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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shows Nightly!

Last night something happened. Something that made me want to dig a hole, climb in, and D.I.E.

After taking Wild Child to a bowling birthday party I was ready to sit down and relax in my pajamas. Dr. Hubby was feeding the animals and would be in soon to sit down and watch tv.

I stripped down to my undies and then realized my pajamas were in the laundry basket of clothes to be folded in the laundry room. As I was walking out of my bedroom Dr. Hubby was coming in to wash his hands. He asked me, "Did you pick up my tacos?" I said, "Yes, they are on the counter." I was on the phone with my MIL too.

I chatted my way into the laundry room that is off our kitchen. Still chatting I picked up my pajamas and turned to go back out and to my bedroom.

That is when I looked across the kitchen to the office area and saw...


His back was turned. I am sure the look on my face would have won us a million $ in a video contest. I ran back to my room. I managed to squeak out to Dr. Hubby {and MIL on the phone} what had happened. What was my dear sweet hubby's reaction?!

He chuckled and said, "You said my tacos were on the counter?" WHAT?! Then he just went into the kitchen.

I didn't know whether to laugh uncontrollably, cry, or vomit.

After a couple minutes Dr. Hubby started yelling for me to come in there. I put on my pajamas and went to face the awkwardness. I was going to pretend nothing had even happened.

As I passed Dr. Hubby's friend in the kitchen he so casually said, "I like the other outfit you had on better." That is when I died. The two idiots were laughing their heads off. I wanted to kill Dr. Hubby.

Turns out...his back was turned when I went into the laundry room too and he didn't even see me. Now Dr. Hubby said that his friend plans to stick his head in the door every time he comes over to say, "Scrappy Girl...Do you have your clothes on!?"

I am not amused.


tammy said...

I was laughing when I read this on FB. And I'm laughing again now. Sorry!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, no! That's hilarious. And just another Tuesday night at our house. ;)

just call me jo said...

That is very entertaining...and nice to realize things like this happen to others. You've probably made that guy's weekend a lot more interesting.

DesertHen said...

Oh dear! I just hate it when the men get a good chuckle out of our embarrassing moments!

Creative Mish said...

Oh no! I would have died!! They would both be in deep do do!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Horrifying! That has totally happened to me. Except mine was a brother in law . Ugh.

Cherie said...

Ok I have to admit I am laughing my head off. This is hilarious! I can understand your embarrasment though - ha ha. Funny!

Garden of Egan said...

That is funny! I have had my share of embarassing moments.
Ya, you'd think I'd learn NOT to walk around in my undies too.

Smile at yourself!

Sondra said...

LOL! I guess that is freedom to having a house full of girls. Feeling free to walk around in your undies - I could never do that with a house full of sons. I would have died of embarrassment.

mother goose said...

I loved this! Haha. I too would have been mortified