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Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Anoop Day and More...

In my bid for Mother of the Year...at midnight last night I was cheering "Happy Anoop Day" with Manga Dork. In Chapel Hill, NC...May 4th is officially Anoop Desai Day. To put me over the top for Mother of the Year...if all goes well...August 22nd Manga Dork and I will be in Pittsburgh, PA at the American Idol concert.

We watched Bride Wars Friday night. It was cute...but not as good as the previews suggest. It is one of those where they show most of the best scenes in the preview. Still...it is a fun movie and Anne Hathaway can boogie down.

Last night we watched Fireproof (finally). This is such a good movie. It does have some acting that makes you cringe at times...I am sure they did not have the blockbuster budget. Unfortunately...I think Hollywood deducts a thousand dollars everytime God is mentioned in a movie. It makes you take a good look at your marriage and the little things that can build up over time and become HUGE. It makes you think about how you must work on your marriage daily. I love a movie that makes me want to be "better."
Two "chick flicks" in one week...something tells me Dr. Hubby is wanting to go see the new Wolverine movie!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


Cherie said...

Good to know about Bride Wars and I STILL want to see Fireproof.
I have to say I also want to see Wolverine - Hugh Jackman is kind of Yummy :D
I have to admit I have become a huge Adam Lambert fan but Anoop is a good too and it is fun that even the ones who are eliminated get to be in the tour. You definately win Mother of the Year for that one - I am sure Manga Dork is telling everyone her mom ROCKS!!!!

Jan the crazy lady said...

I always think of Manga Dork when I see Anoop. So funny.

I liked Fireproof too. My boss went to rent it at the store and the clerk actually asked her if she was sure she wanted to watch it because it was kind of a spiritual type movie. She laughed. Made me think though.

DesertHen said...

How cool that you are going to the American Idol concert with Manga Dork! Sounds like fun and a sure fire way to win mother of the year...=)

The movies look good...thanks for the reviews.

Happy Monday!

Sondra said...

You ARE mother of the year!!

I'm glad you finally watched fireproof. I know the acting wasn't like a blockbuster - but the movie was very inspiring. My sister and her husband quit watching it - because of the acting. I told them to look over that and get on with the message of the movie. I loved it!! I like to be inspired to be better!.

I'm glad you reviewed bride wars too. Checked OFF my list to see.

Next time I will have to get into American Idol. When I saw your title - I was like "WHAT does that mean".. LOL!! Ooooohh A.I. :-D

tammy said...

I still need to see both of those movies, but maybe I'll wait for cable.

Merrianne said...

you are most definitely mother of the year! i hope you all get to go to the American Idol concert!!!!! that would be so awesome!

and i haven't seen either of those movies yet... but i have heard that FIREPROOF is really good :)