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Friday, December 10, 2010

Things That Make Me Go...Hmmm.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday shopping with my mom in Charleston, WV. I toted my camera around the whole time and did not take a single photo! I know I know...shocking! We almost completed her shopping. She has just a couple more items to pick up on her own. I, however, need to get my rear in gear...I still have LOADS to do!

I drew a blank at first when Mom asked what I want for Christmas. Hmmmm...I don't know. After 2 days of looking, here are a few things I am now dreaming of...

How fun! I love Scrabble. I think my mom would like this too so I may buy her one too.

This would be so much fun! But it is quite the hard item to find!

Our family loves a good drawing game.

Another drawing game. Looks like a fun one! Cranium games are hard to beat!

A new laptop. I am currently using Manga Dork's she got for Christmas last year. Before that I was using Dr. Hubby's hand-me-down with it's nonworking button or two. I have never had my own. I want a big screen! I don't really care what brand or about the other details...lol.

I am dreaming of an iphone. Verizon is supposed to get them in early 2011. I dropped my ancient dinosaur flip phone in a cup of tea in my car {I miss my car}. I was phoneless for a month or so...until Manga Dork decided to let her grades drop and I now get to use hers!
I found an item at Macys that was beyond cute. It is a bracelet by Betsey Johnson called "Life's too short...capture every moment." It has the absolute cutest blingy camera charm dangling from it! Now I can't find it ANYWHERE on the internet. I should have bought myself an early Christmas gift!

Ooh I almost forgot! Have you smelled this perfume?! It is fantastic. It is a light floral candy kind of smell. I sprayed it on and it lasted all day long!
What do you want for Christmas?


Kristina P. said...

Can you believe I have never played Scrabble? I have no idea how that happened, because I really like word games.

That headband game looks awesome. I make the kids I work with do a labels headband game, sort of like on The Office.

tammy said...

I love family game night. My family needs to do that more often. I'm giving my brother and SIL 3 new games this year for Christmas.

I agree....you do need a laptop. I hope someone is paying attention to your list.

Luvpilot just got me the new Blackberry Torch for my b-day. I'm kind of in love with it even though I haven't figured out how to work it all.

DesertHen said...

I want a laptop to call my very own. Actually I could use one so I would be able to work on work related stuff at home since the other two computers are always being hogged by others in the house..lol. I would like a flatscreen tv and an overstuffed leather recliner too...a girl can dream...right. =)

I have always liked to play word games and these look like fun ones too.

Creative Mish said...

We have the pictionary man. Its fun.. We play it out in the backyard in a big circle when we have bbq's. Boys against girls!

Garden of Egan said...

The headband game sounds like a ton of fun.
Laptop..........ya you need one. I LOVE mine.

Julie Harward said...

A good list! I can't think of anything and my hub says he's already got mine....hum! My dog found my phone and tried to text me...there are bite marks all over it and it doesn't work! ;/

M-Cat said...

We are def in the market for new games and these look fun!

I wonder if I can find the Headbandz