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Friday, December 18, 2009

You've Never Had It So Random (Christmas Edition)

I am loving all the Christmas movies. So far I have seen Once Upon A Christmas, Twice Upon A Christmas, Mr. St. Nick, Our First Christmas, Mrs. Miracle, Christmas Vacation, The Perfect Holiday, Holly and Hal...now that our Directv is fixed I set up bunches to record...Dr. hubby is going to be SO excited...NOT!

I put extra effort into my wrapping this year. I put bows and dangly snowflakes and pretty tags. I haven't done that since before Wild Child's first Christmas. She wouldn't leave them alone...so all our presents had the names written on the wrapping paper with zero embellishments.

Wild Child just came to me and told me to pretend I had a walkie talkie and then she went into the next room and pretended to be talking to me...I am glad Santa is bringing cute ones that look like cell phones.

Dr. Hubby put a present under the tree for me and it is KILLING me!

We are going to attempt to see the Festival of Lights tomorrow night...I hope it doesn't rain again...I want to mark another item off my list!

We are off to do more shopping this afternoon AND I get to see NEW MOON! WooHoo!

So are you stressing with Christmas only one week away?


Kristina P. said...

I love to wrap things really pretty and put fun embellishments on them.

Shanda said...

I Scrap, I'm not really stressing about much, I AM however procrastinating about making the candles. It's just so messy. Maybe I'll get it done today after I mail presents at the post office. We have 4 Christmases to watch tonight. It's been here for a week, but hubby was TDY (temperary orders) to Texas al week and I wanted to wait to watch it with him. He flew in late last night so look out tonight. Christmas TV festival here.
He is not excited about it either. I ask Santa for a guitar this year, I've always wanted to learn so we'll see if I have been good or not. I think he's just happy that I finally told him something. He isn't the best gift picker outer sometimes. He4 needs alittle boost from mmwh!
Have a good weekend,

laterg8r said...

not stressing, just chillin here!

so glad you get to see new moon!

my girls are getting walkie talkies too but theirs are elmo and cookie monster LOL!

i just heard my eldest say, "better not do that, mommy will pop her head off!!! LOL" - gotta go see what they're up to!

Dana and Daisy said...

nope! not stressing! it'll come whether I'm ready or not!

That Wild Child is a clever girl!

Rebecca said...

What a fun blog! I started to get into your sidebar and loved that 35 things to do while I'm 35. (Unfortunately, I'm turning 61 on Christmas Day.) I always list that many reasons I'm thankful each birthday - but if I start now, I'll be I could come up with 61 things to do while I'm 61! Thanks for the idea!

Unknown Mami said...

Have fun at the movie!

tammy said...

Not stressing. I was feeling a little guilty about not doing cards this year, but I got over it. That would've stressed me out. I'll just have to plan them farther in advance next year.

I think you should sneak a peak at the present Dr. Hubby got you. My sister used to peak at everything. She'd even unwrap presents while her hubs was at work and wrap them back up again.

Leslie said...

What? Christmas is only one week away? Crap!

Creative Mish said...

surprisingly I'm not stressed at all this year. I'm done shopping. I only had a couple of things left and I purchased them yesterday. Tonight is my Family Christmas party.. At my house! Its going to be a blast!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Stressing? Hmm, yes and no...yes because I still have to wrap the gifts..and no because I decided I don't give a horse's patoot anymore if people think gift cards are impersonal. They're getting 'em, and they're gonna like 'em dangit!

Love your random posts!

DesertHen said...

I just started my shopping this weekend...talk about waiting till the last minute!! I have been so busy with work that I put all of the holiday stuff on the back burner. Today I'm baking, making fudge and wrapping packages to get in the mail. I will be so glad when it is all done! When I was a stay at home mom, everything was done on time and with tons of love and joy...now I just feel rushed! Oh well, that's what I get for going back to work and liking it...lol

M-Cat said...

No stressing here since I really have a whole 'nother week.