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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Reading

Just picked up this book yesterday. I bought it for the beach, BUT I can't seem to keep it closed. LOVE it...a must have for an obsessed fan like me!

I finished Debbie Macomber's Hannah's List a couple days ago. It had me crying in chapter one and made me realize AGAIN why I love reading her stories. She is constantly praised for her ability to write womens' stories...this time she shows what she can do with a man's journey.

My summer reading program for my kids and their cousins is in full swing. My niece and nephew together have already read over 1,000 pages. They make their Aunt Scrappy very proud. Manga Dork better get her rear in gear if she wants to win any of the auction items at the end of the summer!

What are you reading?

Monday, June 28, 2010

You've Never Had It So Random {MIA Edition}

Boy I can't believe it has been 10 days since my last post! I think that may be a record for me...lol. Here's a little of what I have been up to lately...

The kiddos have been enjoying summer! We bought a new slip and slide!

Wild Child has been driving me nuts with her mosquito bites. She keeps digging them into the blood...scratching off the scab...she's a bloody polka dotted mess. I threatened her with a trip to the ER with shots involved and she is finally letting them heal.

Dr. Hubby bought a new toy. A 1974 MG Midget. Riding in it is FUN, but it makes me feel FAT! lol

I made Julie's CHERRY PIE SALAD twice. Once for home and then again for Dr. Hubby's family reunion. YUM! Get the recipe HERE and prepare to fall in love with Julie and her blog.
Speaking of the reunion...we rode our 4wheelers to it and on the way back to my inlaws' home we got caught in a thunder storm. We were drenched...water drained from our clothes as we got off the 4wheelers...it was a blast!

Wild Child played her last tball game. We all wore matching team shirts to cheer her on this season!

After the game we ran into the WHS alumni parade. It kicks off alumni weekend in our little town. The 2 little ones ran around giggling and collecting candy thrown from the cars.
While getting new brakes on the Escalade I took the 3 girls to see TOY STORY 3. It was so good. Definitely take your kiddos to see it. I love hearing the little people giggles during a movie in the theater. The Disney Store has $5 plush TOY STORY 3 toys...we picked up Buttercup the Unicorn and Mr. Prickle Pants.
I visited my mom and dad for 4 days. I got to go shopping with my BFF Ruth and her sister. There are some great sales out there! Victoria Secret has Heavenly Flowers perfume at 75% off! The bottle I paid $48 for is now $12! I got me another one...
Hope all is well with you! I am off to read your blogs...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Have You Tried...

I don't think it is a secret that I love chinese food...and I love to go to PF Changs when we are near one. Well, the other day Manga Dork made an exciting discovery in the freezer section at Walmart...PFChangs Home Menu Meals for 2!
At $7.98 I hesitated. That is an awful lot of $$$ for frozen food for 2. I gave in when she pushed the sweet and sour chicken in front of my nose. YUM!
Well, 12 minutes on the stove and it smelled delicious. I made a package of Lipton Sides Teriyaki noodles to go with it. Trust the "for 2" part...not enough for even 2.5! lol
It was a great quick meal and I went to pfchangs.com to sign up for their mailings. I am hoping for a coupon or 3. Now I just need them to put out Honey chicken and their wontons...and of course all those sauces!...and the waiter to mix them all up for me {winkwink}.
Have you tried these?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Put The Lid On The Sandbox Or Lee DeWyze Will Poop In It!

Not this Lee DeWyze! Do you honestly think my sandbox is in jeopardy from the winner of this season's American Idol? But he is the namesake...

for my new furry love interest. I must admit something...{Dana please do not disown me}...I do not like cats. BUT this big ball of furry cuteness has stolen my heart. I even purchased him a blinged out collar.

His name has sparked many belly laughs and even a few laughing til you cried moments. Here are some of my faves....

Cutie said in her adorable little 4 year old voice, "Lee DeWyze bited me."

When we were still wondering if he was a Lee or a Leah I exclaimed, "Honey it IS Lee DeWyze! He has balls!"

"Lee DeWyze! Get out of my house!"

Me warning the children, "You better put the lid on the sandbox or Lee DeWyze will poop in it!"

Manga Dork said, "Lee DeWyze just attacked me and jumped on my head."

And being the wonderfully weird furbaby that he is...

