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Monday, January 17, 2011

I Challenge Y.O.U.

I am doing something today to SURPRISE my kiddos. Just something little...but I think being SURPRISED triples the FUN!

I challenge YOU to do something to SURPRISE your kids TODAY! Show you love them by planning something special...big or small or tiny...they will LOVE that you thought of them and made the effort JUST FOR THEM!

Come back here tomorrow and we will share our FUN experiences.

Happy Monday!


ramsam said...

I love this idea! We gathered around the table and played some of our new games we got for the holidays. The kids laughed and we all got silly, with a fresh plate of brownies nearby. I wish I took the time to make my family gather around more often!

gigi said...

I love those kind of fun days with the kiddos!

M-Cat said...

I saw your challenge on FB yesterday and wished I hadn't felt so crappy or I would have taken you up on it.

Does snuggling while Sissy watches cartoons count? : )

Scrappy Girl said...

Absolutely it counts MCat. Cutie is my cuddler...she loves it!