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Thursday, February 12, 2009

AI & Scrappiness

What an interesting show. I am so glad all the contestants I had pictured yesterday made it through...unfortunately that even includes Tatianna...who I believe is there for her "annoying factor." I can't believe they let Jamar go...however I have a prediction to make...I think he will be one they bring back for "wild cards" or whatever they are calling it this year. Paula even asked him if he would come back...we'll see!

042/365/Feb 11
This layout was chosen as this week's AMR Product Challenge winner. I was so excited! We were to take plastic from packaging and emboss it with our Cuttlebug. Then you color the design from the back and use it on a layout. This was a fun technique! The little girl is one of Dr. Hubby's cousins.
This was last week's scraplift (to copy the design of someone else's layout while still making it "yours") challenge at AMR. They supply the layout you are to use for inspiration.

AMR's font/title challenge this week was to use a one word title. You could use any word other than a noun. This was my niece's 8th birthday. She loves purple!

The color challenge this week drove me nuts. We were to use a white background and show as much white as possible. This is my least favorite type of layout to do!

My favorite layout I did this week is this one I did for the Scraplift Challenge. This was hard to do because of all the embellishments needed. I stared at it so long while placing all the pieces that someone would have thought I was praying over it...LOL!

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!


::Jan:: said...

I did enjoy the sing off part. That was a little more creative. I am also enjoying the 4 judges better.

Love the layouts. That doctor one is so cute.

Cherie said...

I was excited to read your blog this morning to compare AI notes. I think you are totally right - Tatiana does have a great voice but I thought Simon might puke last night every time he looked at her. I think she is being kept partly for her drama - AND could not believe Paula gave her her ring - to the WHINY one - oh my!

Loving all your scrappy layouts. It looks like you do alot of challenges that is so fun:) Hope you win!

Tink said...

Wow! More amazing scrapbook pages! Kudos! And I am amazed that Tatianna has made it this far! She is completely and utterly annoying--especially her laugh! But I am glad they finally got rid of bikini gal. But I've been surprised at some of the "let go's" myself. Stay tuned.

Da Bergs said...

You REALLY are an awesome scrapper!

Sondra said...

Awesome pages. I loved everyone of them. I liked the white one you did a terrific job even though you didn't like the challenge. I loved how the red hat made the accent. I wish I could see them in person and touch them to see all that you did. I loved the "bling" you use. The last one with Dr. Hubby... so did you tear the colored paper and had the white paper underneath? Pretty creative and great ideas. I love your challenges. I hope you win!

Scrappy Girl said...

The white torn paper is actually a piece of paper that looked like gauze wrap...it just doesn't show up in the photos.

All the photos posted are "losers" except for the one I won the product challenge with. I am looking forward to completing next week's challenges.

whoopsadasie said...

I agree..Tatianna is only there for her DRAMA! And I think Norman is there for the drama as well!

More incredible scrapbook pages!

Mechelle said...

I love the up date.

I also love the ripped papper with the Bandages on the layout. That was such a cute idea.

You are the best. m

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW, SG, your pages are awesome! What talent you have! I love the "doctor" one!
And AI, I hope Jamar does get to come back too!