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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now This Is Not Good

Yesterday Cutie Patootie got mad and pulled on the USB cord attaching my Nikon to the computer...the camera fell onto the floor kinda hard...I picked it up.

This morning I tried to take a pic...and when I went to focus it...it made wheezing sounds!

I think I am going to vomit.

Monday, December 28, 2009

She Said What?!

My sweet grandmother's mind has started to get confused. She said a few "entertaining" things this weekend...

{While talking to BIL's grandmother}
My grandma: Scrappy Girl adopted those 2 little ones. They had Manga Dork.
(turns to Manga Dork) Dr. Hubby is your daddy isn't he?

My grandma: Dr. Hubby is a doctor.
His grandma: What kind of doctor is he?
My grandma: All sorts I guess.
Manga Dork: He's a family practice doctor.
My grandma: I thought he was a real doctor!

She introduced Manga Dork as the one my parents' adopted...we think she thought Manga Dork was me!

This last one cracked me up!

{talking to Lil Sis and Manga Dork at their 70th anniversary party}
My grandma: Manga Dork, you and Lil Sis are so tall. I don't guess Scrappy Girl will ever grow anymore...but she seems to enjoy life anyway. She's always so friendly.

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

On the Tuesday before Christmas the stomach flu gave to me...one puking/pooping teenager.

On the Wednesday before Christmas the stomach flu gave to me...one puking/pooping Cutie Patootie...and a nauseated teenager.

On Christmas Eve the stomach flu gave to me...one puking/pooping ME!...one puking/poopimg Wild Child...one puny Cutie...and a teenager afraid Christmas is ruined! Oh yeah...and a party that went on in my home despite the fact that I had to run and puke after exerting myself (I opened my present).

I hope we didn't make Santa sick! And I am here to say that I could not have made it without my MIL...she helped with Wild Child til 2AM and I was knocked out by phenergan.

On Christmas Day the stomach flu gave to me...a completely puny FAMILY! We opened presents at our home and then went for "dinner" (none of us could eat much) at FIL/MIL's home. Then I miraculously summoned the energy and motivation to pack all our clothes and the presents for my family and drive 4 hours to my parents' home!
Lil Sis and BIL were there! My parents liked the Wii we got them...I hope Mom can get Dad to play!

My "furniece," Morgan the Jack Russell Terrier, loved helping my Papa open his presents. She opened her pile too. When a dog gets a pile of presents it is definitely time for the couple to start working on children...lol!hinthint

We visited BFF Ruth and her sister, Marilyn. Oh yeah...the stomach flu hit my MIL and she was puking/pooping!

On Saturday we had dinner at my parents' home and then we got all dressed up...

to attend my grandparents' 70th anniversary reception. They loved all the attention and getting to see what is left of their siblings.
I loved the old photos...my dad is the boy at the top of the photo!

Our family...it should be illegal for Lil Sis to wear heels...she makes us all look like midgets.
On Sunday we all tearfully parted and went in our different directions.

On the way home we visited Dr. hubby's papa and then dropped Manga Dork off to spend 3 days with her cousins.
We came home exhausted, but full of love for our family. We feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to visit and enjoy the holiday with some very special people. The holidays are a reminder of those we have lost and the ache we feel when we remember the good times only makes us hold on tighter to those who are still with us.
Now who wants to come over and clean up this mess?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just Emptying My Brain

My thoughts...

I am ready...Christmas can come now.

Manga Dork puked for 2 hours last night...I hope we don't all get it.

My grandparents celebrated 70 years together yesterday.

Dr. Hubby put 3 large gifts under the tree for me.

Do something special to honor Jesus this holiday.

I can't wait to see Lil Sis.

I will not be blogging til Monday!

I sincerely hope each of you have the best holiday ever! You have no idea how much your bloggy friendships mean to me. I {heart} you!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Oglebay Festival of Lights!

Last night we piled the kids into the Escalade and headed for the Festival of Lights! I was excited to see them and to be marking the second item off my list of 35 Things I Want To Do While I Am 35!

We turned on the holiday music as we drove through...

I think I was even more excited than the kids. Cutie kept saying she wanted to go to Walmart...lol.

