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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Be Fooled By The Mismatched Clothing And Grass In Her Hair!

On July 7th around 8pm...my girls and their cousin Beth wanted to go on our nightly ATV ride over to the new house. I had been cleaning and packing and was so tired. I had not even taken the time to eat and was getting a little sick. I let Manga Dork and cousin Beth each take a girl on their ATV. I said, "Go slow...no acrobats." I ate 10 mini corn dogs. Then the girls burst into the house crying and yelling.

Manga Dork said that she looked back and turned the wheel and the 4 wheeler had flipped completely over. I saw Cutie clutching her stomach. I said, "It ran over her stomach!" I panicked! Turns out she was clutching her arm. Just one glance near the elbow and I knew it was broken...badly. We took her to the ER...mismatched dirty play clothes and hair full of grass. Manga Dork had given her a makeover prior to the ride that included LOTS of hairspray.

We left our local hospital a little after midnight after a quick kiss to wish each other "Happy? 17th Anniversary." We drove 3 hours to Columbus Children's Hospital. It took 3 people to hold her arm down for the IV. I felt like I was going to completely lose it. They doped her up with morphine.

She had surgery at noon and received her bright pink cast. Now we have a matching set...leg and arm.

After eating and drinking and peeing enough to satisfy the nurse, Cutie was wheeled out in a wagon at 8pm. We had a lovely anniversary dinner from Dairy Queen in the car as we drove home. We felt like zombies. When we got home my dear Dr. Hubby fell asleep clutching his pjs. I just let him sleep in his clothes.

She has 3 pins that come out of her skin underneath her cast. She gets everything removed August 10th!

Upon further inspection of the ATV, Dr. Hubby discovered it had been in 4th gear. Manga Dork had been untruthful. A bad decision that had terrible consequences...consequences that could have been SO much worse. It hurts to even think about how bad it could have been. Thank God for miracles and watching over my girlies.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, that's scary and lucky at the same time!

just call me jo said...

Ouch! Hope she heals fast. I had two pins in my wrist. Not fun. Hugs.

tammy said...

Poor thing. Glad it wasn't more serious.

Kaci said...

OMGoodness!! Thank God she is okay and it wasn't more terrifying and scary!! Poor thing! :(

Creative Mish said...

Thank goodness they're ok... Those pins look so long... Love the color of her cast though...

Julie Harward said...

Kids...they can do the dumbest things...good thing do really do have angels to watch over them! :D

M-Cat said...

It could have been SO MUCH WORSE! GOsh, my worst fear is the 4 wheeler flippng over. So glad for God's protection.

Feel bad that ends up back in a pink cast....

Garden of Egan said...

That could have been so much worse.
So glad that she's home and all is well. I bet Manga feels horrible.

You have been through enough don't ya think?

Hope the rest of the summer is a breeze!

Sue said...

yikes!! close call.

I call those tender mercies!! truly a miracle.

Becky said...

I keep forgetting you must live near by me! Yes...Coumbus...picked up pn that!

Awww....poor baby....I'm so glad she is doing okay! She is so lucky that it was just a broken arm :(

Brooke Higgins said...

She looks healthy now. I hope she gets well soon. luton car parking

Maya Alexander said...

Glad to hear your FIL is doing better. Not fun is it?
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Sabrina Green said...

Its all because of your overthinking. she will be fine soon.

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