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Friday, November 20, 2009

35 Things I Want To Do While I Am 35 (Part 2)

Can't wait to hear if you all liked New Moon...remember don't spoil any surprises...I won't be seeing it til later.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

9. Visit San Francisco...I haven't thought about alot I want to do here yet (Golden Gate Bridge, streetcar, Fisherman's Wharf)

10. Dress more fashionable...I am really starting to love a certain "look" and I am ready to shed the jean skirts and striped tops!

11. Start using reusable shopping bags...I think if we all did this it would be great!

12. Eat at The Jug...this is one of those only open in the summer places. It is beside the river and you can get your food and eat at a picnic table. I pass it often and always say I want to eat there...never have.

13. Host a Kid's Creative Club in my schoolhouse...It would be my kids, my niece and nephew, and a couple kids from our community. I want to get them creating and thinking about their dreams.

14. Have s*x every day for a week...I think that couple that set out to do it every day for a year is NUTS! But it would be interesting to see how one week affected the relationship.

15. See the Christmas lights in Ogleby Park...it is supposed to be FABULOUS! We put it off every year.

16. Read the whole Bible...I need to read it more anyway and I would like to be able to say that my heart has been exposed to every word.

17. Make a new close friend...I wold love to have someone to do things with here. This takes me out of my comfort zone. I am not a good friend maker in real life.



...Seyma... said...

wow happy b-day to mom!!


Kristina P. said...

I would love to go to SF again. I think I've been twice. That might have to be our next little vacation.

DV-Becca said...

Wow- great lists-
I would love to get a book published, but my grammar is cruddy- so I am trying to learn it on my own :)
I am also trying to dress better- it is not easy with little grubby hands all over.
I read the whole bible once when I was little- but I skipped over the words I didn't know- so that was like half the bible LOL
S*X every day for a week- hmmm, I don't think I could force it.
I am making friends, but I don't feel brave enough to make a really close one yet- someday, maybe.
I love your ideas and list- a dream board is something I have been wanting to do for a while- I think you inspired me to get it done soon,
Come to Utah!! I would love to meet you - you can stay at my house and our kids could tear it a part together :)

BeccaHill said...

The movie was AWESOME!!! 99% like the book. UNbelievable!

Scrappy Girl said...

Shut up Lil Sis...it is not nice to rub salt into other people's wounds...LOL!

Unknown Mami said...

So much to do in SF. You know I'll have suggestions.

Do the reusable bags. It really does make a difference.

kado! said...
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kado! said...

I LOVE my reusable bags...they look a lot cuter with my outfits! ;)

...and my husband gives me Tuesday night off...and I enjoy that! ;)

HA! I've see the Christmas lights t Ogleby Park! two years in a row! (at least I think that is where we went!) Seriously! how crazy that, I've been there!

Creative Mish said...

I'm loving all the things you're wanting to do!

laterg8r said...

definitely do the s** thing, great idea :D

i hope you make a new friend, fingers crossed for you!!

if you go to san fran be sure to go to alcatraz and take the headset tour, it's awesome :D

OceanDreams said...

You can totally read the entire Bible, just take it one chapter at a time, I did it in college and it is totally like a huge story come to life!

San Fran is beautiful too...hope all of your wishes, lists, and dreams come true!