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Monday, July 25, 2011


A couple weeks ago I received a box in the mail for a product review. I was so excited!

I joined VocalPoint about a month ago and had been hoping to review some cool stuff. Downy had sent me one of their latest products, Downy Unstopables. It is a scent booster you add to each load in the washer.

You pour as much as you want in the cap and throw them in the washer with your load of clothes. We have a lot of dirty towels...and sometimes they are in the basket a little too long...you know what I am talking about! Stinky towel syndrome. Well, if you add a few Unstopables to your towels they come out smelling fabulous! AND will still be fabulous and fresh when you use them!

I have washed a lot of our blankets before packing them for the move. Now when I pull them out at the new house they will smell fantastic! My mom and I just saw Unstopables in Walmart last week. They were $6.97. After using them at my house, my mom picked up one for herself! I will definitely be keeping them...hope Downy puts out coupons! A bottle will last a long time!

For doing this review Downy sent me a full size sample of the product and these cute socks. Did I mention how well they do on stinky socks?! Try it!


Cherie said...

I had never heard of this product.

How fun that you got to try it and review it :-D

Julie Harward said...

I do love Downy...this looks and sounds good! ;D

Garden of Egan said...

Hadn't heard of this before. I'll have to check it out.

Sounds like you are busy busy.

Awesome to have someone painting for you. What a treat!

tammy said...

So does this work better than just fabric softener? I love Downy and sometimes rinse my older towels twice in it to get that scent. Something about our water here.

M-Cat said...

I am a Downy freak and had no idea about this new beauty of a product but believe you me, I will be getting some next week!

Becky said...

I SAW THE COMMERCIAL for this and KNOW THIS WAS made for me!
SIGH!!!! can't wait to try it! Oh man...need this stuff! Our towels stink! LOLOLOLOL!

Joanna said...

I wonder if I can use it on my teenage boys as well. Thanks for the heads up - I will be looking for this. Anything to battle smelly teenage stench.

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