. I saw him fly into the air with all the little parts flying beside him. That vision haunted me a little as I laid down to go to sleep last night. I hate that I killed something. He was tagged by a man and if still useable will provide meat for him and his family. Cutie slept through the whole thing!

As for my Escalade...the grill was completely demolished. The driver side headlight was busted and hanging down. The bumper is dented. The hood is dented. The passenger side tire is flat. Liquid was leaking from everywhere. The radiator was crunched and pushed back about 8 inches. They had to hook her up and pull her onto the truck. She would no longer start.

I am glad I did not get smacked in the face with the airbag. I felt like I was deserting her when I cleaned my stuff out before they came to pick her up. That's so silly.

Believe it or not I haven't cried over this...til now. Thank you God for keeping us safe. Thank you for protecting my babies.

Friday, November 19, 2010

This Speaks To My Heart

I have been a little sad for the last couple of days. This made me feel calm.

Lyrics Priscilla Ahn - Dream lyrics

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Results {Numbers 23-35}

#23. Date night once a month
We did this November -March...and during our March date Dr. Hubby acted like he was being forced to go. My feelings got hurt....{see #32}

#24. Girls night out once every 2 months.
This just did not happen.

#25. See the Christmas lights in Oglebay Park
They were beautiful!
#26. Host a kid's creative club
I put this on the list while my niece and nephew still lived on the farm...not much interest since they moved.
#27. Design a dream board
Each tag represented one of my 35 things. It is very cute in my schoolhouse.
#28. Start using reusable shopping bags.
I did this when my mom and I went Christmas shopping. I carry them in my car and forget to take them in the store. I WILL get this one done.
#29. Suprise someone with a gift
Sounds so simple...but I had something special in mind...not just an ordinary gift. I did not complete this one.
#30. Volunteer for something
I am still enjoying being Leader at TOPS.
#31. Meet someone famous
I should have taken the chance to meet retired baseball player Pete Rose while I was in Vegas. Maybe next year...
#32. Have sex every day for a week
If you can't manage to act excited for one date a month do you honestly expect me to concentrate on completing this?! heehee
#33. Do Book Of Me Challenges
This was a scrapbooking thing on SSS message board. The girl who posted the challenge decided to leave the board for some unknown reason.
#34. Host Sundaes on Mondays
Since my niece and nephew and their parents moved I kinda lost interest in this one too. My MIL and FIL act like they have to hike up Mt. Everest to come to my house. lol
#35. Have a family photo session
This WILL happen. I mentioned it to Dr. Hubby the other day. He suggested "You do good taking pictures. You could take them." Ummm...small problem there doc! I will be IN the photos.
This was a fun project and I am looking forward to making another list for the coming year! I love new beginnings. I have some things I REALLY want to work on...change is coming.
Happy Thursday! Beverly Hills Housewives TONITE!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Results {Numbers 11-22}

#11. Go camping
Was I delusional or high the day I put this on the list?

#12. Visit San Francisco
I put this on the list because I thought we were going there for Fall Conference. Dr. Hubby decided he would attend the spring conferences. Up next...SAN ANTONIO, TX.

#13. Dress more fashionable
Um...fail. I still can't break out of my denim skirt and vneck tshirt addiction.

#14. Do a Flat ScrappyGirl adventures album
Don't really want to do this one anymore.

#15. Visit Dresden Ohio {Longaberger}
I don't know how I did not do this one! Time just got away from me...

#16. Enter another float in 4th of July Parade
We had to go on our vacation the week of 4th of July because of Uncle Lige's schedule. We were not there for the parade.

#17. Eat at the Jug this summer
This is one of those "only open in the summer" restaurants. I finally ate there...but I forgot my camera so I have no picture. It was yummy...I went back a couple more times!

#18. Go on a family vacation
We spent a week in a beach house on Oak Island, NC. I want to go back again next year!

#19. Make my home cozier
I love all the paint and decorations we added to our home. It is definitely more cozy. I've added the curtains my mom made since taking this picture.

