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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl Made Me Want To...


I would love to buy the following items for Toby the Shih Tzu from PoshPuppyBoutique.com...

New Orleans Saints Jersey $45.

New Orleans Saints Charm $20 {Would look so cute hanging from his black leather spike collar}
My husband would think I had lost my mind if I spent $65 on those two items. Too bad I am not a RAIDERS fan...that jersey is on clearance for $17. {Insert me laughing at my BIL Dave}
Congratulations to the GREEN BAY PACKERS! Mostly because they have saved me from having to see MORE Steelers merchandise and hearing the gloating of Steelers fans in our town.
**On Saturday I went to Walmart and there was so much Steelers crap...cupcakes, napkins, plates, underwear, balloons, etc. I had vowed not to come back out for the rest of the weekend. But when checking out I noticed the couple in front of me was decked out in Saints merchandise! Cool! I started talking to them and noticed the accent...she said they were originally from N'awlins. Oh I love hearing them say that. I want to go back to that town...love it!
Happy Monday!


mother goose said...

well, i'm happy for the packers quarter back because i'm sure he was sick to being compared to brett favre. boohiss but I'm glad for the GPackers QB
i wanted the steelers to win our QB stunk, boohiss, but I wanted Troy Polamalu to come home with a ring!

tammy said...

I say buy the jersey!

DesertHen said...

So cute! Toby would look great decked out in Saints merchandise! =)

We watched the game with friends...there were Steelers and Packers fans in the room...need I say more! The food was awesome and the gals hung out in the kitchen area which was fun, fun, fun! The teens put on a fashion show...trying on dresses for the Winterfest dance which is this Saturday!

The Blonde Duck said...

We went to Target during the Superbowl. LOL!

Garden of Egan said...

Hmmmm, I'm embarassed to say I didn't watch any of it.
Or maybe I'm not embarassed.

I didn't even know who was playing.

Julie Harward said...

I didn't even know who was playing in the SB until saturday! That show how much I follow football. I did like the Pepsi commercial where the flirty blond runner got whacked upside the head with a Pepsi Max..made me laugh right out loud! ;D

The Blonde Duck said...

March is usually perfect in SA!