"Lee DeWyze is on our roof again!" He loves to lay on the roof of our porch. If you ask Annie Louise she will deny any part in helping him discover this lounging place after chasing him into the tree.
So you see the benefits of winning Idol just keep on coming...new car...money...recording contract...fame...PET NAME! I think we should totally rename every animal on the farm a celeb name! Cause I so want to say...
"I just watched PARIS HILTON give birth in our barn!"
and for all the wonderfully obsessed Housewives fans...
"We just took Danielle Staub to the slaughter house." Oh that was mean...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Handmade Tokens of Love

My mom came to visit last week. She surprised me with this adorable throw...

I had picked out the fabric and pattern a couple years ago during a trip to Amish Country. My Mary Engelbreit addiction is accompanied by a love of Scottish Terriers. I was so amazed with the gorgeous hand stitching.


She brought in this framed beauty! I remembered her purchasing the Mary Engelbreit pattern book, but I was not sure she would get around to making anything. It is machine pieced and appliqued and hand quilted. I cried...

What a lucky daughter I am!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mother of a High Schooler! That's Not Possible!

Manga Dork's answers to your questions are at the end of all these pics!

On Tuesday Manga Dork graduated from junior high. She got to walk in with her crush, Tyler.

I was so proud when they called her name. She recieved Honors.

Wild Child stood in the aisle dancing and clapping. She was proud of her big sis too.

The 2 littles surprised Manga Dork with bouquets of brightly colored crazy daisies.

She made me take this pic of her and her crush. We all agreed he is a cutie.

Manga Dork with FIL and MIL. They gave her a tshirt that says, "I fall in love at least twice every day" and a necklace with her birthstone.

Manga Dork and my mom. My parents and grandparents gave her the gift that always fits...CASH!

See that Stop sign behind Manga Dork's head...that is a subliminal message for her to STOP growing up...NOW! We gave her a Boyd's Bear with a MCHS tshirt on and more CASH! I will be taking her to the bank to open her first account soon.
Wait to you see what my mom made for me...I cried.
Tauna asked, "Is your mom the best riot ever?"
Well i like to make her think she is but truely she gets all her material from me lol
M-Cat asked, "Do you know how lucky you are?"
Michelle asked, "What are your summer plans?"
Um camping volleyball and friends

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wild Child Answers

Creative Mish asked, "What is your favorite movie to watch?"

Marmaduke. {You definitely should take your kiddos}

What is your favorite game to play?


And because she must do exactly what Cutie does she is going to answer Cutie's questions too.

What is your favorite treat to eat?


What is your favorite pet?

Guinea pigs

Monday, June 7, 2010

Brought To You By The Letter "Z"

Thank you for the great questions...this was loads of F.U.N.!

Gigi asked "What state do you live in?"

Gigi, I can not disclose the state I live in. My Dr. Hubby has severe WWW phobia and when I started blogging I promised not to disclose our names or location. Unfortunately through photos I have given away most of our names...except Dr. Hubby's.

Sue asked, "Does your hubby read your blog?"

Dr. Hubby does read my blog, but mostly when he thinks I am upset with him. He knows I am an open book kind of gal and can safely figure out how I am feeling from my post that day. Also if he has not been home alot he will check out my blog to see what has been going on. He loves to see pics of the kids and the funny things they do.

Dana asked, "Does your MIL ever read your blog and does it cause family tensions?"

No, she does not have a computer.

M-Cat asked, "If you could change one thing about your life right now what would it be?"

It would definitely be my weight. I am unhealthy AND a bad role model for my kiddos. It tears my heart out.

Ocean Dreams asked, "Would you ever consider an etsy shop for your creations?"

Maybe. I have thought about doing some cards.

Ocean Dreams asked, "What were you doing when you were 20 years old?"

I turned 20 in November 1994...I worked at Petland...I got pregnant with Manga Dork in January...got hired as a file clerk at an Otolaryngology office...graduated with an associate degree in Office technology specializing in medical and vacationed in FL in May...quit my job in June...gave birth to Manga Dork in September...and for my 21st bday I was given my first and only SURPRISE party.

Pam asked, "How long have you lived in your current state?"

We moved to the farm in December of 2005...so almost 5 years!

Creative Mish asked, "How are you liking Twitter after only a few days?"

I love love love it! It is feeding my celebrity obsession. I now obnoxiously talk about the celebs I follow like we are best friends. Just another fun way to annoy my family...heehee.

Creative Mish asked, "Do you have any family fun planned this summer? and Where is your next trip?"

