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Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Your Stereotypical

Beautiful...tall...thin...nicely dressed...jewelry...neat...snooty...perfectionist...wound a little too tight...

When Dr. Hubby was in med school I got lots of comments from friends, family members, and even acquaintances about how I was going to be after he became a doctor. "You'll forget about us." It seems alot of people have a certain picture in their head about what a doctor's wife is like. I started thinking they expected me to change into a completely different person!

Now that he has 5 years under his long white doctor's coat I can confidently say I have not changed. I don't fit the stereotype. And I am glad. I mean let's be honest...alot of the stereotypical characteristics expected from a doctor's wife are not exactly complimentary.

Now I get comments like "You aren't anything like I expected you to be." and "You are so down to earth." It's like they are shocked. Odd. One of Manga Dork's friends said she thought I would be tall and thin with pleated skirts and high heels. That really makes me laugh.

Funny thing is...alot of the people who said those things while he was in med school are the ones who act different around us...or have even disappeared from our lives.

I am very happy to be a casual, denim and flip flop wearing, slightly immature, funny, always smiling, chubby, slightly messy, loud, countrified doctor's wife.

I'm not the only one in this family that isn't following a stereotype.

Ever go to a doctor's office and try to figure out which car belongs to the doc?

Well, this "played in the back pasture at midnight last night" mud covered truck with a coonhunting dog box on the back belongs to our doc in town!



just call me jo said...

Love the pickup. That's my kinda doctor (and doctor's family.)

M-Cat said...

This is one the things I love most about you and your blog. The REAL-NESS! Having worked with and for doc's my whole working life, I can honestly say that the most pleasant docs were the ones who were grounded and whose families were real.

DesertHen said...

Love the photo of the truck! We could use a "down to earth" Dr. in our town!

You are Amazing and one very cool lady! =)

Garden of Egan said...

Very awesome post!

I would love having your down to earth hubby working in our ER.
We have several that are just as awesome and they are the funnest to work with.

I can picture him in the back pasture getting that truck dirty too! Hilarious!

Glad you are the genuine girl you are!

mother goose said...

LOL, funny we lived in a lrg city of charlotte NC and the neonatologist and head of the hospital drove the same car he had in college. It was a piece and had rust everywhere. His wife however, drove a very nice Mercedes

tammy said...

And that's why we love you!

I worked for many a dentist and the wives I loved were the ones who really liked the staff, showed an interest in our lives, bought thoughtful gifts and weren't snooty at all.

The one I hated was the one who had me fired just because after she married my boss she decided I was too cute to work for him (and she used to work for him and knew how he flirted).

Cherie said...

I think the people who said that to you were:

A. Jealous and maybe wished their husband would be a dr.
B. The type that actually would change and become snooty had their husbands become dr.'s.

Why are people so strange anyway!!

I'm happy that you are you and doing what you want and I am glad you are scrappy and not snooty!!

Creative Mish said...

You're so funny! I love that you are both down to earth!

Cynthia said...

Awesome! Just stay the way you are!

gigi said...

So cute and such a great post! Love you just the way you are!!