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Friday, February 12, 2010

NOT a Happy Camper

I was at my niece's birthday party last Friday and she opened a gift that was such a neat idea...a electric adding machine and yard sale labels...my niece loves the big yard sale and wants to give "receipts" and price her stuff. I say, "Neat! Who got you that?" My MIL immediately says, "That is from me and FIL, we still have to get Cutie her gift." {add nervous laughing here} Yep, that is right...she told me they could not afford to buy Cutie anything when it was her party {less than one week before niece's party}. AND later I was reading the card on a dozen gorgeous red roses with a balloon attached to them that had been delivered to niece's school...guess who's names were on the card?! From Daddy, Mommy, AND FIL and MIL!!!

I was talking to MIL on Tuesday and mentioned that the little ones needed a change of scenery. She said she would get them the next day after a dr. appt. for FIL. Well, she STILL has not let them come visit.

Last night she dropped something off at our home and whispered and sneaked away so they would not hear her...SHE HAS NOT SEEN THEM FOR A WHOLE WEEK!

She then called 5-6 times begging for Manga Dork to come spend the night...ummm...I don't think so.

AND the cherry on top. Dr. Hubby invited Manga Dork to join us for date night tonight. Boy does that make me feel special. His explanation, "But it's for Valentine's Day." Ummm...that is supposed to be MY argument.

Anyone peed in your cheerios lately? Go ahead...vent...I won't tell!


Kristina P. said...

Man, that's really crappy.

Multiple personalities.. said...

Girl, where do I even begin! I can't believe how unfair and well, IGNORANT the ILs are being! And Dr. Hubby needs a serious reminder that V-Day is more of a couple's holiday. Kids get enough stuff for almost every other damn holiday, couples need one just for ourselves! Sheesh! Hang in there.

Marchelle said...

thanks for your comment the other day on my "last post"! i'll still pop in from time to time! and i can see that everything is status quo around the farm! ;-)
i'm sorry... that stinks! and hey, i love my kids, but HELLO?!?! you are with them all the time, V-Day is for YOU and DR. HUBBY!!! NO KIDS ALLOWED on the V-Day Dinner!!!!!!! =/
sorry manga dork, its nothing personal sweetie, but its mom & dad time!

The Garden of Egan said...

I think your urine soaked cheerios need some changing.
Tell Dr. Hubby, you're getting a sitter and he's gonna be ALONE with you and gonna wine you and dine you and then..........

As for the inlaws.....plain rude. No question.
Weird too.

laterg8r said...

In laws - they suck!!! have they never heard of credit???? they can't miss any grandchild's birthday!!!!

Pam said...

I can't believe that! Your inlaws sound so *wonderful.* (serious sarcasm going there)

Cherie said...

Sometimes I just don't get that generation? What is wrong with your MIL - she is a very insensitive person. So sorry!

As for your husband I can see he was probably trying to do something nice for both of you but I agree - it IS Valentines Day weekend!
Hope it gets better - Smile :D

mother goose said...

oh gosh, i have icky icky feelings now! grrrrrrrrrrr........ let it go let it go let it go.
Hubby should have taken you out seperately and his daughter our the next DAY not night,
unless, of course, you don't mind. But valentine's day is set apart for lovers, your true love.
Hubz and I don't celebrate Vtines like that. We do more for special things for the children. It's not a holiday I'm particularly crucial about celebrating for us, I' mean our anniversary is but as far as valentines, I let it go and go all out for the kids. I think its how the two of you have established how you will celebrate.

M-Cat said...

Sucks, sucks, sucks.

In-laws are too much work.

Hope the weekend gets better!

tammy said...

I wish I could vent about my in-laws on my blog, but thanks to the hubs telling them I have one, I can't.

I can't tell you how many times my MIL has said she wants to take the boys to do something, and then doesn't. That or plans something with them without asking me if it's okay first. Drives me bonkers!!

Unknown Mami said...

Dr. Hubby's explanation makes no sense.

Vanessa said...

In laws are fun.

I hope it gets better :(