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Saturday, November 21, 2009

35 Things I Want To Do While I Am 35 (Part 3)

18.. Finish organizing and decorating my scraproom...just figured out there is an IKEA in Pittsburgh so I know where to get my while bookshelves! I need to stop scrappin' (for a minute) and get it decorated!

19. Reach my goal weight...I have fallen off the wagon, but I want this to be the year I reach my goal. I can do it! {Stop rolling your eyes...I know I've said that before...lol}

20. Be featured on a party site....I love throwing parties and I would love to see one of mine featured. It's all about the details...

21. Go camping...{yes, you read that right}...one family trip for at least a weekend.

22. Enter a float in the 4th of July Parade...I was inspired at Mardis Gras World!

23. Go on a family vacation...usually we go to visit Lil Sis in May...this year I want to rent a beach house for the week...I secretly dream of Disney.

24. Start our home remodeling...BIG things are about to happen to this little home...the garage will be the family room...the basement will be redone...a HUGE fish tank between the family room and dining room in the wall...new bedroom...new master bath...new master hugemongo closet...new master bedroom...2 fireplaces...I.C.A.N.T.W.A.I.T!

25. Go on a date night with Dr. Hubby once each month...we try this each year and do well up to April...this year we are going to make it all the way!
Hope you have a very happy weekend! I am being held hostage and taken to the sale at Cabelas. Help!


...Seyma... said...

omg!!! those kittens made me lol :) they are so cute :)

family vacation is something i want too..

have a lovely weekend ..

Kristina P. said...

I too love throwing parties!

tammy said...

The remodel sounds fabulous!

Hope you make it out alive from Cabelas'.

kado! said...

hey...I'll be near at that Cabelas next week...you better come back and visit me!

love the other things too...family vacations are awesome! I ♥ IKEA!

Pam said...

These are great lists. I hope you accomplish all your goals.

Creative Mish said...

Your goals are great!

laterg8r said...

hope you get to disney :D

love the remodeling ideas, can't wait to see it!