The American flag was gorgeous...my 2nd favorite display. Dr. Hubby loved the line of trees wrapped in only blue lights...we called it the "blue forrest."

This display is over 60 feet tall and sit on a hillside...it is gorgeous...and my favorite. The snowflake tunnel was a little disappointing since it was very short and I was expecting longer and brighter.
It was a great time. It was so cold that we did not do the Zoo lights or the Gardens, but it is always good to save something for next year!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Because of all of this...
We let the kids do this to one present...why?
The 2 little ones' snowsuits and boots were in them! Manga Dork opened her New Moon calendar.

Dr. Hubby braved the cold and snow to push the children down the hill...

They had a blast!

Every kid loves a snow day!

Friday, December 18, 2009

You've Never Had It So Random (Christmas Edition)

I am loving all the Christmas movies. So far I have seen Once Upon A Christmas, Twice Upon A Christmas, Mr. St. Nick, Our First Christmas, Mrs. Miracle, Christmas Vacation, The Perfect Holiday, Holly and Hal...now that our Directv is fixed I set up bunches to record...Dr. hubby is going to be SO excited...NOT!

I put extra effort into my wrapping this year. I put bows and dangly snowflakes and pretty tags. I haven't done that since before Wild Child's first Christmas. She wouldn't leave them alone...so all our presents had the names written on the wrapping paper with zero embellishments.

Wild Child just came to me and told me to pretend I had a walkie talkie and then she went into the next room and pretended to be talking to me...I am glad Santa is bringing cute ones that look like cell phones.

Dr. Hubby put a present under the tree for me and it is KILLING me!

We are going to attempt to see the Festival of Lights tomorrow night...I hope it doesn't rain again...I want to mark another item off my list!

We are off to do more shopping this afternoon AND I get to see NEW MOON! WooHoo!

So are you stressing with Christmas only one week away?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Actually Gonna Happen...

Tomorrow evening I have a babysitter and Dr. Hubby, Manga Dork, and I are going to FINALLY go see New Moon. I had almost given up hope. I can't wait to get out my tshirt and Esme prop replica bracelet! Wish Lil Sis was here...

Have you seen the movie?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Is What Happens When Children Don't Listen To Their Super Smart Mom

One teen who doesn't listen to her mom when she says "Please put your razor in the cabinet so the babies don't get it." + Two rotten preschoolers who decide to knock all of Manga Dork's stuff into the tub (which unfortunately included the razor) to make SUPER BUBBLES after she told them not to bother the stuff = One Wild Child screaming and dripping blood in the tub. She said, "I got bit by a razor!"

This scared me to death...but she is ok. It quit bleeding with pressure and I bandaged it up for her. It has been a rough 2 days. I miss preschool. I am glad to be getting out of the house today. We are going to Cutie's speech therapy (TJMAXX).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making A List...

I have been asked for ideas to get me for Christmas...this is so HARD...I like so many things, but can never come up with things when people ask me. After lots of looking online and in real life here are a few of my favorite things...

This is a fabulous fruity floral perfume! It is one of the few items at Victoria's Secret they have in my size! lol
How could a girl resist this little love spider?! This would be adorable to wear for Valentine's Day! Betsey Johnson knows how to do "cute."

My subscription ran out and I am having withdrawl...btw...who knew the next douschebag would be TIGER WOODS...I couldn't have called that one!

Little Yellow Bicycle has a very cute Christmas scrap line...I love the journal tablet!

I want to have a New Year's Eve party...my idea wheel is already turning. I think this game would be lots of FUN! I thought it was funny that they had a Jewish Edition...it is even $5 cheaper...my guess is they took out all the cards that weren't "kosher."

I still haven't seen New Moon...crossing my fingers for this weekend. I blame this show for my lack of New Moon enthusiasm. Team Damon...oh yeah! I am sure their sizes wouldn't fit...but I would love this tshirt from Hot Topic. I guess I could get it for Manga Dork and just look at her wearing it...hmmm...heehee.

At Walmart they have these Mainstays bookshelves...I want 2 of them...they are only $29 and the reviews on them are pretty good....especially for that price! I can already see my scrappy goodies in them at the schoolhouse! Ahhhhh...

So there it is...a few of the little things my heart desires this Christmas.
What would tickle you pink if you found it under your tree?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Please PETA...Don't Hurt Us!

