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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meet My Nemesis

I loved hearing about your most dreaded chores. Let me introduce you to mine...

I absolutely positively "hate, hate, hate...LOATHE ENTIRELY" ironing. Anyone know what movie the quote is from?

Dr. Hubby has to have a nice shirt and dress pants EVERY work day. He also has to have 2 button up shirts for the weekend. And I am very embarrassed to admit...I even go over the front of his weekend jeans. I iron once daily...usually the last thing I do before plopping my big ol' butt on the couch every night.

Anyhoo. I am one of those "start with the biggest thing first" kind of girls. So I thought I would work on all things related to my weekly ironing.

Should I do it daily or do it all at once?
What would make it more enjoyable...and dare I even say...fun?
What day or time of day should I do it?
What supplies do I need?
Can I hire someone to do it for me so I can sit and watch reruns of Beverly Hills Housewives? heehee

Do you iron?
What works for you?

To peek at Toby the Shih Tzu's incredibly cute new hairdo go HERE!


Lyn said...

Do it every Monday morning (all of it) with great music or a TV show on where you can watch TV or listen or dance while ironing. Or take his clothes to the drycleaners...either way

Kristina P. said...

I hate cleaning the bathroom. Hate it. And doing laundry.

The Momster said...

I usually do my ironing, one day at a time, in the morning before we need our clothes. Not the smartest route to take, I know... My mother LOVES to iron - it is her favorite chore. And she does it ALL AT ONCE. Obviously this is not genetic.

Funny story - when I worked in the corporate world and had to wear 'nice' clothes like slacks or dresses and we wore HOSIERY I had a new friend at the company who came into my office one day in a rumpled pair of khakis and a shirt that had a bleach stain on it. I couldn't stop myself... "Girl, do you not even OWN an IRON?" My co-worker nearly fell off the corner of my desk but this new friend took it all in stride. She does not iron. Today she is a teacher...she takes her clothes straight from the dryer...

so see...it could be worse!

tammy said...

I take Luvpilot's pants to the cleaners. We have a $1.95 cleaners just down the street. LOVE them!! They'll even have them done the next day if I get there before 9:00am. His shirts I still launder and iron, but I've been tempted before to take those as well. But, he usually only goes to work about once or twice a week (for 2-3 days at a time), so I'm not ironing that much. I don't blame you for hating ironing! If I had to do that much, I'd hate it too. I recommend doing it in front of the TV. That's the only way!

BeccaHill said...

1) The quote is from my favorite Christmas movie ever...the the the THE GRINCH!

2) You should do all of your ironing at once on Monday morning. you will need an ironing board, iron, starch, electricity :) and a radio. Turn on a David Cook cd and sing along as you iron, maybe wiggle you butt a little as this will help with the fun part.

3) I hate ironing so I try not to. And Toby is so cute with the new 'do!!!!

Chanda said...

Thank Goodness my husband wears uniforms everyday in the military. He has to have pressed clothes to travel with and he travels often. Thankfully he was single for awhile and he knows about the dry cleaners. We have a very inexpensive one here and for clean clothes that are press only, they only charge .60 cents to press a shirt. Guess where his all go. Sometimes they have to help me take them to the car. I saw another busines man there once and they actually took out this roling clothes rack to his truck and helped him load up. Our cheap place in run by voc rehab and they do a wonderful job and are very nice and professional. I guess a not nice way to say who they are is state prisoners. I'm serious, they teach them business and people skills through dry cleaning and the whole community, especially us housewives BENEFIT!!!
Love love them.

DesertHen said...

I LOATHE ironing!! I try very hard not to buy clothes that require it! Hubby wears button down or snap western shirts and I remove them from the dryer while still damp and spray with a wrinkle releaser and hang dry them. It works and I don't have to iron them. Once in a blue moon I pull out the iron and board to tackle something, but seriously, I'm probably the only person that can iron more wrinkles into an item of clothing than out....LOL.

I suggest you do it all at once and turn on some really fun music...that might make it bearable! =P

Julie Harward said...

Hi, well, I love to iron, always have. I just love to put on music or the TV and just iron for a couple of hours once in a while. It's peaceful to me and I enjoy the thinking time ;D

Cherie said...

I've always loved ironing - I am weird but it is kind of relaxing for me.
You really do have to iron alot of stuff though, I can see how that would get tiring.
I think I would just set the ironing board up in front of the tv and go for it!

Notions of UFOs said...

we have a hand held steamer now and my husband steams his own clothes most of the time.

I help him out too.

The day he started doing his own laundry was really nice for me. Now when I do his laundry it is a treat for him....we get along well.

Steaming the clothes goes a lot faster than ironing.

Hey I just found your blog and I really like it. I hope you don't mind me following along.

I really liked your comments about what they said in high school. I got the same message too. My teacher at church directed me in a good direction. SAHM is the best. I had to go back to work fulltime to help out with finances when my husband didn't have to have a job. Now he is working again in the button downs and ties. It is all a circle--I'm in scrubs all day..easy to steam.

Garden of Egan said...

The Grinch!

I don't love ironing either.
Thankfully, when you wear scrubs to work, it's sorta like wearing your pajamas to work and I only iron them a little bit.

I love coming here each day to see what new thing you are tackling!
You are really inspiring me.
No pressure though.

Da Bergs said...

My hubby is a fanatic, he is the one that irons in our family!!! Yeah, love that about him!!! :)

Creative Mish said...

Yes I iron. Don't love it... don't hate it... it's just something I do.. every morning. I never know what I'm going to wear to work until I pluck it off the hanger each morning. Then I iron it.. It only takes a couple of minutes and then it's done. I used to iron my Dad's dress shirts when I was a teen. I hated that!

Sue said...

not a fan of ironing. Have taken the hubs shirts to the dry cleaning for 30 yrs.

I loathe dusting...As soon as you do it, it needs to be done all over again.