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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cleaning Up The Ghetto

It's official...the makeover on the littles' room has begun! We are "cleaning up the ghetto."

The two littles love sharing a room, but 2 twin beds really eat up all their play space. I am going to order this trundle bed from Value City Furniture to give them a little more floor area.

I shared photos on facebook of the bedding I ordered from jcpenney.com, but I can not figure out how to get them here. They don't have a blogger share button. So if you are not on facebook you can go to jcpenney.com and search "Corbin quilt" if you want to see the adorable OWL bedding we chose. I may or may not have limited the number of choices they were given in order to get the one I want....mwhahahaha!

Let the redecorating begin!


Garden of Egan said...

That is going to be so awesome!!!

I can hardly wait until I can see the after photo!

M-Cat said...

I love changing things around! Even just rearrangint the furniture, but you - cleaning the ghetto? Go girl - you go get 'em!

Julie Harward said...

That looks like fun...lots of storage too..need that! :D

Creative Mish said...

Very cute! how do I find you on facebook?

Sue said...

Its going to be so cute. I saw the pics. on facebook..love your choice.

I need a little ghetto cleaning myself.