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Friday, October 31, 2008

A BOOtiful Night!

Here I am in all my nerdiness! People kept telling me I had lipstick on my teeth...like they thought it was accidental....come on peeps....get with your "inner" nerd!

We drove to our little town where Dr. Hubby has his office. That is our court house behind Wild Child...we hadn't even started trick or treating and she had already began eating candy!

2 of Manga Dork's friends joined us...ya know cause we have to have a whole gang to party with! We laughed ourselves silly. I was singing "Ladybugs...and Nerds...and Witches...OH MY" and Wild Child told me..."Be quiet Mommy." I may have been a little over excited.

MIL stayed at Dr. Hubby's office to hand out candy...so Dr. Hubby could go with us...how nice.

Cutie Patootie was COLD so Dr. Hubby had to carry her most of the time. His arms felt it this morning!

This nice man gave me a Reese cup when I took Cutie up to his house. I think he probably thought I was her older sister! The Reese cup is mysteriously missing this morning...I wanted to eat it for breakfast. LOL!

The 2 girls we took with us were so good with the little ones. The help was appreciated!

CJ, The Purple Diva, this is for you. We voted for this house for "scariest decorations." HeeHee

It was too dark to capture any photos of the parade, but it was great! We didn't win anything, but we had a blast. My top costume picks....a family dressed as Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles (Fred pulled them in a large wagon decorated like the Flintstone car) AND Osama Bin Laden with a brief case with fake money popping out of it...the side of the suitcase read "Osama for Obama."
We stopped by MCDonalds and picked up food to eat on the way home. I laughed more than I have laughed in a long time. I am so sore this morning though....my back is creeky...my feet still ache...and my eyes are puffy! I'd do it again tonite if I could...LOL!
Happy Halloween Bloggy Buddies! Enjoy your celebrations!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet My Alter Ego...Samuel Yoder!

He is from a more liberal group that allows stripes...LOL! I was a little bored waiting for Manga Dork to get home SO what's a nerd to do...

More Hints for the Guessing Challenged!

Yesterday we had Directv installed and Dishnetwork removed. The installers were here from 10AM to 6PM. There was some problem with installing the DVR. The 2 babies played with the one installer guy while the other tried to figure out the problem. At one point the poor guy was buried on the couch in a pile of stuffed animals. Then after spending the day (8 hours) with 2 strangers in our home Dr. Hubby comes home...turns on the tv...changes a few channels...tells me there is something wrong with the screen...I say no that is how it is supposed to be...He hates it. Shoot me now....
I am starting to think you all are very bad guessers...here are some more hints for my costume...
Hint #1

Hint #2

Hint #3

Hint #4

Hopefully it will be a little more obvious what I am going to be...Happy Guessing!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orange = Obsessive = OMGoodness!

A couple of my bloggy buddies participate in ABC Wednesday...I thought it looked like fun and wanted to give it a try! It went perfectly with what I planned on posting about this morning.

Wild Child asked for milk this morning...I filled the orange sippy cup and reached it to her...she wouldn't take it...she whined...she twisted...I asked her what was wrong with it...She pointed to her pjs and said, "It doesn't match my shirt." What?!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Contest!

Ok, so no one guessed what I was going to be at our community party. Well, Thursday is our trick or treat night and parade in town. I am going to dress up. First person to get it right will receive a handmade card from me with some goodies tucked inside! Here are some hints...guess as many times as you want!

Hint #1: It has NOTHING to do with TWILIGHT!

Hint #2: It has NOTHING to do with my kid's costumes!

Hint #3: I am buying NOTHING...it all comes from things I already have at home!

Hint #4: NO ONE wants me to walk around with them! LOL!

Good Luck!

Top 5 Tuesday

The Top 5 Things I Would Like To Teach My Kids

It is impossible to get everything into 5 so here are a few random things:

1. To believe in God
2. To love their family and cherish "family time"
3. To be a good friend
4. To work hard to achieve their dreams
5. To find the FUN in life

Check out more at SuperNanny Where Are You?!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I was cleaning the living room and glanced out the window...I ran and grabbed my camera and yelled for the babies to look out the window...
I slowly walked out the door...off the porch...

and down the sidewalk.

