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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's A Wrap!

I love wrapping gifts! Yesterday I spent the day wrapping all the gifts I have purchased so far. Dr. Hubby and I are going to finish our shopping Friday night...ooh a date night with my honey! Here are some of the packaging goodies I am using this season...

Gifts for the girls' bus driver and Wild Child's teacher. Meeeoooowwwyy Christmas!

The theme for preschool this year is gingerbread men. This bag was perfect for Cutie's teacher. All the above bags were purchased at The Dollar Tree {$1} and the scalloped tissue paper is from TJMaxx {$2.99 for 24/sheets}.

I couldn't resist this paper from Target {$2.50}. I hope Dr. Hubby doesn't mind his presents with owls all over them. I am guessing by the time he opens them he will be so distracted by the awesomeness of the gifts that he will forget all the owliciousness.

Cutie chose Tinkerbell paper {Walmart $2.50} for her gifts. The purple is fantastic under the tree.

Wild Child chose Little Pet Shops {Walmart $2.50}.

When we saw the cell phones and ipods on this paper we knew Manga Dork would pick it. It was one of four papers in a pack {Walmart $5}.

I wrap the presents for each side of our family in the same paper so it is easy to pull them out from under the tree for all the different celebrations. This is the paper I chose for Dr. Hubby's side of the family {Walmart}.

I fell in love with this fun vintage-y paper at Home Goods {$2.99}. All wrapping paper is not created equal. This paper is so thick and fabulous! I am using it for my side of the family. It looks so cute mixed under the tree with the red/white naughty/nice paper I chose for my inlaws.

When I saw this dog-gone cute bag at TJMaxx {$1.69} I couldn't resist picking it up for Lil Sis's gift. It goes right along with the vintage wrap above.
Happy Wednesday!
Do you have any favorite ways to wrap gifts?
Where do you get your paper?
Do you coordinate?


Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Hi SG. Love all your wrapping paper...you're right, we do have the same Naughty and Nice wrapping paper...don't you love it. I usually buy my paper from Hobby Lobby, but when I saw this I knew that it was what I wanted this year. Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comments. Come back soon.

Kristina P. said...

I love wrapping gifts too! These are great.

DesertHen said...

Love your choices! I need to get off my duff and get some shopping done so I have something to wrap...lol.

Julie Harward said...

I love wrapping too! It's just so much fun! Thinking about that person and hoping they will love the gift. As we raised our 8 kids, we couldn't hide any of it in the house, too many nosie noses! So, we put it all at my husbands office and then on Christmas eve, after all the traditional things and kids off to bed, we'd go to the office and wrap like crazy, haul it all home, sneaking it in quietly and around the tree it looked like Santa had truly dumped his sleigh! ;D

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I love all your variety of papers! Looks most festive. Wrapping is really one of my least favorite chores! LOL! When I was young and still at home, I would barter chores with my mom to get her to wrap for me (she LIKES to wrap!). Now, there's no one near enough to trade services with and I have a stack waiting! Merry, Merry!!

PS thanks for stopping by and I'm sure if they still have "blueberry buckle", it would be wonderful!! ;)

tammy said...

Ooh...I love the owls and the vintage!

I have to coordinate my paper under the tree. This year it's apple green, red, and white in pretty patterns from Hobby Lobby with cute glittered tags my sister made for me. Then the boys' gifts that Santa is bringing is Santa Elves and toy shop themed from Target. I get them each separate too.

There is a huge difference in quality! I like the thick paper that has the lines showing how to cut straight.

M-Cat said...

I love that you coordinate! I am not so good that way. I have rolls and rolls of paper stashed in a box downstairs. I just sent Splenda in after it last night so I guess I should take a look and see what I have!

Creative Mish said...

Fun Paper! I'm finishing up my shopping tomorrow then I'll be wrapping!