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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You've Never Had It So Random...On A Tuesday In January

I still hate January.

{Bachelor Spoiler}Why does Jake the Bachelor seem a little "schmoo" on this season. I thought he was gonna cry on that bridge. Thank God he sent home "one on one time" obsessed girl...she frightened me.

American Idol...love cancer guy in first episode...he set off my "Mormon radar." Why? He said he had to return from a "mission" to be treated for cancer...and he is from Utah. I also like the black guy who takes care of his momma...he's a little reminiscent of Charles Grigsby from the Ruben/Clay season {I think that is the one}. And I totally agree...if your pants are on the ground...you look like a fool...priceless.

New episode of Vampire Diaries this Thursday.

I am addicted to Desperate Housewives...I've even brought Manga Dork and Dr. Hubby along for the ride...although he will completely deny it and look at you like you have lost your mind...just ask him about his "hulu search." heehee

We saw Avatar in 3D for date night this past weekend...very interesting...love the forest at night. My feet won't touch the floor in those new fancy reclining seats...my knee was killing me. A woman {thought for sure I was sitting in front of a kid} kicked my seat the entire movie. I thought the movie was a little long.

My computer was attacked yesterday and I am using Manga Dork's laptop...so pictures will be limited for awhile.

How did Lifetime celebrate Martin Luther King Day? With a day full of Jennifer Aniston movies! I would like to speak to the person in charge...I want to know the relevance.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

What random thought or question is roaming around inside your head?


Jingle said...

Lots of random! LOL! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Avatar! I didn't even notice the length, which is amazing for me. I was just purely mesmerized. Loved it! I don't watch any of those other shows, so I don't have much to add on those, but PR was AWESOME and I'm excited for the new season!

Scrappy Girl said...

I just noticed that all my thoughts were on tv or movies...I need a life...lol!

Kristina P. said...

I did a random post too!

And I actually texted my friend about the Jennifer Aniston marathon. We are both Lifetime junkies, but I hate her.

M-Cat said...

Didn't realize the Lifetime marathon, but yeah, what's the significance?

mother goose said...

i liked reading all that randomness!

Dana and Daisy said...

how did your computer get attacked? Hearing this alot lately!

DesertHen said...

Love the randomness! That is how I have felt for weeks...random this and random that!

I have been a Desperate Housewives fan from the get go! Except now I have to DVR it and watch it when I get the chance. (like yesterday, we watched two episodes to catch up.)

Countrychick is enjoying Idol.....I have given it up!

I know several people who have had their computers attacked and hard drives wiped out in the last few weeks...scary!!

Happy Tuesday! (I keep thinking it is Monday...ugh!)

Together We Save said...

Very Random Love It... Would you stroke if I said I never watch any of those shows. LOL

kado! said...

I wish my mind could just have ONE random question roaming around...instead of being flooded with 1,000's of them!

my TV obsession: I LOVE Big Love....I wish it was on every single night!

Cherie said...

I have too many random thoughts to account for.

What is the purpose of a Jennifer Aniston movie? I haven't seen one I like yet.

tammy said...

Oh how I love DH!!
Do we know which airlines The Bachelor works for? Just curious.

Sondra said...

Yeah for Vampire Diaries on Thursday!! Can't wait. I saw a sneak peak video on facebook. They are going back to explain why Stefan ended up in town.

I saw Avatar 3D yesterday. I like the regular version better. There was sooo much to take in during the 3D that I couldn't really focus on the story as much as when we saw it in a regular theater. The 3D effects were cool - but you lost a lot of the story line (in my opinion).

Lifetime did Jennifer again.. They just did that a couple of weeks ago and I didn't really like any of them either. Kinda weird for MLK day.

That's the only weekly show I watch - vampire diaries - so I can't comment on anything else. Hmmmmm another blogspot... I'll have to check out your 365.

laterg8r said...

jake is a total snoozer and the dates he is taking them on are LAME!!!

random thought: what do blind people dream of? what do they see?

OceanDreams said...

Avatar does look good, I still have not seen it and I must get all caught up on American Idol soon! :)