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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Spooky Little Secret

Looks like the set of a horror movie...

These are my neighbors. It totally looks like a haunted house! I could see a Halloween party under the big shade tree with that house as the perfect decoration. lol. Don't worry. It is gonna be torn down and removed. Soon.

Here is what is hiding behind the spooky house. Now that rolling pasture will be a much better view from our back yard!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Final Part of the Tour

Welcome to the dining room. I love that it has lots of windows! {That black thing out the window is some of the furniture from the auction. There is a porch right there.}

I definitely need a new dining room set! The dining room is open into the kitchen. Actually it kinda makes a T shape with the kitchen.

My absolute favorite room in the house! A huge kitchen. I love all the windows. The view from them is the pond. Maguy {previous owner} had wicker furniture in that little area and it was SO pretty.

You could sit in the wicker furniture or slip out the side door to the porch.

I love the island with it cool countertops...the side near the stove is a wood top. I can see lots of cute baskets around the top of those cabinets!

I will probably keep my coupons and laptop here!

It has already become a funny joke that I will be "heating up my frozen pizzas in a professional oven." ha.ha.

I was surprised to see so many doors and drawers on this side of the island. Lots of storage!

I hope you all enjoyed the home tour. I can't wait to get in and decorate and share the "after" shots with you! I think the most intimidating thing for me is all the beautiful flowers, plants, and fruit trees. I can't fake having any knowledge about these. I am not even sure what is a plant and what is a weed. I'm gonna have to study a few books. I do know that I am in love with this purple clematis. When I was over there yesterday the rose bushes were all blooming and I discovered tiny peaches on two trees.

Be sure to pop over some time this weekend. I am going to share a sssspppoooooookkkyyy secret!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can You Guess Where I Am Now?!

Pssst...down here! In the basement! Come on down and take a peek around!

I have a feeling that this is the perfect location for a MAN CAVE!

In the back there is where they made homemade wine. There are even 2 rows of grapes right outside.

The basement keeps going and going. This area is going to have a pingpong table, air hockey table, board games, tv with game consoles, our movie collection, etc.

This section is going to be our home gym. I want to use Dr. Hubby's EKG machine at his office to get a copy of our heartbeats. Then I am going to do a red line around the wall that alternates with his heartbeat and mine. There is also a full bath off this room. It has a concrete shower in it. Let's go back upstairs...

I love the stone fireplace in the family room. Can you see my nephew's brain wheels turning?

He says he can totally see a giant tv above the mantle. Sorry Nick. The tv hookup is in the corner and my vision of this room includes a large family portrait over the fireplace.

Remember I promised to show you the view from Dr. Hubby's office. Those 3 windows are his office windows.

This is what he is looking at. Now this area totally inspires me to see garden parties, tea parties, cookouts, peaceful Sunday afternoons.

See the swing nestled in the greenery. A perfect place to smooch your sweetheart!

Tomorrow is the last house post! You will get to see the most awesome room in the entire house! The kitchen!

It Makes You Feel All French And Clean!

Before we head to the Master Suite I thought I would show you the laundry area. That shelf is going to have to be raised to make room for my washer and dryer on their pedestals.

I love having a place to hang things in my laundry room. I see this room painted yellow like my current laundry room. It helps make me feel a little sunnier about doing laundry!

A perfect place to give Toby {the Shih Tzu} a bath!

This room will be Dr. Hubby's study/office. Those are some really wild curtains...they must go...now! lol Tomorrow I will show you what the view from his window is!

Welcome to the VERY pink master suite. Like those curtains in the previous photo...the pink must go.

I am in love with the master bath. I can't wait to put candles around the tub and sit and soak in bubbles. Behind my nephew is the one piece in the house that makes me giggle. That is no toilet. That is a bidet...not sure of the spelling...we'll just call it a french butt washer...heehee.

I love a corner shower!

The tile is so pretty, but I kinda feel like there is a missing sink with the two mirrors.

A WALK IN CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like Paris Hilton!

This shelf is mine...all mine! I can see my purses and shoes all lined up neatly here.

Are you sick of the tour yet? I hope not! You haven't even seen the best part! Tomorrow we will peep outside for a second!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Room...Mine...Mine...Mine!

Welcome to my scrap area. Second floor. Open area. Near the stairway. I love the stonework. I love that it is open without a door! The only downside...No bright colored walls...it will have to be the neutral in the stairway...boo.

This is the other side of the room. In the corner is a little opening that overlooks the breakfast nook. You can even spy some of the cars in the front yard out the window. I plan on putting a double or queen size bed in here for guests too. I am so glad that my scrap stuff will be back in my home. The schoolhouse was excellent, but it was hard to find time to go down there...and the kids really disliked being there. It will soon be turned back into a 1 BR rental house.

