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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Ornament & The Accident

Do you have an ornament that you love? One that is very sentimental? You have had it for many years? If you were told that the tree was on fire and you could only save one you would immediately grab it? Well...I have one like that...or maybe I should say I HAD one like that.

This is an ornament I bought December 1992 during my senior year of high school. Our football team had won the state championship and we were very proud of them.

This morning Manga Dork was putting away the ornaments. I came through the house and saw her reaching for ornaments with her eyes on the tv. Next thing I know I see something fly off the tree and I hear a CRUNCH! I didn't even have to ask...

I did not yell...I just went to her room and counted to 10 (or maybe 100)and cried a few tears. I came out and I explained that I was very sad about the accident and that I had seen her watching tv instead of doing her work. Her paying attention to what she is doing has been a big problem....ummmm...can you say teenager! She was very upset that she had broke it and I think it made an impression on her...now hopefully she will learn from her mistake.

As for me...it just really STINKS! Boo Hoo!

Orange County Housewives...More Like Orange "Catty" Housewives!

Vicki and her daughter Brianna go to the Red Cross to donate blood. They are both universal donors and are excited to be saving lives.
Don't worry Vicki, my face would look the same way if I was donating! I get very sick. Unfortunately Vicki was turned down...I think it was due to a medication or something.

Lynne's daughter, Raquelle, celebrated her 18th birthday. She actually whined and pitched a fit to get her lil sis to take off the white dress and let her wear it. Gee!

She needs to take some lessons from Jeana's daughter, Kara. She got a summer job as a retail salesperson and somehow that blossomed into her redecorating the back area of the shop. She is SO motivated and a real go-getter like her mom.

It seemed like this episode had alot of "doing lunch" in it again. Here Gretchen is trying to get Lynne to tell her how old she is...she fails. I miss getting to see the housewives at their jobs and in their homes. These "lunches" seem too planned.

Jo, a housewife from seasons 1 and 2, invited Gretchen to be in her music video. Looked like fun, but I am not so sure about Jo's music ability.

The show ended with all the ladies having dinner (argh!). Lynne meets them all for the first time. For some reason while listening to the conversations Lynne decides to yell "cut" several times and tells them..."No talking about kids." The ladies are stunned and Vicki tells her not to tell them how to direct their conversation and that their kids are their lives and they want to talk about them. Go Vicki. I guess if I had Lynne's kids I wouldn't want to talk about kids either! LOL!
Tamra's son, Ryan, told her earlier in the episode that one of his past girlfriends had lost their baby at 3 months. That is why he got "nugget" tattooed inside his lip...cause the baby looked like a chicken nugget on the ultrasound...OMGoodness. At the dinner Tamra attacks Gretchen for going to the lake while Jeff was in the hospital. She says she would NEVER do that if she was in the situation...which makes Gretchen do this...

Gretchen should have whacked her with her gorgeous Louis Vuitton! To have a day off with your family when you have been taking care of someone with cancer for a year is not horrible. I would think it would be great to renew yourself every now and then so you can be your best for them. Bad Tamra!
Next week...Tamra defends herself to Laurie (the housewife who just left the show).

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best of 2008

I can't believe 2008 is almost gone...here are some highlights (and a couple lowlights)...

In January
We celebrated Cutie's bday with a spring themed party.
In February
We took a giggling group of girls to see the Hannah Montana 3D movie for Girls Nite Out!
In March
I started my blog...you can read the first post here!
Dr. Hubby's paternal grandmother passed away.
Manga Dork and I attended the Scrapbook Expo
In April
Mom and I traveled to Amish Country and stayed in a victorian b&b.
We celebrated Wild Child's 3rd bday late due to illness and a busy schedule with a SpongeBob themed party.
In May
Dr. Hubby turned 33.

We traveled to NC to visit Lil Sis. My mom joined us. The babies loved the beach this year!

In June
Our purple marker got wild and crazy...read about it here!
I had a nervous breakdown and did this!

I had a run-in with our Dora stool and ended up with liquid stitches on a cut around my toe. 2 weeks before we were to leave for NYC! It healed and was fine...thank you God!

