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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last of It

After eating lunch with BIL & SIL we traveled to my parents' home. I was so excited to see everyone.

I was excited for my furry niece, Morgan, to meet Toby. Morgan loves to help everyone open their presents.

Toby loved meeting everyone. Morgan, was not real thrilled to have another furbaby stealing the attention, but they got along ok. When given more time I think they will be good friends. My dad is still partial to Morgan though. When I told him he needed to pay attention to Toby he said, "I don't know which end to pet." Haha.

This year Cutie was the most excited about opening presents. She was a wild woman ripping at the paper as quickly as she could. Lil Sis and BIL got her a koala from Australia. Gumpaw and RubyNan gave her a van for her dollhouse, dryerase crayons, a sticker book, Barbie Mermaidia DVD, a Gymboree outfit, pajamas, headphones for her new ipod, and a Tinkerbell guitar.

Wild Child was delighted when she opened the Touch and Brush. Her and Cutie have been beggin for it everytime they see the commercial. She also got a koala from Lil Sis and BIL. From her grandparents she received Despicable Me, a Gymboree outfit, pajamas, dry erase crayons, a sticker book, headphones, and a iCarly guitar.

Manga Dork opened a pillow pet, an Aero hoodie, an Aero tshirt, a sweater and long sleeve shirt, and the InStyler from her grandparents. BIL and SIL gave her a sweatshirt and candy from Australia.

We gave BIL an XBOX game, Call of Duty Black Ops.

Lil Sis loves the Rudolph movie so I couldn't resist picking up Clarice and 3 of the misfit toys for her at Build A Bear. My parents gave her Rudolph.

We gave my dad a pair of work boots. Apparently he REALLY liked them even though he has to exchange them for another size. He is such a goofball.

He loves to make everyone laugh. Lil Sis and BIL picked up a hat for Dr. Hubby in Australia, and before we got there my dad traded it out for an old one he had found in one of his junk cars {he owns a towing business and a huge junkyard}. He thought it was hilarious when Dr. Hubby was thinking that was the hat he was getting. Such a comedian!

My mom enjoys the belgian waffle maker at the hotels we stay at in Amish Country so we thought this would be a way for her to have the yumminess at home. She gave me Scrabble Flash and we gave her Scrabble Flash too.
Dr. Hubby got Polo cologne, a remote key finder, skeets, and Hot Hands from my parents. Lil Sis and BIL gave him a tshirt and pen from Australia.

We had loads of fun eating, playing games, laughing, eating, putting wigs on the poor dogs...

It went by way too fast! Oops! I almost forgot ME! My parents gave me 3 games, Poppy by Coach perfume, a lint shaver, decorative cherries, and a Mary Engelbreit calendar. From Lil Sis and BIL I got an aborigine painted vase for my schoolhouse, candy, and a small koala from Australia. A box marked "To My Sister From Your Sister" held The Betsey Johnson bracelet "Life Is Short...Capture Every Moment." She had to call and search for it. With only 2 left in the US she bought mine from NYC. I cried...a very special gift. I luv ya Lil Sis!
The End {of Christmas 2010}

At Our Home

On Christmas Eve we ate lunch with my inlaws and played a few board games. Then in the evening the girls got to open up their Christmas pajamas at home. I always insist we spend Christmas morning in our own home.

The two littles pjs were from The Disney Store and Manga Dork picked hers out this year when she fell in love with them at TJMaxx.

After the girls went to bed, Santa filled their stockings and put out the gifts they whispered in his ear when they visited him. Ipod Touches and Tag reading for the littles and a Nikon Coolpix S4000 for Manga Dork.

Cutie got 2 pajamas, slippers, Strawberry Shortcake movie, Color Wonder coloring book, an outfit and boots from Gymboree, and 2 games for her Leapster.

Wild Child received 2 pajamas, slippers, boots, an outfit from Gymboree, Uno Moo, Strawberry Shortcake movie, 2 games for her Leapster, and a Color Wonder coloring book.

Manga Dork opened jeans, a shirt, a Reggie Bush Saints jersey, boots, 5 seasons of Friends, Bath and Body Works VIP bag, and a OSU hoodie and tshirt.

The girls love checking to see if Santa and his reindeer ate the treats they left out. Time to get dressed and head to WV!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Very Merry InLaw Christmas

Our celebrations began on Thursday night at my inlaws. We ate chinese and then opened presents.

We gave our nephew a camera.

We gave our niece a camera.

Manga Dork's grandparents gave her a Foach {Faux Coach}, tshirt-sweatshirt-sweatpants with her highschool logo, Estee Lauder makeup kit, a snuggie, and a charm bracelet.

We gave SIL the first season of Vampire Diaries. Just sharing the addiction...
{reaction may be a little exaggerated for photo purposes}

BIL got lights for his trailer and a $25 Cabelas gift card from us.

Dr. Hubby got a Bright Eyes hunting light from his parents.

We gave FIL a new watch and a pair of penguin pajama pants. His "hot pepper pants" are getting worn out.

We gave MIL a watch too....and a crock pot {so I can take mine home}...and a DVD of the complete series of Dark Shadows {the vampire series they are remaking starring Johnny Depp}.

Wild Child loved her snuggie. Can you really even type or say or see a snuggie without thinking of Kristina Pulsipher? I can't. They also gave Wild Child a Wii UDraw, sleeping bag, skateboard, helmet, and pads.
Cutie Patootie got a snuggie, sleeping bag, makeup kit, Ciccabello doll, diaper bag, and Barbie vanity.
We had a great time!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh When The Saints Marched Into My Christmas

I am such a blessed spoiled girl. We had a fantastic Christmas. I will be sharing some of the fun this week while preparing to start a brand new year!