They hardly noticed me until...

my inner "pup" took over and I had to run right through the middle of them!

They didn't go too far. These photos only show about half of them! It was amazing to watch them fly together. It looked alot like the "cartoon version" of a swarm of bees. They all turned and moved together. Amazing!

Halloween Traditions

Our celebration of Halloween this year began with having the kid's portraits taken in their costumes. Our first party was our community Halloween party this past weekend. Then on Thursday the 30th we will go to the town where Dr. Hubby's office is and trick or treat from 5-730pm. Dr. Hubby hands out candy from his office. Then everyone gathers in the town square for the parade. Everyone who has dressed up walks around the main intersection of this little town. The local grocery store and others give away a treat bag to the kids.

My favorite Halloween was when we made a haunted house in this old house my BIL&SIL were gonna tear down...It was SO much fun! We had lots of friends over and had a great party! It was Sppooookkkyyy!

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? What was your favorite Halloween?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update

Another weekend is here (and almost gone)! Time to update...

3 MIL Questions answered....No, MIL is not allergic to the perfume we bought her...The perfume is called Sung....No, she does not read my blog.

On Monday the babies "redecorated" the house...I am still working on artwork removal.

On Tuesday I asked about cameras...thank you all so much for your input. It was very interesting to hear everyone's opinions.

On Wednesday and Thursday I reminisced over my past jobs and cars. I LOVED hearing your stories. I can't believe how far into blog world the "red bow" went! LOL!

On Friday I unveiled my new bloggy look. Don't worry if ya don't like it...I am going to change it after Turkey Day. I will say this...I am loving the black background! Me and the 3 girls went to town for a day full of fun! I get their photos back on Nov. 5th!

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to our community Halloween party.

The babies were ladybugs...love those black little noses...they didn't last long...they ended up being black mustaches..LOL!
Manga Dork was a cute Dorothy. Her hair was perfect for the part!

I couldn't resist this pic of Dorothy looking for Toto in the car! No bending over for her at the party!
No one guessed what I was going to be. I went as a potted plant! Look closely (on the right)there is even a snail in my flowers! Dr. Hubby went as a crazy doctor. He had a coat and scrubs splattered with "blood." He wouldn't wear the mask...the babies were scared of it.

This is Manga Dork with 2 of her good friends.

The kids marched around the gym in a Halloween parade. Manga Dork was walking VERY carefully in her platform slippers!

They pulled Manga Dork out of the lineup and had her sit on the stage. She won prettiest. She barely managed to stand back up without giving a free "show." LOL!
They gave away loads of door prizes, had yummy food, and fun games for the kids! It was a fun night.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Were We Hit With A Crazy Stick?

*Warning...I did the unthinkable...I forgot to take my camera on our outing yesterday. Very annoying!*
Yesterday I decided to take the 3 girls to get their portraits made in their Halloween costumes.

I already had the lady bug costumes for the 2 little ones. They are SO cute. We had an appointment at JCPenney portrait studio for Noon! We left at 10AM to pickup breakfast...drive through the bank...get gas ($2.50 Hallelujah!)...and drive an hour to the costume store...pick out Manga Dork a costume...

She chose Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...they didn't have Toto in the basket so I walked from one end of the mall to the other (cause of course I parked at the wrong end) to see if Spencers still had one (they did not)...So I went to Hallmark and bought a stuffed dog...went to a gift shop bought a basket and a doily....Voila!
Unfortunately we missed the noon appt. They had a 1:40! We ate lunch at Wendys. The 2 little ones were so rotten I could imagine the other customers clapping when we left. Then we go to the bathroom at JCPenney to transform the kids...I was sweating by the time we got to the portrait studio. They did great for their photos! So cute! Then we had to get their clothes back on....this is the point where I wondered what I was thinking doing this alone! I thought this would be fun! LOL!
We went to TJMaxx and I had to go to the bathroom. I made the mistake of telling Wild Child exactly what Mommy needed to do. So when I parked the buggy she yelled over and over "I gotta poop too..."
Well, I probably don't have to tell ya where we went to eat for dinner....Peking Buffet!
We ended the day with grocery shopping at Walmart...when we came back outside it was pouring the rain...I got soaked! It felt SO good to get home!

