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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Feelin' The Holiday Spirit!

Here's a sneak peek of the Christmas cards I am almost done creating. The green prefolded cards are by Darice...the red cardstock is Archivers...the sentiment is Stampin' Up...the snowflake is Stampin' Up Cardstock-Stickles glitter-Sizzix die cut...photo is one I took of Cutie last Christmas while playing with the features on my new Nikon.

Last night we went to our town's Christmas festival. We loved the parade. Wild Child collected lots of candy!

Cutie was in a "mood" and spent the whole parade like this...

I wished we had come into town earlier for the carriage rides...just like in New Orleans...only way COLDER!

We saw the lighting of the town Christmas tree. McD's gave us free hot chocolate and KFC gave us a free warm apple turnover. We bought a family bucket meal and headed home for the warm!
Today we are getting our first LIVE tree!
Hope everyone is having lots of holiday F.U.N.!
Does your town have a Christmas Festival?


Becky said...

Last night was our towns horsedrawn parade but sadly we didn't dare go to it. The crowds are horrendous and it was SO cold! You guys were brave!

Dana and Daisy said...

that is a GIANT tree! And your card is so adorable!
Out town has a lights on ceremony on Main street, the week before Thanksgiving (way too early for me). And the crowds are elbow to elbow.

Kaci said...

Ooooooo I like the Chirstmas Tree cursor!! :)

Yes ours is tonight...hope it's not toooooo cold. :)

Kristina P. said...

I love that card!

ramsam said...

What a cute card- I love it!

Our city has an electric parade (small town style, mind you) that always ends with Santa. It was cold, but it is always fun!

...Seyma... said...

no unfortunately :(

great pics by the way!!

love your girl :)


Pam said...

OUr town has a festival. It was yesterday and our parage was last night. It was freezing!

tammy said...

How fun. Our town does have a parade and festival, but unfortunately we had to miss it because I was hosting bunko an my house that night. I was kind of irritated they didn't check with me first. Everyone knows that life revolves around bunko with the girls.

DesertHen said...

Love the Christmas card!

Your evening out sounded fun, but cold!

Our town has a Parade of Lights next weekend and a ChoirFest on Friday night and again Saturday before the parade. Countrychick will actually be singing in the ChoirFest this year and also riding in the Parade on the 4-H Float.

Cynthia said...

LOVE the cards! You're going to finish and be so proud of all your hard work.

Looks like the festival was tons of fun. We don't have anything like that in these parts- and I live in a Metro area so you'd think we would.

OceanDreams said...

No Christmas festival here but it looks like you had a nice time! Let me say that your card is darling and your little one's eyes are beautiful and sparkling. You must show us more! :)

Unknown Mami said...

The card looks great!

Sounds like you had fun. I still need to go get a tree.

Jingle said...

The town we used to live in does a little parade (it's a tiny town) and has a big 'ole thing with hot chocolate and stuff. We usually go, but it was freezing and snowing and so we stayed home this year! LOL! I love your card!

kado! said...

i LOVE the sparkle in her eye on the cards!!! love it!