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Friday, September 3, 2010

Move Over Bill Murray There's A New Groundhog In Town

Do you remember this movie? Bill Murray kept living the same day over and over again. Well, that is kinda what my week has felt like. Here's how my days have went this week...

6:00AM Get Manga Dork up
6:45AM Drive Manga Dork to the bus
7:00AM Get back in bed
7:20AM Get Wild Child up
7:45AM Wake Dr. Hubby before taking Wild Child to school
8:05AM Drag wheelchair out of car and push Wild Child to gym
8:30AM Get back home and crawl back in bed to snuggle with Cutie.
8:40ish Tell Dr. Hubby bye.

{This part of the day includes wake up, too much computer time, too much eating, playtime with Cutie, too little cleaning, and a shower}

3:00PM Head back to school to pick up Wild Child and Manga Dork
3:20PM Sweat in gym waiting for Wild Child's class to come in.
3:30PM Fight with wheelchair to get it back in car and head for ice cream at McDs
4:00PM Come home and do last minute cleaning and a little bit of cooking
6:00PM Dinner
6:45PM Start with bathtime, checking bookbag, pulling outfits for next day, ironing {I really dislike this part}
8:00PM Mention bedtime for the little ones and then begin getting snacks for the rumbling tummies and drinks for the parched tongues {they are trying to delay}
8:30PM Both littles are tucked in bed. I collapse on the couch and hope for some cheesey reality show goodness.
10:00PM Manga Dork bedtime
{I start heading toward bed and end up there sometime before 11:30}

And then it starts over the next day...

Tomorrow I will be having a guest blogger...the picture above is a hint for the blogger and the topic {wink wink}.

TGIF {I haven't ever meant that as much as I do today}


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Maybe you really are having your own Groundhog Day experience.

You just don't know it.

Dun Dun Duuuuun.

M-Cat said...

You do have some same stuff happening every single day - but I kinda think they are all good things - you are a great Mama!

Scrappy Girl said...

Serene...maybe you are right...lol.

M-Cat...awww that is a sweet compliment...especially coming from someone I know is a great momma.

Julie Harward said...

I know..been there done that with 8 kids, thought it would never end..but it did and now it miss it all! (by the way, I hated that movie!) :D

tammy said...

Sometimes I really like the scheduled routine, and sometimes I really hate it. I think I've been forgetting to add McD's ice cream to my schedule though.