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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inside the Mind of a Child

My 2 little angels have a bad habit of creating horrible messes with their food (remember the green beans?). There is currently a food ban for their room. Yesterday they both decided to make a mess with their lunch...and I decided to give them both a spanking and sent them to their beds while I cleaned up. Here is the conversation that came from that room:

Wild Child: (in a cute voice filled with tears) Cutie, mom is SO mad.
Cutie: Yeah.
Wild Child: (in the voice of a desperate pioneer woman who's husband has just been killed by indians and she is having to continue on her own) Now Daddy is the only best friend I have.

Yesterday I babysat for my SIL after school. This is my nephew. If you ask my niece or nephew what 2 items remind them of their Aunt Scrappy they will say a camera and an ink pen.
After doing his homework my nephew said, "Hey Aunt Scrappy...have you got any pictures of me with my new bike?" He knew I had not. I said, " I don't think I do." So we went outside and he posed and posed for me. This was a nice compliment and it made me smile.

040/365/Feb 9
Nephew has lost his 2 front teeth. They have been out for a long time. Good thing they are coming in slow because I hadn't had a chance to photograph him. These are some of my fave pics to take...missing front teeth!


Lisa Loo said...

Too cute!!! This post was funny! Aunt Scrappy and her camera and pen :0) I too love the toothless photos--and I love his smile.

whoopsadasie said...

That was too funny. Loved the notion of the voices!!

Mechelle said...

Kids are so cute. I love Wild Child saying, "Now Daddy is the only best friend I have." So sweet.

I also love how your nephew asked if you had a photo of him with his new bike. That is priceless. I guess he could not just ask you to take the photo. So sweet. Good pictures of him with the new bike!! M

::Jan:: said...

That picture is priceless. I love his missing teeth and he wanted a picture of him and his bike. So cute.

Kids say the cutest things. And sometimes the weirdest things. But daddy thing. So cute.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

what a cute nephew! how neat he wanted to pose for you!
and your girls-how funny their ideas are!