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Monday, January 24, 2011

On To The Next Phase

I can not get my computer to upload photos...argh. So here is a pictureless post. Sorry.

I finished the clothing phase of being a better housewife. I can't believe it is the 24th of January and I am still keeping my new year's resolution!

I am ironing on Thursday. My ironing board is put away at all other times. I am not stressing out cause I have to iron at night OR right before we leave to go somewhere on the weekend. Why didn't I do this years ago?!

I organized all the clothes in the closets and drawers. I am responsible for all of those except for Manga Dork's. She will be hanging and putting away all her clothes and I will keep her in check with routine inspections. All sloppy or misplaced items will be pulled out.

I will be doing 2 loads of laundry daily. One in the am...one in the pm. Everything must be hung or folded and put away right from the dryer.

I cleaned my laundry room that had become the unofficial "junk room." It is SO empty and FABULOUS! I figured out what supplies I used for "clothing" and made sure I had everything I need...all excess stuff was pitched.

I am changing sheets every Monday...which counts as my AM load that day.

I can already feel the difference just this one "phase" has made on my life. My change in attitude has helped too.

Now what to do next?!



Do I hear snoring?!


I am going to be needing some advice on "FOOD" cause that is what phase I am attacking next!

Do you do meal planning? Weekly? Monthly?


just call me jo said...

Whoa, lady, you're practically leaving a smoke trail you're so efficient. Back up just a little. You don't want to make the rest of us feel so sloppy and slovenly. It is a nice feeling though, I'm sure. Enjoy it. Just don't expect me to give any advice on menu planning. It just depresses me when I map out my food too rigidly. I'm weird. I know.

DesertHen said...

Wow! You have been one busy gal!

My laundry room is so small there is just enough room for the washer and dryer and that's about it, so nothing extra gets put in there...=) Still trying to get the hubby to build some shelves in there for laundry item storage, but hasn't happened yet!

I'm a meal planner. Have been for years and that is mostly due to the fact that we have lived in some very remote places and shopping only happened once or twice a month. Now I plan bi-weekly meals and try to only do a big shop once a month with fill-in stops at the store as needed. I will pick ten or so meals and add them to the list for those two weeks, then shop for all needed items. (I ask for suggestions from the family and their favorites get put on the list, so we have a good variety of meals) I don't dictate what meal we will have on what day, I just have everything on hand for those meals on the list and usually decide the night before what we will have the next day. I use the crock-pot a lot which is a lifesaver since I got the crazy idea to go to work full time!. (what the heck was I thinking!!) So ten meals on the list which allows for a few days of leftovers or what I like to call "wing it" meals...either eat out or maybe breakfast for dinner...something like that.

Remember to involve everyone in meal ideas or choices and then have fun with it. It really can be fun, easy and save money as well.

tammy said...

I'm sure that feel so good! Great job.

Meal planning is done usually weekly. And then it is subject to change due to Luvpilot's schedule changing, or me craving Five Guys burgers.

Sondra said...

Woo Hoo for you! That is terrific. You are doing fabulous. It's wonderful to have a handle on a chore that never ends. But, much better and less stress when it doesn't pile up. Good job!

I have become a maniac in finding recipes. There are lots of great food blogs... I love the step by step instruction too. Blogging is so much fun with all the inspiration it gives you. There are soooo many wonderful women out there (you included).

Garden of Egan said...

You totally ROCK!!!! I am so excited for you. It must feel fabulous. I think you should take a picture of that laundry room. (I don't have a laundry room so I'm totally jealous!)

Wow, you really are organized!

For foods and menus? Well, the thing I did that was the best is that I made 3 separate menus for the month so I had 3 months worth of menus. I put them on a large card and on the back of that 30 days of menus I had the shopping list. I knew I needs 6 chickens, 15 pounds of hamburger, all the cannned items and stuff. I would hang the card on the fridge and we'd all know what we were having.
The next month I'd pull out the next card.
Sounds overwhelming but it really isn't. We always have spaghetti a couple of times a months, same with tacos. Roasts or ham on Sundays. Figure out the leftovers from those meals.
It really was awesome.
At the beginning of the month, I'd take that card with me to the grocery store and BAM! Done with shopping.

Keep up the fabulous work! You inspire me!

koralee said...

Wow you are one busy gal....sorry about you not being able to load images...that has happened to me before too....have a great evening.xoxoxo

laterg8r said...

totally great idea to find an organization system that works for you :D

i decide what to make for dinner each AM after the kiddo is at school and do all the prep work then. :D

Creative Mish said...

Wow! I am impressed and proud of you! What a great accomplishment! As for food planning.... I usually have the pantry, fridge and freezer stocked for several of our favorite meals. My Handyman actually does most of the shopping. On his days off he cooks and I cook the other says. Since it's just the two of us.. Each meal usually involves leftovers for the next day, too

OceanDreams said...

wow you are one busy lady, maybe i should think twice before getting engaged and married down the road, lol! you know an attitude adjustment is big too. i find when i adjust my attitude it is so much easier to get the must needed tasks done! you are such a great wife and mom! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I do weekly and monthly...I'm a bit of a fanatic about it!

M-Cat said...

Congrats on the laundry fight - you have a great system.

We plan out our menu's Saturday morning and then grocery shop sometime that day. If Splenda is REALLY organized, he'll write what is for dinner on the calendar.

I love the fact that he handles all of that! I am spoiled!

Marinela Reka said...

Very well done :)
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