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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A...Catepillar?

Yesterday we enjoyed being outside in our backyard. Cutie Patootie and Wild Child found a new friend...

Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy...the "Cat-a-pid-er"...I don't think I have heard anything cuter than Cutie saying "Cat-a-pid-er."

I am amazed how fearless these 2 are...petting him! Ew.
I told Cutie to put her face close to him and LOOK at him...not TASTE him!

Thanks for the entertainment Fuzzy Wuzzy!
Annie Louise didn't like all the attention Fuzzy Wuzzy was getting...so she started nudging the girls with her nose and rolling on the grass.
Hope you enjoy some beautiful weather this weekend!


Cherie said...

That 4th picture down is awesome!!

Love caterpillars!!

Sondra said...

Cute...cute little girls playing with a cat-a-pid-er. I love it! Children are brave in exploring things around us. I think we should learn from our children and have that child like innocence. I love spring and summer and all the nature we get to enjoy.

I agree with Cherie, awesome pictures. I love the pictures you take with your new camera. I need to get me one of those! Have a fun...sunny weekend!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Great picture capturing. I love the Springy feel and the childlike nature of it.

Cadance said...

FUN! We had a pet snail over here for the day....he was well taken care of and then released! I did the "lookin" not the touching!

Marilyn said...

Ewwww!! I would never do anything like that now, though I did when I was a kid, lol! Go figure!

(Based on your blog comment)I am sorry you had a bad weekend! I am sure you will share it! As far as SU, have you looked for a differnt demo in your area? You could always order from Kay! ;) She commented based on your comment! I wish you could hang out here too! Maybe hubby can attend a confernce here in Portland!!!!! Maybe a vacation to the area? :) Hope you have a better day!

Cynthia said...

Those little girls are so beautiful. I'm a little squicked out by the near licking but that's the kind of stuff kids do I suppose!

DesertHen said...

Your girls are just too cute! Love the photos. When my son and Countrychick were little, I would read them the book, "Charlie the hungry catapiller." It was a favorite book that both kids really enjoyed.

mimi said...

That picture of your daughter's face near the caterpillar....something my son would totally do!!