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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bourbon Street? More Like Barf Street!

How did we start Day #2 of our trip?

Beignets and fresh squeezed OJ at Cafe Dumonde on Decatur Street. Caution...you WILL leave with powdered sugar on you!
The carriages were all lined up in front of Jackson Square. We did not go on one yet...

I loved the artists and their work displayed on the wrought iron fence. So relaxing to stroll along in the shade.

Tarot Card Readers and psychics were sprinkled among the artists.

Can you find Capt. Jack Sparrow among the black and whites?

I am amazed at all the alcohol and bars...I had been warned, but my imagination did not prepare me. I would have loved an icee...unfortunately they were all filled with rum or vodka.

The statue guys are fabulous...they can really take you by surprise. I don't know how they hold so still for so long.

St. Louis Cathedral is gorgeous. Mass was in progress while we were there.

Bourbon Street smelled like a combo of alcohol and vomit. It was yucky. Manga Dork glimpsed some odd behavior in a gay bar...yikes. I don't care if I ever walk that street again.
We ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe...I had Twisted Macaroni With Chicken. It was yummy!

We walked along the Mississippi and caught sight of the steamboat, Natchez. It's rainbow flags were flying high...

This funky car was SO cool. There was so much to see on it.

The French Market had lots of neat foods and...

mardi gras beads and masks galore!

We caught a streetcar and headed back to the hotel for dinner and some relaxation in our room. Dr. Hubby starts his convention tomorrow. Oh yeah...I also found out where the Fall 2010 convention is going to be...SAN FRANCISCO!
More F.U.N. to come tomorrow!


Unknown Mami said...

Looks like you are having a blast. Good for you!

laterg8r said...

that funky car is a hearse LOL :D

looks like fun but glad i didn't have to smell it :D

Kristina P. said...

Looks like a fun time! And I don't think I've ever had a beignet.

DV-Becca said...

Yummy smelling streets- not - and all the powdered sugar??? Hopefully the sugar rush last throughout the day :)
Love the music

DV-Becca said...

I of course meant Art Work- I never type another word when I am thinking about something else. Ever ;) Have fun!

tammy said...

Um, yeah, don't think I need to visit Bourbon street either.

Everything else looks amazing. Yay for husbands that go on conventions!

Cate said...

Looks like such a fabulous time! I have never been to New Orleans, but it's definitely on my bucket list ... one of these days. :)

Sondra said...

I looks like the weather is nice and sunny - Yeah! You've seen lots of places already. However, I don't think I would like to visit Bourbon street either - yuck.

There is just a little powdered sugar on your beignets. I can see how you could never leave without having powdered sugar on you. WOW!

Did you have a psychich reading? I did find Jack Sparrow - LOL!

Have a fantastic time! BTW - that was cool about wifi in the skies! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures during your trip. Be safe!

The Blonde Duck said...

Those mounds of powdered sugar look delightful.

Did you get your cards read or fortune told?

Multiple personalities.. said...

So awesome! Looks like you had a blast. New Orleans is definitely on my list of places to visit before I die. I'd love to sample all the delicious local cuisine. And yes, I've heard that will all the alcohol there you can practically get drunk just by seeing it all. He he! Glad you're having fun!

Joy said...

Dang that looked like fun! Great photos.

And yes, I did see Mr. Depp in amongst the paintings - although I had to left-click on it to enlarge it to do so! {Was that cheating?}

Stopping by from the SITS Halloween Parade!

...Seyma... said...

well it looks so much fun!! how lucky you are *sigh*

love the funky car most!!


kado! said...

Capt. Jack Sparrow...bottom 2nd one in from the right?

so many things for you guys to see!

.....that looks like a kilo in your Beignets!! that'll keep you up all week!

carol said...

wow it doesn't look that different than preflood. The powdered sugar sure looks the same.

OceanDreams said...

Looks like you are having fun! I love that car and that food = yumminess!

Creative Mish said...

Great Photo's. It looks like you're having a fabulous time!!!

Cherie said...

Very fun pictures Scrappy - So much to see :D

When you go to San Francisco next year we'll have to talk - that is where I am from!

Sue said...

gotta love those conventions!! I have been all over the world because of the same little benefit of the hubs work.

What fun posts! you look adorable with your honey!

mother goose said...

now, i so want to go!!! I think you should hold a contest for next year like PW and have one of your blogger friends win a prize to come visit or go on your next trip!