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Friday, May 1, 2009

Husband For Sale...Remote Included!

Yesterday my Dr. Hubby went out of his way to try to be home by 6 pm so I could attend a Longaberger party. It made me feel so good that he made such an effort. So I took a shower and got dressed...I was feeling good. Then I waited...6...6:30...7:00...7:30...he called and said he could not make it. I admit I teared up, but I understood.
He offered to bring home a movie for us to watch together...my choice. I told him "Bride Wars" and he said he would get it. It was my turn to pick the movie anyway...I sat through 2 really bad ones for him.
I get the kids in bed at 8:30...9...9:30...10:00. MIL calls and tells me about nephews play. She says Dr. Hubby is there checking FIL's foot and that he is SO excited to watch the movie with me. I tell her I am going to bed. Then she calls at 10:30 and says Dr. Hubby is on his way up the hill and he is looking forward to watching the movie with me...that he was SO sorry he didn't make it home for me to attend the party. I become suspicious of why she is doing that thing she does when she is trying to smooth something over...
10:40 Dr. Hubby comes and gives me a hug and chats for a minute...I go to sleep.
This morning Dr. Hubby mentions how he stopped to see his brother last night too...he says he was there at 9:00! I was shocked...I am heart broken. He says they made plans to horseback ride on Saturday...when was the last time he made special plans with me?
I hope it rains...pours...all day Saturday.

Pretty ironic that he did all that on the same day that I made this (the picture was taken by me on our farm)...the card I was going to give him for our 15th anniversary in July...I think I'll sell it.


Marchelle said...

ugh. bummer.
sometimes guys.just.don't.get it.
and MIL.... that just makes it even worse!

sorry. =/

tammy said...

Sorry. I hate it when Luvpilot ends up spending too much time at his parents when I'm expecting him home. Hate it.

coreymom40 said...


They do have a knack for perfect timing, don't they.

Pancake said...

I am sorry.... they dont get it sometimes.

And Hey, if you are going to add the remote, does the TV also come with it???

Shanda said...

Aww, so sorry. Sometimes men are such idiots about things. I guess times like these do make us appreciate the the times they are sweet. Hope your weekend is better. Love the card.

Sondra said...

My heart is totally broken for you that Dr. Hubby didn't put you on the top of the list. Hopefully he can make a "date" night for just you two - tonight - and make it up to you.

I'm divorced - of course you know. One of the huge problems for me was he was gone all the time too. I married at age 30 and didn't want to be single anymore - I wanted my husband home. It was quite frustrating... But my whole marriage was that way (I only lasted 4 years)...

Any whoooo sorry to get on my soap box. I didn't have a fairy tale - not by a long shot and know that you really do have a fairy tale prince normally. I'm sure he will make it up to you (if he realizes he let you down - most men have no clue)..

I loved your card ALOT! The picture is awesome. I hope Dr. Hubby can make it up to you and you'll be able to give him that card.

Cherie said...

I say tell him -Just straight out - Don't get mad just tell him how you felt.
Guys REALLY REALLY DO NOT understand sometimes just how much their women count on them.

Sorry this happened to you :D

P.S. If you want to take the other route - Call him sometime when he is home and tell him you will be home in an hour for sex. Believe me he will be waiting. After an hour tell him it will be 55 more minutes. Then stop at the mall on your way home....He'll get the message! Evil laughter.....

DesertHen said...

MEN! They really just don't get it! Be sure to talk to him and let him know how hurtful it was for you. It has taken 20 plus years for my Hayman to finally "figure" it out.....but they really never figure it out...they only improve....=)

Beautiful Card!

Mother Goose said...

that is a gorgeous picture and I wanna buy your card! I want that card, I want that card, I'm going to steal that card!
I have felt that disappointment also and it hurts. So sorry.