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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Texas Day 2.0

After I lounged around the hotel room all day, Dr. Hubby took me out after his classes. We decided to start with a relaxing riverboat cruise on the San Antonio river. The first thing we saw was a band and some very enthusiastic dancers at RiverCenter.

So beautiful!

And relaxing.

It is so nice to have my hubby all to myself.

Dr. Hubby is trying to figure out how to get these on the planes.

Creepy Day of the Dead decorations.

Handpainted pottery.

The Alamo at night.

We decided to take a night time carriage ride. This is our horse, Dobbie.

So romantic!
Tomorrow's theme is going to be SHOPPING! Yippee!


gigi said...

I've been to San Antonio and we loved it! Did the Alamo and the big IMAX theater and the river walk and boat ride. It was ton's of fun and I am so glad that yall get to do it together with the little ones. Enjoy!

DesertHen said...

Looks like it was fun and romantic! Perfect! =)

just call me jo said...

That is romantic. There's a super moon tonight. Should be beautiful there. Enjoy yourselves. Yeah, shopping...

Kaci said...

I've only flown into TX...looks like a awesome time! :)

M-Cat said...

That looks so fun! I've never done a carriage ride even though we have them in downtown SLC, now I think I want to add that to my bucket list

Garden of Egan said...

Ewwwww exciting!

Have a blast! Shopping day should be fun too.

Creative Mish said...

The questions is... would you have a place on your wall at home for those long horns? LOL!

tammy said...

Love all the pics. I've been keeping up with your adventures on FB, but it's fun to see the actual photos.

Sue said...

great pictures!!!

cute couple indeed.

mother goose said...

loads of fun! I so miss Texas