Today we have our community Halloween party. Can you guess what I am going as? It is something I am putting together myself...First one to guess will receive a handmade Halloween card from me!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

No School Today

There is no school today so we are going to do some retail therapy...MIL called from her trip for the first time and is up to old tricks (unfortunately)...we are getting pics made in Halloween costumes...I will post pics later this evening!

How do you like my new bloggy look?
Hard to believe the next change will be for Christmas!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Growing up in a junkyard, cars have always been a part of my life. Here's my story in cars...

I got my license at 17 (my parents thought 16 was too young). My dad has NEVER bought a NEW car. My mom has driven more cars than most people ever will. Dad is always "fixing up" another one. She has driven everything from a 1963 Pontiac Catalina (I was in Junior High and I rode in the floor a couple times because I was so EMBARRASSED!) to a Mercedes.

This is a page out of my senior year scrapbook. This is an 70 something Oldsmobile Omega. I HATED this car, but it was either it or ride the schoolbus. It was very fast and had a great VROOOOOMM. For some reason my parents put a Runaway Hotline bumper sticker on it. My locker partner, Jason Robinette, said, "I'd run away too if my parents made me drive that car." HaHa!

For graduation I dreamed of a Toyota Celica (I got $1000 for graduation)...Dr. Hubby's parents bought him a Ford Ranger (we still have it). I got a $75 red sports car. The alternator went out in the "bad" part of town one night...Dad came with his wrecker truck.

Then Dad gave me a Buick Skyhawk...which he painted SMURF BLUE (he even created matching hubcaps). While I was in labor with Manga Dork I mentioned I wanted a 4-door car so it would be easier to get the baby in and out of the car. He sold SMURFY while I was in the hospital and bought a wrecked Buick Skylark at an auction.

I went one year without a car...then the Skylark was finished. It was a nice car. The first one I really liked...less than a year later Manga Dork and I hit a guard rail. It was totaled (we were fine).

Soooo...my inlaws helped Dr. Hubby and I purchase a used Ford Taurus...my first off a car lot. I could have picked almost anything but I was so overwhelmed I let Dr. Hubby choose. It was a good car. I backed it into a post at a gas station and then a lady swiped me on the same place...Dad painted it.

When Dr. Hubby started his residency he took me and let me test drive every car I wanted to test drive...he was so patient...HE wanted to buy ME my FIRST brand new car. That made me feel SO good...I test drove everything from a VW bug to a Jeep Wrangler. I chose a white Ford Explorer. I took great care of that SUV...most of the oil change receipts are still in the dashboard.

When we got Foster Son we had officially "outgrown" it so we started looking for something that could seat 7...
That is when I got my Escalade....I love it. I call it THE WHITE PEARL(I love Pirates of the Carribean and the color is called Pearl). My MIL has my Explorer.

THE END (for now)
What was your first car? What do you drive now? What is your dream car?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho...It's Off To Work I Go...

How did I get to be a SAHM? What am I staying home from? Here's the story...

My first job was as a cashier at the grocery store, Foodland. I was a senior in high school. I liked it alot because I got to meet alot of nice people. I still think about the old man who came in every evening and bought a piece of fresh fruit. He always came through my line because I think he knew I was glad to see him. I loved having "regulars." Creepy story: A man brought in a cocker spaniel with a red bow tied around its neck...Of course I was petting it and talking to it...the dirty old man leaned in and said "I'd like for you to lay on my bed with a red bow around your neck." Ewwww!

