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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let's Keep Going Til We Can No Longer Feel Our Feet!

We started our day bright and early at the New Bern Farmer's Market.

We were greeted by the Farmer's Market Bear. In celebration of New Bern's 300th anniversary they had local artists design bears representing pieces of their history. They are so cute and all over town!

We bought a watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, and a weird little fruit I have never eaten called a sprite. I love trying new fruits.

I loved visiting and talking with all the different vendors. I talked to a lady who was selling pasta. I dazzled and amazed everyone with my knowledge of the different dies and such. Thanks to Real Housewife of NJ Teresa Giudice's Italian cookbook! It is a great read {even if you are not a RH fan}.

We drove 2 hours to Smithfield, NC and after lunch at Cracker Barrel we shopped til our feet were so sore they were numb at the Carolina Premium Outlets! I bought myself my first Coach purse and wallet. I am in love...
Dr. Hubby and his parents are camping with the little ones. They are having a blast!
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


Kristina P. said...

I have a very similar Coach purse. Now I need the matching wallet!

laterg8r said...

oooooo, love the purse :D

Sonya said...

Farmer's Markets are the best! I love walking around and trying new foods and buying up the wonderful items people make.

Unknown Mami said...

How fun! Your bag and wallet are great.

Cynthia said...

I'd rather shop than camp too! Sounds like fun.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Shopping? Versus Camping?-- Not even a moments hesitation on that question ;-)
Happy SIMC, jj

M-Cat said...

That purse if the BEST! And shopping with great companions is even better.

Love me the farmer's market! And do elaborate on the sprite

tammy said...

There it is. THE purse! Love it. Good buy. How was the sprite?

gaelikaa said...

I know you had fun, I just know.

Found you on Sundays in my City.

See you again.


Traci said...

Looks like a wonderful day and I love that you took the time to learn from the vendors.

And congrats on that gorgeous purse. It will last you a long time! I've had my first Coach for over 13 years!