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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol Thoughts

I loved American Idol last night and I am really looking forward to tonight's show! Here are my current faves...I reserve the right to adjust this list due to the fact that I could be falling victim to AI's evil plot to give some contestant's more air time in the beginning! I feel alot of the girls are not getting their fair share.

I really like Adam Lambert...the guy from Wicked...however I wasn't overly impressed last night.

I think this girl has a very powerful voice and she is just so stinkin' cute. "My mom always said loose lips sink ships." LOL!

Oil rig guy is good too. He makes me think back to when Josh Gracin was on the show.

As of right now Jazmine is my fave girl...but she is WAY behind the guys. I think its gonna be another year of the GUYS!

Anoop is Manga Dork's favorite. She practically fell off the couch last night cheering for him!

While oil rig guy reminds me of Josh Gracin...Tatianna reminds me of...pony hawk...crying girl...SANJAYA! PLEASE American Idol remove her from my tv TONIGHT!
This is my man...Danny...he was good last night...he was GREAT during the group performance...LOVE his voice and he is such a cutie with a heartbreaking story.

Now...let me just say...I love Danny BUT...I so want to start the Norman Gentle FAN CLUB. I want to buy a I {HEART} Norman Gentle tshirt. This guy is just so flippin' entertaining. If he is not in the top 12 I will be disappointed because it will be interesting to see how he pulls off different song themes. Don't get me wrong...I don't think he should win...well maybe I would like it a little bit...but I hope he gets a career...he is a talented goofball and I love him.


Terri said...

Okay if she doesn't go, I've threatened to quit watching the show! She drives me insane! What a drama Queen with no TALENT. I LOVE Norman, and I will gladly join your fan club!

whoopsadasie said...

I love Danny and Anoop. Norman is funny..but not for AI. He does need a fan club...I would so join!!

And if Antianna makes it through (which folks there is a rumor going around that she does)...I WILL DIE!! She needs to take her drama home to her moma!! ;-)

By the way, the word verification is "brall" which I think will be if she goes through!

Cherie said...

I love OIL RIG guy too! He has a great voice.
That one girl though is so whiny you just want to gag her. I don't care if she had the best voice on there (which she doesn't) she should be sent home for her whiny ways. I am also glad bikini girl is out of there - Seriously.

Do you like having 4 judges? At first I thought it was weird but I think it does give the judging more balance.

Scrappy Girl said...

I really like 4 judges! Kara was very easy to get used to.

Sher said...

Oh boy, here we go....
I almost stopped watching when they cut David Osmond last week.
I haven't really found any favorites, yet.
But, I do like Danny.
And why in HELL is Tatianna still on there? She sucks, AND she's annoying. What were those judges thinking?

Ann Marie said...

The drama queen has got to go!
One of my favorites was a girl from Herriman Ut.. They didn't show her last night on the screen so I'm not sure if she made it or not.. We'll see tonight!

So glad Bikini girl is gone!
If American Idol would have put her through any farther, I would have quit watching the show..

One word. Skank.

BTW: I hope you don't mind that I check out your blog after Sondra's sometimes... I love your school house and country pictures..

::Jan:: said...

Tatianna is so bizarre to me. I just don't get her. I liked the girl that was homeless. Why was she cut. I don't have a fav yet.

BeccaHill said...

I love Danny, he has been my pic to win the show since his audition. I really like Jazmine also. I think that is so cool that guy was in wicked. Did he say what part he played?

Scrappy Girl said...

He was in the ensemble of Wicked. He was also the understudy for Fyero.

Marilyn said...

Adam Lambert, Oil Rig guy, and the guy with the glasses (wife died) are my faves too! I am not a fan of girl singers, but we will see what happens. Tatiana (sp) HAS TO GO, she is driving me nuts! She begged her way on in the first place and in my opinion she sucks!! Norman Gentle....I don't know what to say. I think he should stick with Nick because he can sing, but as Norman he won't be taken seriously! I can't wait till tonight!! Of course, you are probably watching it right now, so don't say anything yet, I want to be surprised! I will knw at midnight your time!!

Creative Mish said...

Adam and Danny are my two favorites. I too am very entertained by "Norman" LOL!

and Tatianna MUST go! I can't believe they kept her! Is it for the drama?

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Tatianna, the DQ is a piece of work! I think they are letting her stay to have some drama!
And Norman, is a riot! I can't wait to see what he brings to the show!