In July
Dr. Hubby and I celebrated our 14th anniversary!
I confessed to all you bloggy buddies about my fashion problems...see them here!

Charlie the pygmy goat decided to harrass Tony the Belgian horse. He ended up with a cracked skull, a loose horn, and a blind eye. He survived and was sold on 12/27. We no longer have goats on the farm.

We flew to NYC to meet Lil Sis and BIL for a week. This was a dream come true for me. NYC was my #1 dream trip.

In August
We started potty training both little ones...check out one of our methods here!
Foster Son moved to another foster home. This was the hardest thing to go through this year.

I flew with my mom and Manga Dork to visit Lil Sis in NC for a week. What a great trip! We celebrated their birthdays a little early.

I started reading Twilight...who knew how that would transform our lives. LOL!

Manga Dork started Junior High.

Wild Child began preschool.

In September

We threw Manga Dork an 80s Dance Club themed party complete with DJ. I am sure Dr. Hubby will still be reminding me of the $$$ I spent on this way into 2009!

We did a room makeover for her birthday present. Foster son came over on 12/23 and saw it for the first time. He walked in the door and went straight to it. I don't think it was an easy thing for him to see.

In October

We enjoyed our Halloween this year with portraits, a community party, and trick or treat night/parade.

In November

My schoolhouse was finished on the inside and I moved in...now in 2009....THE OUTSIDE!

I threw my own party and we saw Twilight in the theatre. Dr. Hubby flew Lil Sis in to spend the weekend with me.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family.

I almost broke my toe (yes, that is 2 foot injuries in 1 year) It healed in time to go shopping with mom.

In December

I went shopping with mom and we stayed at the Marriott Town Center.

We had a great Christmas!

It has been a great year! After looking at my calendar and reading back over my blog I made one very deep discovery about 2008...

We ate ALOT of chinese food! Yum!

Here's to a great 2009!

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Official...I'm A Bookworm!

I loved everything I have read this year from the "life-altering" Twilight saga to the surprising Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas Sparks. Debbie Macomber is still one of my favorite authors...her gentle books draw me in. I am looking forward to Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic to hit theatres February 13th. I am going to have a Girls Nite Out again for that one! If you liked Legally Blonde...I think you will like this one too!

My reading choices are usually light hearted and entertaining...nothing too serious. I highly recommend everything on this list...let me know if you try one!

2008 Books I Have Read (Top book is Most Current)

Twilight The Complete Illustrated Movie Guide
Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella
Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella
The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Made From Scratch: A Memoir by Sandra Lee
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Susannah's Garden by Debbie Maccomber
The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted (And Other Small Acts of Liberation) by Elizabeth Berg
Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber
The Christmas Visitor by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
A Christmas to Remember by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
The Christmas Angel by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
A Christmas Promise by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
A New Leaf by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
A Gathering Place by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
Home Song by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
Cape Light by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella
Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul
Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul
The Christmas Basket by Debbie Macomber
When Christmas Comes by Debbie Macomber
The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas Sparks

Sunday, December 28, 2008

From Christmas Cheer Meister To Grinch in 5.2

I wanted to do a post detailing our Christmas adventures complete with pictures from each celebration! However, this is how I feel about Christmas right now...

I am just wiped out. We had a great time! My presents...my camera, a vacuum for the schoolhouse, 2 Mary Engelbreit calendars, a office chair for the schoolhouse, pajamas, 6 handmade "felted" Mary Engelbreit ornaments (It took Lil Sis 10 hours to make each one!), shower curtain-handtowel-rug for schoolhouse bathroom, cherries towel and potholder, Our World cricut cartridge, stamp set, and I think that is all...I could be forgetting an item or two.

I have been playing with my camera...here are a couple of my fave shots so far...I feel so intimidated by this camera...but it is so fun to try to learn how to use it!

Playing with close up mode

My furry niece, Morgan.

It is great to be back...I have lots of fun planned for the New Year. First up...De-Christmas my blog! I am ready to move on!
Hope everyone had a great holiday and weekend!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Guess What I Got...

