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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

17 days.....10 pounds

I am still not up and running at home so I am at the library AGAIN. This is a pain. Hubby is dragging his feet getting computer fixed. Argh! LOL! I miss blog surfing and everyone I "spy" on.

American Idol was ok last night. I thought..........David Archuleta did the best. I hate to admit it. Something was up with David Cook. He seemed "down." I hope they mention something tonight about what was wrong. I think it will be crazy if Jason Castro doesn't leave. He did HORRIBLE and seemed to think it was funny. I don't blame Simon for being a little ticked at him.

My diet has been a little off track. We have to decide whether to adopt our foster son by May 12th. Our other adoptions have been so easy but adding a fourth child is not such an easy decision. There are so many issues that I am not even sure what is going to happen. Our 12 year old is against it and that is one of the biggest things holding us back. All this has caused me to eat "irrationally" because I am a stress eater. I am back on track as of today!

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

Lawanda said...

Have you adopted all your children? That does sound like a stressful thing to have to decide.

I am a stress eater too.

I agree Jason needs to leave now. I hate it when they forget their words! :-p