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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Naked Man Bathroom

This is an actual conversation I had with Wild Child in Fusion (Hibachi restaurant).

Scrappy: Come on Wild Child...it's this door.

Wild Child: (looks up at sign above door she is pushing on) No, this one.

Scrappy: No, this one is for girls...see the dress (outlines with her finger)

Wild Child: (looks up at sign above door she is pushing on again) No, I want to use the naked man bathroom!

I Came...I Went...I Shopped!

On Saturday my mom, Manga Dork, Nicole (MD's BFF), and I drove to Columbus, OH to attend the Scrapbook Expo. We shopped the expo for 5 hours! I think our favorite booth was PK Blitz. They specialized in embossing and techniques with ultra fine glitter using wonder film and wonder paper. So fun!

Here is my loot from teh $1 booth...it was a 15 minute wait in line for the register, but it was worth it!

The glitter and papers are from PK Blitz. You use the metal stencils with the glitter...love the cupcake! I also fell in love with the stamps and coordination punches.

After the expo...where is a girl to go?...Archiver's of course! Loved the Hot Spot ($1.99) chipboard alphabets! I can't wait to work with the doodlebug flocking.

I loved this line of paper...such pretty colors!

I can't resist the little rack of papers with coordination die cuts and embellishments. Penny Lane and Laundry's stuff was A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E!

More paper...
You know how to tell when you had a great weekend? You are still catching up posting about it on Tuesday! I still have to post about Sunday...later today!
Happy Day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Wild Child!

Wild Child woke me up on Friday morning..."Hey mom...it's my birthday!" She has told EVERYONE about her party...so fun when they reach the age where they are excited about birthdays and holidays.

We invited Foster Son to the party...Wild Child and Cutie ran and gave him big hugs...Manga Dork waved and said hi.

The first game was like an easter egg hunt except we hunted gummy carrots (cause horses love carrots).

It took several blows to get those 4 candles out!

Her smile says it all! The wet tshirt says...there was a water fountain! LOL!

Pinata time! Cutie was adorable when she was trying to whack it!

Our niece gave her dad (Dr. Hubby's lil bro) a whack on the back! It left a big red mark!

This is how Wild Child read her card from her BFF Landon. Hmmm....maybe we should get her tested for glasses! LOL! It was too cute!

Daddy bought Wild Child a hamster (Max) and cage (Mommy bought nice easy things like books and flashcards and workbooks and Aqua Doodle). Wild Child was so glad that Landon came. He is her BFF at preschool. She didn't even care that he was her only classmate there. He is the only one that mattered! She even named her pet rabbit after him last Fall!
Dear Wild Child,
Mommy loves you so much. At the age of 4 you are so fun! Your energy is limitless and at the end of the day you and I are both exhausted. You are curious and a little bit stubborn. You make me SO happy and I am SO blessed that God put you in my care. My life would not be the same without you. Thank you for being my daughter.
Love, Mommy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top Ten Randomosities

1. This layout won the AMR scraplift challenge this week...two wins in one week...I am a lucky girl.

2. FIL called yesterday and apologized.

3. Wild Child's party is tonite...all the horse themed decorations have not arrived yet...PLEASE Mr. Fed Ex man stop here today!

4. I am in love with this layout...AMR's color challenge for next week is to use red/white/blue on an everyday layout (No 4th of July). This is Manga Dork and I in 1997...notice my shoulder length hair!

5. These paper flowers are so fun and easy to make! I used rub-ons too...not a big fan of those but Stampin' Up gave me some for free last year.
6. It was sad to see Michael Sarver leave AI last night...he sure sang his song better than he did the first night. He seems like such a great guy...his smile is so bright!
7. My mom is coming here today. We will be driving to Columbus Ohio for the Scrapbook Expo...with a small stop at Archivers! My checkbook better start flexing it's muscles now...heehee!
8. I am addicted to reading Stephenie Nielson's (NieNie) blog...she is a beautiful soul...I am sure those that know her feel blessed...reading about her is truly inspirational.
9. I hired a housekeeper...she started yesterday...I can already feel the stress lifting. Now maybe I can take over the bill paying from my husband who is swamped with paperwork.
10. I miss traveling...I got used to packing for something every 2 weeks...now it is down to once a month...April (Amish Country with mom and my aunt...May (Family trip to NC to see Lil Sis)...August (NC to Lil Sis's with mom and Manga Dork). Hmmm...need to fill in June and July!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Is One Party You Should Be Glad You Didn't Attend!

As I was driving to town today something flew onto the hood of my car and scared me to death! What was it? One of the duck soaps from the girls' bathroom! It is flat and oval shaped. Wild Child had taken it to preschool on "oval day." I guess she stuck it in the grill of my Escalade. LOL!