From Foodland I went to Sears to be a "Sales Associate" in the Men's Dept. I was in college and I worked here when Dr. Hubby and I got married. I am a "people person so this was fun too." My cousin James helped get me this job. There was this guy that worked at the engraving booth across the aisle. I was in awe of him for 2 reasons...He was a stripper at night...and he would tan ALOT to compete in muscle man competitions. I was SO innocent AND he was so NOT! LOL!

I then went to work at Petland. I was still in college. I was hired by the owner who kept looking at my boobs through the whole interview. He was CLEARLY going through a midlife crisis with his ponytail, hightop sneakers, and hawaiian shorts. I loved this job in the beginning, but it QUICKLY became yucky. I kept leaving the lid off the feeder rats...
I graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Office Technology specializing in Medical. My internship was at an Otolaryngologist's office as a file clerk. They hired me at the end of that. I got pregnant with Manga Dork and decided to leave to be a sahm.
When Manga Dork was one I decided to become an "independent contractor" with Home Interiors and Gifts. I did this for 5 years. I won Junior Queen of Sales for my first year. I won 2 trips to Myrtle Beach and several small prizes. I loved the sense of accomplishment I got from this. I loved going in the different homes and helping ladies decorate. I had a passion for the product also. Conventions were a blast! I traveled to Dallas, TX and Nashville, TN. I left this because it was hard to keep building new business with all our moving!

What was your first job? I would love to hear your job history!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Curious About Cameras

I really don't think it is a secret that I want a new camera for my birthday or Christmas. There sure have been enough hints on my blog AND I told the girls at Dr. Hubby's office to tell him to get me a new camera if he asked for suggestions from them...heehee. We even looked at the camera section at Walmart on date nite. This is where the confusion began.

I have always thought a Nikon was THE camera to get. I am not sure now even what number I want or need...40,60,80,90? That is when I noticed this...
It looked like the Nikon, but it was a canon and it was $300 more than the Nikon....hmmmm. Then I read a blog today about how great the rebel is.

So bloggy friends I need your help...

What type of camera do you own? What type of camera do you dream of? What type of camera would you suggest for me?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleaning Your House While Your Children Are Still Growing...

...is like shoveling the walk while it is still snowing!

Crayon drawings on the living room window...
smudges all over the mirror...
Someone sneaked off with Manga Dork's pencil...
This looks like she was giving a lecture on fertilization...
Rainbow goldfish crushed on the carpet...

Quick! Someone give me that quote about missing the fingerprints and stickiness of little ones....I need to hear it...or a poem...a poem would be good...come on...help a momma out! LOL!
It's been a rough day.

Two More Awards! I Am So Honored...

Keli at Dream Imagine Live and Heidi at Adventure Girl gave me this very pretty award. I love that it looks scrappy! Thank you Keli! It means alot to me. Here are the rules...

Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you have posted your award. Share 6 values that are important to you. Share 6 things you do not support. Grant the prize to 6 people.

6 Things I Value...
1. Honesty
2. Modesty
3. Family
4. Faith
5. Friends
6. Tradition

6 Things I Do Not Value...
1. Drug abuse
2. Violence
3. Lying
4. Adultry
5. Abortion
6. Atheism

Now to pass it on to 6 (more since I got it twice I guess) of my bloggy buddies...
1. Creative Treasures
2. Clean Frugal Living
3. Crazyland
4. Frumpy
5. Lovin' Life
6. Mommablogsalot
7. Kitchen Ditcher
8. Manga Dork
9. Mother Goose
10. Melonscraps

This award was given to me by Working Mom...check out her photography...it is gorgeous!
I have to pass this on to 5 bloggy buddies...

1. Jan
2. Mechelle
3. Heidi (Adventure Girl)
4. Shaila
5. Pam

I tried my best to give them to people I didn't think had received them....so many awards going around...Enjoy ladies! I love ya!