Oh yeah! I am lovin' it! Dr. Hubby surprised me with a Nikon D60...LOVE IT!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Orange Is My Favorite Color...This Was NOT My Fave Episode!

This episode of Orange County Housewives will probably go down in history as my least favorite episode. Everyone was celebrating 4th of July. Vicki and Tamra's families went to Lake Havasu, AZ to drink and run around half naked.

I love the new friendship between Tamra and Vicki...they seem to have alot of fun!
Vicki cried alot in this episode...Jeana brought Frankie with her to Havasu. Frankie and Vicki are huge enemies. He lived in her house and there were lots of issues over rent and redecorating. Jeana shouldn't have done it! Bad girl! Vicki also cried later when a soggy nerf football hit her in the head. Hey! Blonds can't afford to lose brain cells that way! Ha ha! Just joking!

While everyone else was drinking and running around half naked, Lynne the new housewife was torturing us by including her spoiled, bratty, whiney children in her storyline. Argh. I don't even want to talk about it...
Speaking of bratty children...what did Tamra's obnoxious son Ryan do to crush her heart? He had the word NUGGET tattooed inside his bottom lip. I would have been upset too!

Gretchen went to spend some time with her family at the lake while Jeff's children stayed at the hospital with him. Her mom and dad seem great! I think next week the other housewives are going to bash her for not staying at the hospital. If you read her blog she explains that Jeff wanted her to take little breaks. I have a feeling I am going to be disappointed in the other girls next week.

The teaser for next week? The girls bashing Gretchen and making her cry...and Tamra crying and telling Ryan that he is going to make a great father some day...What?!?!

Christmas Eve Already?!

I can not believe it is Christmas Eve! Wow! Time flies by so fast! Today we are preparing for a party at our home with FIL, MIL, BIL, SIL, niece, and nephew.
Party Theme---Blue/White & Snowmen
Party Menu---Pizza Party!, chips/dip, pasta salad, cake, oreo fudge, and assorted candy.
We will be giving them their gifts...
FIL---work stool, drill, tools, MP3 player
MIL---Beginner's scrapbook stuff (album, refills, tote, 2 Bazzill paper pads, adhesives, black pen, scissors, paper trimmer, Cuttlebug cutting mats, cricut cutting mats, paper flowers)
BIL---Huge knife set, Matrix DVD collection
SIL---Cuttlebug cutting mats, 2 gorgeous K&Co. Paper pads, with 8 packs of matching embellishments (ribbons, stickers, etc.)
niece---K&Co. Berry Sweet album, paper pad, 8 Bazzill cardstock sheets, 4 packs of matching embellishments (ribbons, stickers, etc.)
nephew---Pistol that shoots plastic pellets, pistol case, extra pellets, DS game
I love giving gifts and I am excited to see if all the girls love the scrapbook items we chose! I was drooling over all the stuff we picked out...I wanted to keep it! LOL! After we open our gifts we invited a couple of our friends to come over and play games. Last time we played charades we laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves. You should see Dr. Hubby doing "Tooth Fairy" or FIL doing "stripper." LOL!
Hope you are having very merry celebrations!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift Giving Amnesia

I couldn't resist this photo...too funny!

Every year I put my heart into finding the perfect gift for each person. Then somehow I get amnesia by the next Christmas and I can not remember what I got ANYONE. It is so weird. So I thought for my future reference I would record my gift giving and receiving on my blog.

Today is Dr. Hubby's last day of work before Christmas and it is Manga Dork's last day of school until January 6th!

Dr. Hubby took presents for his "girls" at the office.
Connie...scarf, gloves, and nurse Boyds Bear
Amy...Longaber holiday purse and wallet
Teniece...Bath & Body Works Sleep Gift Basket
Mary Lou...Snow globe and Bath & Body Works Foot Lotion and Socks
Karey...Queen size ultra soft blanket
Steph...XOXO purse

Manga Dork took presents for 4 of her closest friends and her 4 teachers.
Nicole...Alabama cooler cup
Taylor K...Handmade notebook/pen Twilight theme
Morgan...Handmade notebook/pen Denim/western theme
Josie...Handmade notebook/pen Campout theme
Teachers...Mug with tea or hot chocolate gift sets

Do you forget what you gave or received?

