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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Working A Puzzle Exercises Your Brain"

My mom and Lil Sis love to work puzzles so they pulled out a 2,000 piece one the evening we arrived. I would rather spend a week stranded on a dessert with "you know who" than work a puzzle. My mom told me 2,867 times that "working a puzzle exercises your brain."

So I eventually gave in and this is me putting in the last piece. I figure why waste all those hours that I could spend twittering with my celebrity BFFs or winning Fast Money on Family Feud for all my facebook friends. The last piece brings the most satisfaction. Ahhhh...my brain felt so refreshed...like it had just run a mile on a treadmill...lol. I love my mom.

It drove me nuts all week that the puzzle was a giant picture of my all time favorite candy! I have looked every where we have went for these things...they are all hiding. I will find them...and I must eat them...especially the blue one.
Two posts in one day! Summer is slowly releasing me...


Garden of Egan said...

Love the puzzle.

Love the colors.

Looks like good times.

Cherie said...

OOooh I haven't seen those kind of candies for years - Dang! Now I have a craving!
The last piece of the puzzle is definately the "sweetest" - especially in this case (wink!).

M-Cat said...

I've rather my own head than do a puzzle. And what's funny is that my Mom, sisters, SIL, niece- they all love them! I can't stand them!
At least you got to put in the last piece. There is some satisfaction to that huh?

tammy said...

You mean you're not gonna help me with the fast money??

laterg8r said...

i like puzzles but now worry about the munchkins eating them LOL :D

Sue said...

not a big puzzle person...But looking at that makes me appreciate the time and exercise your brain did get..

way to go