#20. Start our remodeling
We didn't build a garage or turn our old garage into a family room. We didn't get the new siding yet. BUT if I actually showed you the before pic of the girls' room you would consider this a REMODEL! lol. I am exaggerating...kinda.

#21. Host a home product party in my home.
I want to do this in the spring of 2011.

#22. Host a crop in my schoolhouse.
I actually want to take this one step further and host it at our library. They have a large room that you can rent for only $10! I am thinking January...if we aren't snowed in half the month like last year!

The Results {Numbers 1-10}

So there are only 5 days til my 36th birthday! Time to see how I did with my "35 Things I Want To Do While I am 35" list. Did I complete all 35? No. Did I complete half? No. Does this bother me? No. Why? Because this was a list of little things in the back of my mind that I want to do. This list brought them to the front of my mind so I could complete a few...attempt a few...ignore a few...and decide I really don't even want to do a few. Here is how I did with the first 10!

#1. Visit Las Vegas
I did this one REAL good in March. If you missed this trip go click on the label {right column} Las Vegas and check out all the fun we had...lots of great pics. This photo is a silly moment in front of the Bellagio Fountains.

#2. Make homemade cards for my special people for all their special occasions.
Ok, I half way did this one, but I am not marking it completely off cause I missed a couple.

#3. Meet a bloggy buddy in real life.
When I put this on my list I really HOPED this would happen. I never DREAMED it would be the first one I marked off. I met Kado from Our Life in Perfect Cadence for lunch while she was visiting friends Thanksgiving week. I really miss Kado in blog world. I wish I knew why she hasn't been blogging for 6 months. She disappeared with no explanation.

#4. Get a mani/pedi
I blame Dr. Hubby for this not happening...him and his talk of Hep C. I still want to do this.

#5. Make a new close friend
I have made several friends through my weight loss group, but none that really qualify for what I was thinking when I made this list.

#6. Eat at DaVincis
It was always that restaurant you say you want to go to, but never make it. I enjoyed it, but have never been back since.

#7. Finish organizing and decorating the scrappy schoolhouse.
If you would see my schoolhouse right now you would run away screaming! I am a messy artist. BUT I am almost done with this one...I just need a man who has time to install a few things in the bathroom.

#8. Reach my goal weight.

#9. Read the whole Bible.
I am ashamed. I fell WAY short on this one.

#10. Have one of my parties featured on a party site.
I did not do the work to complete this one. Maybe one day...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shutterfly Saves My Christmas Behind!

Ok, I have a confession to make...

I have not even started making my handmade Christmas cards! I plan on making 60 cards! I was going to use my Hoot and Hollar cricut cartridge and cut out little owls on a branch with a Santa hat and ornament. It is November 16th! I am starting to PANIC!

But then I popped over to Handguns and Handbags {or vice versa} and saw that she was taking part in a promotion by Shutterfly! 50 FREE holiday cards for bloggers!

I have always admired photo cards I have received in the past. I could do the post for Shutterfly...pick out a design...pick out photos...go through the creation process...and then...

BAM! d.o.n.e

Here are a few examples of the cuteness available at Shutterfly...

Bright Merry Story

I love this one cause I could use our beach photos!

Ho Ho Ho Christmas

I love the space for 3 individual photos of the girls...cause I think we all know how a group photo of them turns out! Yikes!

With Love Chartreuse Christmas
I love this one cause I could use so many pics of us throughout 2010! And I love the big letter and 2010! I even saw they have matching labels with the big letter!

Here are some links so you can go pick out one or five of your favorites!

I can't wait to share my completed creation with you! I have a feeling this may be a new addiction...they have birthday invites too!

What Is My Favorite Part Of Hunting Season?

Hot hunky hunters!
I did not ask him to pose like that. Kinda scares me...lol.

He was in Cabelas for 3 hours picking out all his gear and a new gun while I was shopping in TJMaxx explaining to Wild Child why we DO NOT like the hot pink REAL FOX FUR ear muffs.
That is one good thing about my blog...they can just print out posts like this for their therapist.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Drama Queen

We were VERY excited to see Manga Dork in the play "Life of Man" last Friday. Cousins Kayla and Beth were still visiting. When I took this picture of our gang, {can you see Dr. Hubby trying to pretend he doesn't know us?} I became a little concerned the kids were too rowdy to sit still.

