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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You've Never Had It So Random {Inspired Edition}

I have been a rather uninspired blogger lately. Here are a few things that inspired me to share them...

Toby's face is so furry that if he doesn't get a new hairdo soon, we may never find his eyeballs again. But he sure is cute.

The 2 littles love to lay on Dr. Hubby while he looks through papers. Such a good daddy.

Don't ya just want to pull up part of the blanket and lay down too. My lazy little sweethearts!

My MIL brought us a bag of jelly beans. Yum! Except for that one that looks suspiciously like it has been licked and put back in the bag....ew! Kids!

Wild Child brought me this piece of paper the other morning. She said in the night time Justin Bieber climbed in her window and she gave him flowers out of her back pocket. Then he signed this paper for her. priceless.

Her 6th birthday party is Friday and guess what the theme is...

Doing dishes make me smile?! Yep...cause I thank the Lord for dishwashers! So glad I don't have to do them by hand.

What is inspiring you?


Kristina P. said...

How is she handling The Biebs' new haircut?

DesertHen said...

LOL..that jelly bean does look like it has been licked.

Toby is too cute with his fuzzy little face! =)

Missed you...glad to see your post today! =)

Scrappy Girl said...

All 3 girls are fine with the new Biebs hairdo. He sure was brave to cut it off!

mother goose said...

love the randomness of this post

gigi said...

I like his new hair cute so much better! Cut the dogs hair to look like his.

Priceless is right! I love the story and the note!

We use to look over Daddy's shoulder like that, love.

tammy said...

I have the same problem with my dogs' faces. Sometimes I have to trim around their eyes before I can get them to the groomer so they can see again.

That story about Justin is cute.

And I was just thinking the other night how glad I am for dishwashers!

Garden of Egan said...

I notice that daddy seems to be checking out the sportmans warehouse page.

The dog is pretty cute snuggled up with the kids.

Ya, I don't have a houseful of kids around but I still love my dishwasher!

M-Cat said...

OOOOhhhhh I want to kiss that Toby's nose!! And the pic of his face makes him kinda look like a wookie!

The Blonde Duck said...

It was gorgeous in SA this weekend! Looking good for your visit!