I was unable to shake my gloominess today. I had myself one great big huge gigantic humongous giant monstrous enormous PITY PARTY! I let my FIL steal my whole day. That ticks me off. Dr. Hubby said he would talk to him about how he keeps putting me down. Manga Dork said FIL was hateful all evening and that he actually threw binoculars and broke them. Hmmm...

I did find 2 really cute horse shirts for the little ones. I won't show them now since you will be bombarded with pictures from the party in a couple of days! Cause you know I only like to post one picture per event...NOT! More like 10!

Happy Wednesday!

Self Esteem? What Is That? Self Confidence? Huh?

Don't ya just love a good spork icon?! LOL!

I am going to go do some retail therapy today...my mission...horse themed clothing for Wild Child's bday party!

I am going alone.
I was already a little insecure about not being able to think of one person that could spend the day with me.

I took the 2 little ones to my MIL & FIL.
As I was leaving FIL says, "You going by yourself?"
I laugh and say "Yeah...I have no friends,"
He says, "You know...there is a reason for that."
My heart drops to my toes and I respond with humor, "Yeah cause we live in the middle of no where."
He laughs and says, "No...THAT'S not it."
I turn away and say, "Gee...thanks."
He laughs as I walk away.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Is Time To Choose Sides!

If you visited my blog today you may have noticed little Anoop icons appearing...Manga Dork was home "sick." Well...I love her addiction to her Anoop Dog BUT my votes go to...

I have loved him since the tryouts.

PS...In our next presidential election I believe we should require the president to vow not to interfere with American Idol! Amen.
Who Is Your Fave?

Goal Reached!

One step-choosing a goal and sticking to it-changes everything.---Scott Reed

This is a layout that I completed for AMR's Font/Title Challenge. We were to use a word bubble or bubbles. This morning I found out I WON! That means I reached my goal of winning once in each of the 4 categories! How exciting to reach my goal. Now to set another one...I want to be the leader (person who has won the most times) in one category.

This egg shaped card is for a Card Challenge. We were to make a card that is not square. I signed up for a Easter card swap so this will be one of those I send out. The winner of this challenge receives some cool stuff from a VERY talented crafter.

This layout is for the AMR Scraplift Challenge...I am finally finished with these snow pictures!

I love the way this layout turned out. It was for the AMR Product Challenge. We were to use a shaped background. This was WAY out of my comfort zone...and I will probably mat it on a 12x12 square after the contest. We'll see...

Manga Dork said the contestants will be singing Motown songs tonight! I am totally loving NYC Housewives too (not as much as OC though). I read in People that starting in May will be Real Housewives of New Jersey...the wives look feisty and fun!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

MIL & Me

So I know that you all were shocked that MIL was going to DC with us. I was a little worried that she would drive me nuts! However, before we left I told myself that I was going to wipe the slate clean and try to revive our relationship.

Here is what I learned...

1. When MIL has the chance to spend time with Manga Dork...she wants me GONE!

2. She has no desire to do anything with me...just the 2 of us.

3. When I want to go do something under the perfect circumstances...she will turn me down. If given the chance to do the same thing under imperfect circumstances with Dr. Hubby...she will go without hesitation.

4. She can not go a day without talking to my SIL. Their phone conversations are alot more comfortable than ours.

I gave it a fair chance...I was so glad when we came home and she went to her house. I was sad...I had high expectations.

I invited her to go this weekend with my mom and I to the Scrapbook Expo...she told someone the other day that she felt good that my mom wanted her to go...my mom didn't even know I asked her. It was like she didn't want to acknowledge that I had invited her.

She has turned me down 3 times since the trip to go do things. When do I just throw up my hands and give up?!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Need A Weekend Do-Over!

Heehee! I couldn't resist this cartoon while I was browsing for Easter-y blog goodies for my blog makeover.

This weekend was VERY long. Saturday I cleaned all day and it seemed like it never got any better...the toilet overflowed twice...the kids were rotten...

The highlight was Twilight! Definitely!

Here's to a great week!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ok...Now I Can Get Excited...


We just watched the Twilight DVD. Loved it all over again! The extended scenes were interesting...thank goodness they cut the Chinchilla droppings one! The deleted scene where Bella gives Edward "a taste" was weird...but enjoyable. AND the hot "bad vampire" scene was a little naughty! LOL! Hope you all enjoyed it all over again too! Now let's get on with the New Moon countdown....and my 35th birthday party! 11-20-09

I Have "Title Block"...Sorry!

A sure sign it is spring on the farm....BABIES!

I designed this invitation for Wild Child's 4th birthday party. It is on March 27th. Guess what the theme is!?

