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Sunday, May 4, 2008

19 days.....10 pounds

I am still having computer problems. Hubby brought his laptop home from work so I could get a quick fix for my blogging withdrawl.

I am still doing well on my diet although I have had a couple "off" days. I am still hoping to hit 50 by the 23 rd! Congrats on maintaining this week Lawanda. I have found that I am getting sick of thinking about food, weight, water, exercise, calories, fat grams, and all the other "dieting" things. I look forward to reaching my goal and not having to concentrate so hard on it. I know I will always have to watch, but I hate that it takes up so much of my thoughts and time. I look forward to making a New Year's resolution that has nothing to do with my weight! I can move on to something else. How exciting!

Seeing Brooke go from AI this week was so sad. I know she needed to go, but this was the closest I have come to tearing up. I am looking forward to the finale.

Our Stampin' Up card club is making "manly" cards this month. Hmmmm.....that will be challenging. I am such a girl and working with "manly" colors isn't my strength, but I look forward to seeing what I can come up with. Especially since my stamping stuff is all boxed up and ready to go to my schoolhouse when I get it done.

Well, I hope to soon be back on a daily basis. Have a great week!

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Lawanda said...

Thank you!!

I know what you mean about the New Year's Resolution! I remember being fit & trim on New Year's last time I lost weight (nearly 5 years ago now), and it was AWESOME to think I was already there!

This is where AI gets boring, imo... I know that's bad, isn't it? :-p But the only year it WASN'T boring was when it was between Carrie and Bo Bice. Because those two KNEW how to bring down the house :) hehe