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Monday, January 25, 2010

I Found

I found my scrapbooking mojo...this is the first layout I completed in 2010. It is for a scraplift challenge at Scrap Sisters Studio. It also gives you an idea of how "behind" I am with my scrapping...this was Wild Child's 2nd birthday party...she turns 5 in March!

I found valentine chocolate suckers at Walmart like the ones I bought for Halloween and decorated. Beware...while they are cute...they taste like plastic. Yuck! I found this out AFTER the parties. Oops!

I found these adorable "hard" suckers at Walmart. They are $1 each, and the message is very pretty.

I nearly jumped up and down in the aisle when I found these marshmallow cupcake suckers...SO CUTE! I bought 3...but I don't think I can bear to see someone eat them...lol. These would be perfect for a birthday party too.

Congrats to the Saints who are Super Bowl Bound!
Who will you cheer for at the Super Bowl, Colts or Saints?
Do you have a party? or attend one?


Kristina P. said...

I have not been following football AT ALL this season. So, none.

Sue said...

I'm sure we will have a party.

I'm not really pro anybody this year. I'm sure my 5 sons are though. So..probably whoever they cheer on is who I will want.

I just watch for the commercials, and love to eat all the yummy food.

This is your blog though..So today I want the Saints!!!!

Amy said...

I love the look of those cupcake suckers...toooo cute! I will have to hunt some down myself! :)

BeccaHill said...


Jackie said...

I love those cupcake suckers! I'm going to try and find those. Football? I'll be watching a movie downstairs while the "boys" watch the game. (Grin)

Have a great day.


The Garden of Egan said...

I think we are hosting a party, but I'm pretty sure I'll be asleep on the couch.
I can't stand the announcers and their running commentary. By the time it's half time I want to rip their tongues out.
Cute scrapbook stuff. I'm just getting newly re-addicted.

Ali said...

Hubby's been a Saints fan forever and is thrilled! He's actually watching the game right now after listening to it on the radio last night at work. We'll definitely be having a party!

DesertHen said...

Great Layout! =)

Love the suckers..cute, cute, cute!

Countrychick is a Big Time Colts fan and I think she would have words to say to me if I didn't cheer on the Colts, but hubby is going to pick the Saints to cheer for so I fear there will be unrest in our house.....lol!

We will probably just watch the game at home.

tammy said...

Why do the cute things usually taste like crapola?

We usually have a Superbowl party, but this year Luvpilot is scheduled to work, so probably not.

tammy said...

Oh, and cute scrapbook page!

Jingle said...

That is a wonderful layout! Great overall design and fun colors!

Dana and Daisy said...

oh yeah, that football thing is coming up again isn't it?

ha ha! that's how into the superbowl I am. Luckily, steve could care less too.

those cupcake suckers are cute city!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Love that layout!! I'm extremely behind in my scrapping...I'm just getting around to Jer's 4 year old pics, and he's 9. I would like to see the Saints win, I almost always root for the underdog. :-)

laterg8r said...

glad you found your mojo :D

no sports for me!

Leslie said...

I just can't cheer for the Saints, I'm sorry. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate that they've played better football than most of the other teams this year.


M-Cat said...

I thought of you the entire time I watched the Saints knock off the Vikings

I'm such a Manning fan, that I will be cheering for the Colts....

stoill friends?

And yes, I have the party. Kids and food galore

OceanDreams said...

Oh my goodness I love those suckers, especially the cupcake ones! Great finds, super proud of you.

Creative Mish said...

Great job on the page! and all those little suckers are to die for! So cute!

kado! said...

those are cute suckers!!!