Monday, December 22, 2008

2 Great Love Stories

Keli passed this Cullen award on to me. I told her I miss my obsession, but I was driving Dr. Hubby nuts so I had to lighten up a little. I would love to see the movie again while it is in the theatres.

The DVD will be released Spring 2009 and you can already reserve a copy at some stores. I can't wait! So I am going to pass this on to my fellow Twilight addicts...Manga Dork, Sondra, Wendy, Krissy, Redhoodoos, OMGoodness I just went blank...I can't remember who is obsessed and who isn't...

I guess I will end by giving it to Marchelle at Working Mom Chronicles. She normally posts daily and I just noticed it has been 2 days since her last post...to the untrained eye most would say she is just busy with Christmas...BUT I know what she is doing...Marchelle, put the book down...you have small children...they need Christmas! Keli...go over and hold an intervention! She needs help! LOL!

Happy 69th Anniversary!
My grandparents are celebrating 69 years together today! What a blessing!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visiting Ho Ho

Today we went to the mall so the kids could have their picture taken with Ho Ho (this is what the 2 little ones call Santa). First we ate at Golden Corral...Wild Child peed her pants so I had to put on her replacement non-Christmasey outfit...Cutie Patootie spilled pop on her shirt around the collar...Manga Dork was SO too cool for this activity! Soooo...we went to see Old Saint Nick with fuzzy windblown hair, unChristmasey clothing, AND stains on our clothes.

Manga Dork slowly went and sat on the edge of the chair...Wild Child climbed into St. Nick's lap and began talking to him...Cutie Patootie flipped out, covered her eyes, and in her cute little voice shrieked "I can't do it! It's too scary!" So my photo is of 2 children (1 irritated teen and a 3 year old who conquered her fear of Santa).

On the way home we watched my favorite Christmas movie...Elf! It is so funny. I love when he burps really loud and long and then looks at his little bro and says, "Did you hear that?" I can totally relate to his "sugar addiction." If ya ain't seen it...what are you waiting for?!

Each year I overload my family on holiday films. I love them! This year my favorite new one has got to be "The Perfect Holiday." It has Queen Latifah and Gabrielle Union in it. The storyline is SO predictable...but it is SO sweet! Go ahead...give it a try...let me know if ya do!
What is your favorite Christmas movie?

This Christmas...

I am done Christmas shopping! Hallelujah! AND I only have a few more to wrap. I love wrapping presents. I was SO sick Friday when Dr. Hubby and I went shopping, but I made it! We got home at 1 AM! I am feeling better today.

I am looking forward to Christmas. On Christmas Eve we will have FIL, MIL, BIL, SIL, niece, and nephew at our home to exchange gifts with them. These relationships have been getting weirder. I found out that MIL calls Dr. Hubby and "tells" on me. Great! LOL!

On Christmas day we will open gifts at our home and then go to eat lunch at MIL and FIL's home.

The day after Christmas we travel to my parent's home for "Christmas Eve 2." We party at my grandparents with aunt and uncle, their kids, and their grandkids. I haven't seen any of them all year.

On Saturday we celebrate "Christmas Day 2" with gifts and Christmas dinner. We usually play games all evening.

On Sunday we will be traveling back home.

Hope your holiday is packed with FAITH, FUN, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FESTIVITIES, FOOD, and....I can't think of any more F's...LOL!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Funny Friday Before Christmas

I will be finishing my Christmas shopping today with Dr. Hubby. It is getting closer! Ahh!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

That Is So Gay!