Manga Dork was a "neighbor." {Plaid shirt & black skirt}

The play was so b.o.r.i.n.g. we had to entertain ourselves.

Manga Dork was an old woman walking around some "drunks." I think...I didn't really understand the play.

We thoroughly enjoyed the 5 minutes of the play that Manga Dork was in. At this point I was REALLY hoping the next play {Saturday night} was MUCH better.

Manga Dork was Gwendolyn in "The Importance of Being Earnest." She was a perfect little flirt. We loved it.

In Act II, her flirty sassiness was amusing when her and "Cecily" figure out they are both engaged to Earnest.

At intermission I looked over at my MIL and saw this...

And Dr. Hubby was holding a very sound asleep Wild Child too.
I decided to take them home and come back next Saturday to see the rest of the play. What! You mean I get the chance to sit in the audience and enjoy it KID-FREE! Sold! lol
Dr. Hubby and the cousins said the rest of the play was even better than the first part. I am such a proud momma. Manga Dork put in alot of hours and they definitely paid off.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mega Cool!

We went to see MegaMind Saturday afternoon. We took our 2 fave cousins with us. They ALL {ages 4-17} loved the movie. They got in the car chattering about all the funny parts. I think we all agreed laying on the picnic blanket was our fave part...so sweet. I would actually go see this twice if given the chance...can't wait for the DVD.

Sorry about the fuzzy pic...a little person's finger changed my lens to manual focus and I didn't catch on.


Happy Weekend!
What is your favorite movie treat?

Meet Gwendolyn

Last weekend this feathered friend joined our family {against my wishes}. Manga Dork named her Gwendolyn, after the character she is playing in "The Importance of Being Earnest."

Gwendolyn {the bird} has slowly tweeted her way into my heart. I am even thinking of adding a blue "Earnest."

What pets do you have? What are their names? Why did you name them that?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video Night...On Crack!

Anybody can pull off "Video Night"...right? Get the movie...pile in front of the tv...provide a snack or three. Well, I decided to take our "Video Night" to the next level.

Here's how we celebrated with a "Toy Story 3 DVD Premiere Party."

While grocery shopping I picked up mac n cheese, cheezits, gummies, and cupcake fixins' for our dinner. Not the most nutritious of meals...but most video night meals aren't balanced nutritiously...right?! For an added touch I got plates and cupcake decos from the birthday section. My mom had bought the movie for the girls, but you could buy it, rent it, PPV it, or even request it at the library! Free is a great price!

For some added flair I dug around in the kids' room and pulled out everything they had from Toy Story 3.

A yellow $1 plastic table cloth and some green napkins from my stash of birthday leftovers made the table very festive. Cutie asked me "Who's birthday is today?"

I had also picked up Toy Story 3 pjs for the girls. They needed long sleeve pajamas and I usually wait and pick them up for occasions like this. I would have bought them anyway...but this way they feel SPECIAL!

Can you feel the excitement building?! No?...

How about now?! I had to go to the Boys Section to get the pjs. For some reason several of the Toy Story items are geared more toward boys. Note to Disney/Pixar...this movie is more of a "unisex" theme...more girl stuff please!

Mr. PricklePants was eyeing the Cheezits....
and Buttercup wouldn't stay out of the gummies so we sat down to start our celebration.
While in the birthday section I had spied a clearance rack with this kit marked down from $6 to $3! Fun!

Even "Big Baby" was excited to color a ring! {That baby creeps me out in the movie}

Our fave 2 cousins were visiting so they joined us for the party. Coloring the rings was a fun activity.

I even had to do one!

Cousin Beth found out what happens when you lick what your colored!

After eating the mac n cheese the girls each had a yummy cupcake.

Movie time!
The girls were still chattering about it the next day! Mission Complete!