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Friday, January 21, 2011

To Text Or Not To Text

Manga Dork is officially ungrounded. She has been gounded for about 5 weeks due to some very scary midterms.

I handed her back her cell phone, computer privileges, and ability to do things with her friends. It was such a nice break from these things {for me}.

Things can not go back to the way they were. Too much freedom = teenager not taking care of her responsibilities. I need to make new rules. I don't want to be uberstrict or too lenient. This is my first teenager...I need suggestions!

What rules do you have for your teen regarding cell phones/teting?

Computer privileges?

Time with friends?


Cherie said...

We have friend time and we have family time. Like Monday, Wednesday, and Sundays are days we have no friends they are family days.
Homework is done before anyone can be on phones, computers, and video games, or be with friends.
WE encourage the kids to have other activities - an instrument which needs to be practiced, sports, etc...but not overbooked - just well rounded.
Definately STRICT - Bad grades would equal priviledges taken away.
Also not following house rules - curfew, etc...= loss of priviledges.
Good luck - It can be hard to balance sometimes.
It is always hard to have to be the mom and not the friend.

Garden of Egan said...

It was such a fight. I have no ideas.....so often it wasn't worth the battle.

Creative Mish said...

Talk to her about boundaries and responsibilities and have her help with a list of possible punishments. Then when she breaks the rules she will be prepared whether she likes it or not.. but it has to happen. My youngest was the only one with a cell phone when she lived at home. And she was almost 18 and had a job to help pay for it before she got it. I always had the rule no phone (or text) after 9PM on week nights. 11PM on Fri & Sat
(There was a few times when the phones were unplugged and went to work with me if the rules weren't followed)

M-Cat said...

Tough questions - the one thing I did learn was to pick my battles. Somethings are non-negotiable and others are not worth fight.

Wish I had better ideas...

OceanDreams said...

thankfully my parents didn't have a texting issue with me when i was a teen because it wasn't as huge as it is now. however, i think with my child i would allow only a certain amount of texts per day if i thought it was getting out of control, my parents had my curfew set at 10 or 11 i believe and just being open and telling her what you feel is appropriate or not is huge! ;)