Saturday we FINALLY made it to the Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree!

The little ones loved running around the baby trees...and one child (rhymes with Mild Filed) tried to pull one up out of the ground!

We decided to go with a fir tree...I was not sure I was comfortable with REAL fir...maybe we should go buy a FAUX fir...hahahaha...bet you were wondering how PETA came into our Christmas tree experience!
They trimmed him to 7.5 feet...Dr. Hubby wanted to leave it at 8.5 feet...not a great idea with 8 feet ceilings...duh!
The grandkids of the owners were great helpers and the 2 little ones joined in. They pulled the rope on the machine that put netting all around our tree for the trip home.

It was very very cold...
Hot chocolate warmed us up!
We dropped by Dominos and picked up pizza and went home to watch Merry Madagascar while eating on Merry Madagascar paper plates {it's all about the details}...such a FUN movie!

Then we decorated the tree!

Last year Cutie refused to help...this year she put on her boots and got right to work!

Ok...it's official...I now have the holiday spirit that makes me REALLY annoying to those around me who have not caught it yet...I am singing carols in the car, house, shower, etc...I am wanting to put on a Santa hat and hideous sweater...I want to watch a Christmas movie EVERY night til the big day...
Happy Early Birthday Jesus! I love how on your birthday you give us such feelings of joy and happiness and love and family...
Happy Monday!
Have you caught the spirit yet?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Tooth Fairy...Over Here!

Last night while we were trimming the tree Wild Child got put in "time out"...I was sitting beside her and all of a sudden she said, "I did it...I pulled my tooth out hard!" We knew it was loose and the dentist had warned us that she was going to start losing teeth early (she will be 5 in March)...but I am not ready for her to grow up. She is my baby...babies don't LOSE teeth...

She put it under her pillow and said, "Now the tooth fairy will bring me a 5 dollar."

The tooth fairy did not disappoint. Wild Child said, "Now I need to pull my tooth EVERY night."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cutie On Stage

Tuesday brought Cutie's turn at Grandparent's Day. We were SO glad she got on stage and performed. She is ALOT more shy than Wild Child. She is in the hot pink tutu.

This time we also have pictures of GRANDPARENTS!

My mom left today...I tried to convince her that it was grandparents week and that she should stay...LOL! While she was here she ironed an entire week's worth of clothes for Dr. Hubby...she is my new HERO!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Today was Grandparent's Day for Wild Child at preschool. My mom arrived last night for the FUN! My MIL and FIL also attended. First the kids sang songs...Wild Child loves to put on a "performance." I could tell from the photos my mom took that she REALLY put her ALL into it. She's in the pink and black tutu if ya didn't already figure it out.
Then the kids received their tshirts for participating in the Cancer Walk in October. Wild Child refuses to take hers off! She is so proud...she said "I winned it!"
This is Landen, her main man. She fell in love last year and has had eyes for no one else...lol. Can you tell she has been taking posing lessons from her teen sister?!

They all made ornaments for the tree with their pictures on them. They also made Santas with their hands as beards. The theme for preschool this year is hands.
Mom returned with zero pictures of any of the grandparents. Hopefully she will do better tomorrow when they go for Cutie's Grandparents Day.
Do your kids have grandparents day at school?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Feelin' The Holiday Spirit!

Here's a sneak peek of the Christmas cards I am almost done creating. The green prefolded cards are by Darice...the red cardstock is Archivers...the sentiment is Stampin' Up...the snowflake is Stampin' Up Cardstock-Stickles glitter-Sizzix die cut...photo is one I took of Cutie last Christmas while playing with the features on my new Nikon.

Last night we went to our town's Christmas festival. We loved the parade. Wild Child collected lots of candy!

Cutie was in a "mood" and spent the whole parade like this...

I wished we had come into town earlier for the carriage rides...just like in New Orleans...only way COLDER!

We saw the lighting of the town Christmas tree. McD's gave us free hot chocolate and KFC gave us a free warm apple turnover. We bought a family bucket meal and headed home for the warm!
Today we are getting our first LIVE tree!
Hope everyone is having lots of holiday F.U.N.!
Does your town have a Christmas Festival?