The New Orleans Saints were all over my Christmas. On the first night of parties {Thursday} I made a quick run to the library before picking up the party food {chinese}. I always peek in the "Free to good home" box to see what goodies I might find. Well, right there on top was the Sports Illustrated with Drew Brees on the cover! Score!

From there I went to my inlaws and all my gifts were Saints themed. Love this huge flag!
I wore this for the rest of the weekend. Even my BIL loved it...not! heehee

It is just fantastic when you can combine 2 obsessions...Longaberger Baskets and Saints! Even though my FIL and MIL had 2 boys, Dr. Hubby said this is probably the first time they have bought Sports Team items.
We gave Manga Dork a Reggie Bush jersey. And the last Saints themed gift came from the Saints themselves...
A 17-14 win over the Falcons! Yippee! Playoffs here we come!
Did you receive any team spirit gifts this Christmas?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis The Season!

Today we are baking. I found the chef hats and aprons at Micheals for $3...so cute!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and all the wonderful time with family and friends. Thank you so much for being part of my world through my blog. I cherish all my bloggy friendships. I wish I could give each of you a great big {{hug}}.

Merry Christmas!

PS...I'll be back blogging next Tuesday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Delivery

On Tuesday we received a special delivery from our local florist. How fun! This gorgeous arrangement brightened my day and looks beautiful on our new Longaberger wrought iron coffee table. Who is it from? The nurse practitioner at Dr. Hubby's office. She started working at the office in July when the Dr. she worked for originally moved to another state. 3 other people came with her. The transition went alot smoother than anticipated and they all appear to be assets to the office.

Thank You Nurse C.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's A Wrap!

I love wrapping gifts! Yesterday I spent the day wrapping all the gifts I have purchased so far. Dr. Hubby and I are going to finish our shopping Friday night...ooh a date night with my honey! Here are some of the packaging goodies I am using this season...

Gifts for the girls' bus driver and Wild Child's teacher. Meeeoooowwwyy Christmas!

The theme for preschool this year is gingerbread men. This bag was perfect for Cutie's teacher. All the above bags were purchased at The Dollar Tree {$1} and the scalloped tissue paper is from TJMaxx {$2.99 for 24/sheets}.

I couldn't resist this paper from Target {$2.50}. I hope Dr. Hubby doesn't mind his presents with owls all over them. I am guessing by the time he opens them he will be so distracted by the awesomeness of the gifts that he will forget all the owliciousness.

Cutie chose Tinkerbell paper {Walmart $2.50} for her gifts. The purple is fantastic under the tree.

Wild Child chose Little Pet Shops {Walmart $2.50}.

When we saw the cell phones and ipods on this paper we knew Manga Dork would pick it. It was one of four papers in a pack {Walmart $5}.

I wrap the presents for each side of our family in the same paper so it is easy to pull them out from under the tree for all the different celebrations. This is the paper I chose for Dr. Hubby's side of the family {Walmart}.

I fell in love with this fun vintage-y paper at Home Goods {$2.99}. All wrapping paper is not created equal. This paper is so thick and fabulous! I am using it for my side of the family. It looks so cute mixed under the tree with the red/white naughty/nice paper I chose for my inlaws.

When I saw this dog-gone cute bag at TJMaxx {$1.69} I couldn't resist picking it up for Lil Sis's gift. It goes right along with the vintage wrap above.
Happy Wednesday!
Do you have any favorite ways to wrap gifts?
Where do you get your paper?
Do you coordinate?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Heart Belongs To Scotty {and Toby}

I have always loved Scotty dogs. I think that Scottys are what first drew my attention to Mary Engelbreit's artwork. Then of course I become obsessed with cherries...and then one ME filled kitchen later...lol. Last year for Christmas my parents gave me several Christmas Scotty pieces. It was so hard to pack them away for a whole year...but it was fun opening them this year!

A small serving dish.

I flipped the placemats my mom made me over to use the black cherries design. Then I added my new Longaberger Falling Snow Hostess basket in the center of the table with the platter and a large 3 wick candle.

I promise you that in real life the green napkin matches the plate.

I have always wanted to set a table and leave it that way the whole holiday. The kids are finally old enough to leave it alone.

I ended up replacing the candle with a gorgeous big poinsettia. Oh how I would love to have each of you sitting around this table eating sweet treats and giggling about our lives.

I couldn't resist sharing this pic of Wild Child and Toby. He's such a furry little blessing to our family.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Go Look In The Bathroom!

Last Friday evening I took Wild Child to a birthday party. Her first since breaking her leg at the last one she attended. I was a little nervous, but everything was fine. Dr. Hubby took Manga Dork and Cutie with him. When I came home Dr. Hubby asked me, "How much do you love me?" and "Would you ever leave me?" I totally freaked out. He said, "Go look in the bathroom."

I opened the bathroom door and out popped this furry little cutie...

Meet Toby, the Shih Tzu. My heart sank. I don't have time for a puppy...the feeding, the taking out to use the bathroom, the accidents to clean up...ugh!

Well, turns out Toby is almost 2 years old and neutered. He is the easiest dog! I had just told BFF Ruth the other day that I would love to have a house dog...if it was already housebroken and easy!

This is Toby after he had a bath. He just stands in the tub and lets you do what you need to do. No shaking, climbing out, or growling.

I love him. He is already a part of the family. Annie Louise, my outside furbaby isn't real thrilled with him though. Probably because he follows her around with his nose up her butt...lol. I wouldn't like him either.

Happy Monday!