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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Blue Birthday In My Sea Of Pink

Lately we have been a little tired {Wild Child asleep standing up in the kitchen one evening}...a little stressed...and a little sad. The main thing weighing me down was I found out a secret and it had me feeling like Vince Vaughn in his last movie. Ugh. The cat is out of the bag now {I didn't tell} and so other people can now deal with the situation. I'm done.
I decided we needed to get back to normal so I decided to do what I do best...plan a party! Friday was Toby {the Shih Tzu}'s 2nd birthday. With 3 girls I was loving all the blue! I picked up a gourmet doggy donut at the doggy bakery.

Toby was such a good sport even though he wasn't feeling very good. Earlier he had 2 shots at the vet. Poor baby.

He thought the blue icing on the donut tasted yummy!

I attempted a group shot. Not too bad...but Toby has his eyes closed...lol.

Toby loved his donut so much he didn't even seem interested in the real icing from Manga Dork's nose.

Still not impressed with Cutie's icing nose.

Wild Child loved her cupcake...she wasn't sharing even one drop of icing.

We gave Toby a Foofah dog and a squeaky rubby pacifier. Then we broke apart the donut.

Annie Louise even joined us for a bite...or three.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post. Could you hear all those little violins playing their sad songs? The weight of the secret coupled with always feeling like I am being put down for being me and getting used to not being my teen's favorite person had crushed my spirit. I had to make some decisions. I needed some change. Change is good.

Happy Monday!


tammy said...

So sorry you had to find out what you did, and the way you did. That was terrible.

Love the birthday party for Toby. And the donut!

Lillian J. Banks said...

seriously, you are so awesome! I think a party is a great idea- and for a dog? Never would have crossed my mind, lol. It looked like a blast- or at least a really good distraction. hang in there.

Cherie said...

So sorry you are going through a hard time. If it makes you feel any better teens never like their parents but after awhile they come back to being themselves and nice people again - give her a few years.
The party was a great idea - and I have never seen a doggy doughnut!

Garden of Egan said...

Hope you are recovered from the doggie party! Looks like it was pretty funny. What a sweet face.

Hugs for strength to handle the stuff you gots to handle. It's not fun sometimes, but often YOU are the only person that can do it and you never know the influence you might have on someone in the process.

M-Cat said...

Ugh! Raising teens is seriously the hardest thing ever. I wondered if we would come out alive on the other end.

It does get better. I promise. Not today. Not tomorrow, but it will get better!

Cynthia said...

That dog is quite the poser! LOVE the tongue picture.

Sorry about the secret thing. I HATE keeping secrets. They don't do a bit of good. The whole purpose is to try and prevent the consequences of an action- and it almost always backfires. Think of the consequences before the action and never do anything that has to be a secret (or have the character to own it if you do something stupid) and life is MUCH easier!

In my experience, the least trustworthy people are actually the secretive ones!

Creative Mish said...

Glad you're doing a little better. The doggy party looks like a lot of fun! you did a great job with it.