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Monday, May 26, 2008

Still vacationing

Today is the last day of our trip to NC. Yesterday we went to the beach. We had the BEST time. Last year we spent 45 minutes with 2 screaming babies who were NOT going to like the beach NO MATTER WHAT! LOL! This year they had a blast. We built sandcastles, flew a kite, and played in the water. It was actually RELAXING! Then we went and played mini golf and rode the go karts. Today we did a little shopping and ate at IHOP. I have never eaten there and NO I will not share what I ate. LOL! We ended the day with a trip to the playground. This community is so blessed with a HUGE wooden playground. I wish we had something like it.

Sis and I went over some of our NYC plans for July. It makes me very excited. We booked our plane tickets too! Tomorrow we will be driving 11 hours back to the farm. After 4 nites on an air mattress I am going to sleep like a baby in my bed.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.


scrappyhappy08 said...

Sounds like you are having fun on your vacay!! Congrats on your weight loss!!!!! 40 lbs is 40 lbs and that's something to be very proud of!!! :)

Lawanda said...

Oh are you going to NYC?! Can I come?! LOL

I am glad this trip to the beach was more relaxing! haha! :)