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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Have No Idea What Title To Put

I was very happy to see all 3 of our geese walking past the school house today. 2 had been missing for a couple days and after seeing a dead chicken I feared they had been killed by a coyote or hawk or something else mean.
Toby's favorite place to sit in the scrappy schoolhouse is in my fuzzy lime green chair.

I created these flowers for my TOPS group. They have a small magnet on the back. The biggest loser of the week gets one for their fridge each week.

And I made this card. The inside reads: Happy Mother's Day! It is for my mom. I really super miss her. I wish she and Lil Sis lived closer. I get lonely.


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Am Feeling The Hunger

This series is SO good! I can feel the addiction. You know the one. The same one I felt with the Twilight saga. VERY FUN! Have you read it?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mom Time

My mom is visiting for a few days. On Saturday we were supposed to travel to the Scrapbook Expo, but I told Dr. Hubby if he would still keep the girls we wanted to spend the day using the things we bought at the Expo last year! He was all for me not spending more money! Mom and I decided to make cards.
I have a stack of stamped images from a swap I did with my Scrap Sisters. I am not a fan of coloring in images so they have remained untouched for over a year {maybe 2}. I figured out I could use some {with out coloring them in} with a black-white-one other color theme. I used stickles on the bubbles.

Flower made with my nestabilities. They make is so easy to make flowers!

A "manly" birthday card for Dr. Hubby's uncle.

I love the Mariposa paper pack. It has lots of butterflies, birds, and such.

A birthday card for Dr. Hubby's aunt.

Yummy cupcakes!

An easter card for a special person...

Another stamped image used! I just added a red rhinestone to her hat. This will be a good card for one of Manga Dork's friends.

I bought the Once Upon A Time paper pad from DCWV several years ago when it first came out. I love this card.

This is the inside. I showed the front to my mom, but not the inside. It is for her and dad's wedding anniversary on April 8th!

This card makes me think of my Lil Sis. She loves little critters.

It felt so good to be back in my schoolhouse! It is now straightened up and ready for me to come create on a regular basis. I hope.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Texas Day 4.0

After Dr. Hubby's last class we took a taxi up Commerce Street to Market Square {Mexican Market or El Mercado}. There were stages with performers, food booths, and lots and lots of shopping!

I love all the fiesta decorations. My littles would have loved all the pinatas!

Performers were everywhere...even in the food court.

Lots and lots of cowboy hats! Dr. Hubby came home with lots of cowboy items {so sexy}.

Her costume was so blingy and fantastic!

Longhorn skulls and horns.

The colors were absolutely brilliant!

Paper flowers. Everything was a visual feast.

I regret not bringing the kiddos a puppet. So fun!

I am not a fan of Day of the Dead decorations. Skeletons creep me out.

We ended our last day with dinner at Cafe Rio with my mexican cousins. My dad's brother's first wife was mexican. I haven't seen them for 10 years. This was a real treat!
Our flights home were fine. We arrived home last night...and as usual my first day home has been loads and loads of LAUNDRY!

Texas Day 3.0

The view from our hotel room window. In the right top corner is the Alamodome.

Today we decided to go SHOPPING! After Dr. Hubby's classes we took a cab to North Star Mall...home of the World's Tallest Cowboy Boots. We had a yummy lunch in the food court and then oohed and aahed over goodies in stores such as MontBlanc, Swarvoski, Saks 5th Avenue {mainly the Louis Vuitton section}, and Coach. We left this mall with a teeny tiny bag that held Coach earrings for Manga Dork.

We hailed another cab and headed to Quarry Market. A shopping center that ended up only having 2 stores we really wanted to look in....Lucchese Boot Company...and a toy store that had the stuffed giraffe Wild Child requested. It was easy to find Cutie's armadillo, but giraffes are rare in San Antonio...lol.
We decided to do something that we have never done before! We watched two movies in the theatre back to back. First we watched Limitless. I love Bradley Cooper and this is a really good movie. Then we watched Hall Pass. Ummm...it deserves its "R" rating. There are a couple scenes that are possibly the funniest I have ever seen BUT it also shows two "male peepees" up close! I nearly choked on my popcorn. Also the acting is really really BAD...especially Owen Wilson's wife.
Before heading back to the hotel we had dinner at my fave restaurant...PF Changs! Another great day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Texas Day 2.0

After I lounged around the hotel room all day, Dr. Hubby took me out after his classes. We decided to start with a relaxing riverboat cruise on the San Antonio river. The first thing we saw was a band and some very enthusiastic dancers at RiverCenter.

So beautiful!

And relaxing.

It is so nice to have my hubby all to myself.

Dr. Hubby is trying to figure out how to get these on the planes.

Creepy Day of the Dead decorations.

Handpainted pottery.

The Alamo at night.

We decided to take a night time carriage ride. This is our horse, Dobbie.

So romantic!
Tomorrow's theme is going to be SHOPPING! Yippee!

Friday, March 18, 2011


We were supposed to fly out to San Antonio on Wednesday. Unfortunately there was a delay and Delta put us in a hotel for the night. We were a little bummed, but made the best of it. We ordered chinese, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and watched American Idol! I am so loving quirky little Paul McDonald!

On Thursday we flew to Atlanta {I was keeping my eyes open for HOUSEWIVES} and then on to San Antonio.

We walked from our hotel to the Riverwalk. So much neat stuff to see.

Our hotel is in the top left corner and the Tower of the Americas is in the right corner.

I love a Marriott...almost as good as a Hilton. But not quite.

The Riverwalk is gorgeous. All the greenery and COLOR!

You could hear mariachi bands performing in the restaurants. And because it was St. Patrick's Day you could hear bag pipes mixed in.

Dr. hubby said, "Why are you taking pictures of ducks. There are ducks at home." These are special riverwalk ducks worthy of my picture taking time...trust me. lol

I was so excited to meet up with one of my Scraps Studio Sisters. Her family is so nice. We had never realized we both kids ages 15, 6, and 5. Cool. It felt like we had known each other forever. I love meeting internet friends.

We stopped by RiverCenter Mall on our way back to the hotel. Dr. Hubby couldn't wait to get inside Boot Hill. He came out emptyhanded. I think he is saving his $$$ for the Montblanc store.

The view from the sundeck at our hotel.
We ended the day watching the movie 127 hours from our cozy bed. Not a great movie for relaxation! No wonder James Franco was so exhausted at the Academy Awards. He had just got out of a hole!