I will be hosting our Farm Summer Reading Club for my kids and their cousins. We are going to be having "Sundaes on Mondays" on the farm. We will end the summer with our annual Back to School Fashion Show. Our next trip will be a family vacation in Oak Island, NC.

Corps of Discovery asked, "Why did you choose TOPS over other weight loss groups?"

After years of dieting I feel like an "expert" on knowing how to lose weight. I just need to put those things into action. I use the group for support, motivation, and accountability {weigh in}. TOPS is only $26 yearly and 50 cents dues per week {these may be different in other chapters}. This is alot more economical than Weight Watchers. I have belonged to Weight Watchers and I think they have a GREAT diet plan.

Corps of Discovery asked, "You write alot about your one room schoolhouse. Do you homeschool or is that your craft room."

We have a one room schoolhouse on our farm. When we bought the farm it was an apartment with a very hateful old woman renting it. She used to stand on her porch and yell, "You are all idiots!" at us. We evicted her and I turned the living room/kitchen area into my scraproom and the bedroom into a playroom. It also has a bathroom. You can see the outside HERE.

Tammy asked, "If you could say one thing to your MIL without any repurcussions, what would it be?"

I would say, "Stop lying. Stop trying to smooth things over between people by telling lies. None of us fall for it. We all know what you are doing." AND "You totally make a difference between your grandkids. Please stop insisting and proclaiming that you DO NOT! I wish we could be close, but every time I let my guard down I get hurt."

Tammy asked, "Where's one place you would like to travel?"

Egypt is my #1...I still have lots of dream vacations in mind though!

Leslie asked, "How do you deal with your inlaws without telling them to take a hike?"

I stay up "on the hill." They live at the bottom of my hill on our farm. I plan things with other people. I don't call them...they call me. I limit the information I give them about things that are going on with me. I don't plan any fun events for that side of the family. I guess I just had to "control" our relationship as much as possible.

Shanda asked, "What is the one thing that made you laugh like you have never laughed before?"

A certain person {with way too many degrees to say something like this} brought an "Xylophone" home and offered it as something Wild Child could take to preschool. I told him that he had already brought home an Xray and we didn't need it. He said, "Yes, but she is going to need someting for Z day! I nearly fell over laughing...I still crack up retelling it...and yes, I retell it every chance I get. I must say he can't be blamed too much. His hillbilly momma still "warshes" dishes in her "zink." Seriously.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend FUN!

On Friday we had our community yard sale. Thanks to some VERY bright sun I look like a lobster. Your Welcome...that's for not showing you a pic...lol.

On Saturday Cousin Kim and I took our 5 girls to eat at Cheddars and to the movies. They went to see Shrek in 3D and I took Wild Child and Cutie to see Marmaduke since we had already seen Shrek.

Marmaduke is SO cute...especially if your kids are as dog and cat crazy as my 2 littles. Owen Wilson is perfect for the voice of big loveable Marmaduke.

We hit a few stores. The kids played Rock Band while we shopped at Old Navy...so cute. I bought the Eclipse novella "The Short Second Life of Bree Turner." Can't wait to get started on it!
Hope you are having a great weekend too. Today I am taking Manga Dork and Cousin Kayla out on the town...
btw...the answers to your questions are coming soon! There is still time to go back and ask one in the comments on that post!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Got a question you would like to ask? Now's the time to ask it!

This time around....ask a ??? to any of us...Me, Dr. Hubby, Manga Dork, Cutie Patootie, or Wild Child!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!

I cleaned all day and then we celebrated Dr. Hubby's 35th with dinner, cake, and presents! I gave him a coffee maker with the promise of fresh coffee every morning. Wild Child gave him 2 stainless steel coffee cups. Cutie gave him 2 kinds of coffee. Manga Dork gave him a copy of his fave magazine "Diesel World."

For our dinner I made Tangy Oven Barbecued Chicken {a Pampered Chef recipe}. This was very yummy and I am looking forward to the leftovers for lunch today! Dr. Hubby chose rice, mashed potatoes, and mixed greens for the sides.
Tangy Oven Barbecued Chicken
1 3-3.5 pound broiler-fryer chicken, cut up {I used 3 lbs of skinless boneless breasts}
1 cup barbecue sauce {I used KC Masterpiece original}
1/4 cup peach or apricot preserves {I used Smuckers peach}
1 tsp. dried thyme leaves
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place chicken in pan.
Combine remaining ingredients and spoon over chicken.
Bake 1 hour or until chicken is no longer pink in the center.