Recently while watching the teen channel "The N" I heard a commercial starring Hillary Duff that was talking about how offensive the statement "That is so gay" is to gay people. Teaching teens to be tolerant of the lifestyle saddens me. The homosexual lifestyle goes against the teachings of the Bible. I dread the day when it is not unusual for a gay couple to be seen regularly showing affection (hand holding, kissing, etc.) in public even in rural areas such as where I live. There are so many things out there targeting our teens to teach them that homosexuality is not wrong...it is up to us to teach them that being gay IS weird and strange and NOT normal. They should not be mean or violent, BUT when confronted with it they should not be "politically correct." They should stand up for the teachings of God and let them know it is not OK!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure

This week's Orange County Housewives started off with Gretchen's burlesque home party...move over Tupperware! We're talkin' lingerie, whips, nipple tassels, and more. I love Gretchen's red dress (where is her Louis Vuitton?) AND the peacock ensemble she rocked while learning to do a burlesque dance. So cute for a private naughty moment...national television?...not so much!

Lynne, the brunette new housewife and so far boring disappointment, went shopping with Gretchen. Surely she took her LV...where is it?! I am sorry...I would never stand next to Gretchen while trying on clothes...I am not into torturing myself. LOL!

Last week I confessed that I am loving Gretchen and her 23-years older than her fiance, Jeff. He is the one I first referred to as a cross between Santa Claus and Kenny Rogers that has leukemia. When I confessed that their story had touched my heart last week I went to read her blog on the Bravo website...only to find that Jeff has passed away. This week they showed a nurse teaching Gretchen how to give him stuff through his IV. I can't imagine how hard this is for her to watch now.

Vicki is shopping for a yacht. She will have to sell their river house to buy it. This upsets her daughter, Brianna. I don't think Vicki will be able to sell it when it upsets one of her kids. However, I think Vicki will find another way to get the boat...

...cause how could you not want to do this! Plus the inside is UNBELIEVABLE!

There were 2 annoying things during the show last night...#1 Everyone seemed to be going out to dinner and lunch. I like seeing them at home and other places. #2 The punk in the picture above...This is Tamra's son, Ryan. His lazy, spoiled, bratty, cocky, obnoxious attitude drives me up the wall. I like his shirt though! LOL!
The show ended with Vicki and Jeana argueing about ex-husbands...
The teaser next week....Jeana stabs Vicki in the back....Ryan does something else to upset Tamra!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O' Faux Christmas Tree...O' Faux Christmas Tree...

Well, Dr. Hubby brought our faux Christmas tree up from the basement and that ended our quest for our first real tree...this is the puny really cheap $15 Christmas tree we have used for the 14 years we have been married.

Manga Dork loves putting the ornaments on, but dislikes helping me with the lights and garland.

Our tree is one of those with memories behind every ornament. We have ornaments from our very first Christmas to ornaments that the kids made in school.

We usually buy Dr. Hubby a doctor ornament every year. The white bulb is from my senior year in high school.
Manga Dork lifted Wild Child to put our Boyds Bear angel on the top. Where was Cutie Patootie during all our festive fun?!
She was curled up in bed watching SpongeBob. The girl loves a good rest!
I did manage to "stage" a photo with her in it. Such good sports! I think they were just glad I didn't drag them into the snow for the photo! LOL!
Me in my Christmas jammies gettin' some love from my Wild Child.
Type A personalities may want to skip my next sentence. Yes, I let the kids hang ALL the ornaments wherever they choose. They love to rearrange them too. It's not perfection...it's FUN!
Buzz Lightyear is sat under our tree every year (well, since the year Toy Story
was out) to protect our presents. He was a free gift from Kay Bee Toys on Black Friday.
All of our stockings were hung with care (Annie Louise's too).

This is the wall in my dining room. I loved the Christmas pictures from Home Interiors.

I recently started picking up the cute little Annalee mice. TJMaxx is a great place to find them for 50% off or more...

My Christmas placemats from Walmart.

These towels are my fave new Christmas decoration for this year. I want to collect Scotties and plaid for my kitchen holiday decorations. The babies say that the dogs are "Daddy and Mommy."
I hope you enjoyed seeing our decorations. Nothing fancy...it's all about the FUN!
Happy Tuesday! No school here today...snow!