This will be the 2 littles room. They don't want their own room. They want to share still. I predict that by the time Manga Dork leaves for college they will be begging for their own room!

This will be Manga Dork's room. She will be so glad to get out of her teeny tiny room here. Her twin size bed takes up half of her current room! The wallpaper border has to go...we are thinking one black wall with the rest black and white striped...maybe a silver eiffel tower on the solid black wall. A black chandelier...

The girls bathroom! I love that it is so big! Pretty soon this room will be a bright ocean blue with some absolutely adorable accessories.

Next up...the Master Suite!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Welcome to the inside of our new home. This is the entryway...foyer...whatever you want to call it. It kinda makes me want to put a fancy table in the middle of it with an overly obnoxious floral arrangement on it....like a soap opera house...lol. Oh and btw...my niece and nephew are like "Where's Waldo" in most of these photos of the inside. I enjoyed spending time with them this weekend.

I love the stairs. I have NEVER lived in a two story home. All this woodwork was done by hand by the previous owners. When we moved into our home they were telling us about sanding and varnishing it all. Lots of hard work!

See that kind of dark brown painted area! It goes in about a foot. I can't wait to create a cute vignette to decorate it. I see baskets and flowers and a quilt. I also see the need for a very tall ladder...and maybe a net to catch me if I fall! lol

I have never had a skylite in my home. See it over the front door over there?! This is the little "landing" at the top of stairs under the windows. They had a loveseat sitting there. Not sure what I want to put there. Any ideas?!

Didn't they do an amazing job on the wood. I think they would be glad that we are moving in here.

Here's that little area at the top of the wall. I was surprised to see the wood "floor." I think that is even a plug in over there. Hmmm...

Next I will show you where I am going to be scrapping and creating!

PS...If any of you all have ideas for decorating or using a certain area please speak up! I am new to a lot of these features in a home. Our current home is nice, but it is really square and plain jane...not alot of personality.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Come See What The Vultures Were Picking At

When I finally got over to the new house during the auction Saturday this is what it looked like over the hill. Wow! This doesn't even include the cars I could see from my front porch in the post "It Begins."

I thought this would be good memories for the scrapbook! **See the building in the back on the right side...stay tuned for more on our creepy neighbors later...

They had items EVERYWHERE and the auctioneer and crowd just went from place to place. This is the porch that faces the pond. It held Glen and Maguy's dining room furniture. Very interesting pieces that sold for only $325! Thats my SIL and niece and nephew. You should have seen the sun burn SIL got! Ouch!

All this furniture out on the lawn looked so funny. No wonder people come in to these things with trailers to haul out stuff. They got some great deals! It all still feels like vultures circling to me though.

Here's the group at the back of the house too. See the Amish ladies in the bottom right corner!

What a crazy weekend it was! I have already started cleaning out drawers and have a lot of purging to do for the big community yard sale in two weeks! I am hoping my mom gets the urge to come out for a few days!

I am going to take this week to show you some of the house. You know on all my adventures I love to take my bloggy friends along for the ride!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Auction Verdict Is In!

WE GOT IT!!!!!!

It Begins...

At 11AM the farm will be auctioned. I can stand on my porch and hear the auctioneer...75.80.85.do I hear a 95. I couldn't go. I woke up...showered...puked. When I started to see the line of cars from my front porch I got upset. It just feels like vultures coming to pick apart pieces of a home. My heart is a little soft. I don't know how the family members can stand to be there. They are stronger than I am.

Dr. Hubby's phone was dead so he had to take my blinged out iPhone. I'm glad he's not wearing his pink or purple shirt. In this small town rumors would FLY! heehee

I will post here as soon as I get the news. Thank you for all the prayers and crossing of fingers and such. Tauna, I hope you are still wearing those lucky undies!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farm Florals

I love this bush with all its tiny delicate flowers.

I love yellow dandelions. I also don't mind when these fuzzy balls of fun pop up.

I couldn't resist holding one up against the blue sky and blowing. I think everyone should do that at least once each spring. Brings back childhood.

Pretty flowers in the apple tree.

My favorite perrenial is petunias! I love the smell that blows across the back porch from my hanging baskets. Dr. Hubby bought me 3 baskets! He has also turned into the flower watering nazi. He is about to get a petunia up his nose...heehee.

Less than 48 hours til the farm auction. I hear there are at least 3 very interested people. I got to peek inside again yesterday. I hope we are the MOST interested. lol.

Happy Thursday!