This was for a color challenge on AMR...there was a picture and you had to use the colors from that photo in the layout. I was feeling rusty after missing a week while my computer was down.

At alot of family events I am the "photographer." It started years ago...I would take the photos...they would purchase copies. Now they still don't take photos and no one asks for copies. It is weird...I think they are just going to let their kids come over and see their childhood photos in my scrapbooks...LOL! This is Dr. Hubby's side I am referring to...of course.
This little album was $1 at Walmart. It is acid free and the flower is the original cover design. I just added the Happy Birthday and rhinestone...now my niece can enjoy her birthday photos!
I am not sure where this weekend is going to lead...no plans...boring!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Celebrities Take Out Restraining Orders On Scrappy

We had a blast at Madame Tussaud's in DC...

Manga Dork bumped with Beyonce...that's ok as long as they are not doing her dance routine for "Single Ladies"...tacky!

I got a little "touchy-feely" with Johnny Depp...I am not blushing...I got sunburned the day before!

Oh George...how many lips have been on that face!

Tiger Woods checks out Manga Dork's putting skillz.

Brad and Angelina were disappointed when they found out I was already adopted!

Oh yes ladies...those arms are HUGE!

Move over Obama...there's a new prez in town...unfortunately she is a homophobic pro-life pro-gun christian WOMAN!

Manga Dork holds her first press conference...probably to declare every day Manga Dork Day! What a teenager!

Now what is she telling Nixon!?

When Dr. Hubby asked Manga Dork how she liked Madame Tussaud's she replied..."Mama got to second base with George Bush! LOL!
Who would you like to "interact" with at Madame Tussaud's?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did Ya Miss Me?

The night we got home from DC our computer was taken out by a wind storm...they just fixed it today! That guy is lucky I didn't give him a big kiss! LOL! He was the same one who installed the satellite and asked me "How do you keep your house so clean with 4 kids!" He is an angel!

Happy Belated St. Patty's Day...my grandfather turned 88...yes, his name is Pat!
What have I been up to the last week and a half?! Well...I did no scrapping...I started spring cleaning...and since this past Saturday night til yesterday (Tues) I have been on my butt recovering from a virus and inner ear infection.
I have missed my bloggy friends alot! You came to my mind several times. This month I celebrated one year of blogging AND my 350th post! I took this involuntary bloggy vacation to reflect on how blogging affects my world. I discovered that blogging enhances my life alot and that it has been a positive experience. I did get more housework done...
Here is your Twilight goodie...it makes me giggle.
What have you all been up to?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Was Down...But Today I Went OUT!

After walking my feet off on Thursday we spent Friday lounging around the resort. At the end of the day I ventured out to the dock on the Potomac River to try to capture the sunset. Well, I missed it...

Today (Saturday) we were brave enough to venture out for one more day in DC. We started out at the Space and Air Museum....or is it Air and Space...too tired to get up and look...sorry...LOL! This is the Spirit of St. Louis that Lindbergh flew around the world.

This is the airplace (with new fabric in '48) that the Wright Bros. flew in 1903 for their first flight.

We found the McDonalds! It was hiding in the Air and Space Museum. They even have the McDonalds pizza...and these cool flavored cones...I was SO jealous and ready to move to DC until I learned the saddest thing...they do not have SWEET TEA! These poor deprived souls.

Thank you Pam for suggesting the Holocaust Memorial Museum. This was such a touching place to visit. It was hard to see the pictures of the people and then learn that they were killed hours or days later! The thousands of shoes exhibit touched me the most. This is a "Must-See."

The warm weather brought out the street performers. I love it! We heard a trumpet player, a saxophone player, and this guy with his sons. They were SO cool!

The next museum we visited was the Natural History Museum. I was mainly interested in seeing the dinosaurs and...

the Hope Diamond. It is So cool! They had several pieces of jewelry with interesting pasts. They had earrings that belonged to Marie Antoinette and a necklace and crown given to someone by Napoleon.

Dr. Hubby joined us for the National Museum of American History. I was thrilled that they had a Lincoln exhibit...I saw his top hat, suit, pocket watch, and several other items.

The pop culture junkie in me loved seeing Dorothy's red slippers and the C3PO costume used in Return of the Jedi!

As were walking back to the shuttle bus the sun was setting beyond the Washington Monument. With the warm weather, you could see couples cuddling on the benches, friends taking a stroll, and parents playing sports with their kids on the National Mall.

While waiting for the party bus, MIL and Dr. Hubby walked up the steps to the Capitol. Manga Dork and I were too tired. I wish I had went...they got to witness a guy proposing to his girlfriend on the steps! How romantic!
We go home tomorrow...check out at 1pm.