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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Do Not Drink From That Cup!

I am never alone anywhere I go inside or outside on the farm.

Toby {the Shih Tzu} is always right by my side. I am so glad he came into our world this past winter. He has been such a fun furry blessing to our family.

He is always excited to see us.

He is so laid back and lazy when he is inside. But he is full of energy on the outside.

This photo makes me think of fleas. We give Toby a pill for fleas called Comfortis. I was not comfortable putting the oily medicine at the base of his neck kind because of the kiddos.

Such a funny little face. I can't get too far away or he comes running. He wants to travel with me everywhere. If you ever ride in the Escalade DO NOT drink from the small ice water with no lid in the cup holder. That is Toby's drink.

Do you have a furry partner in crime?
What do you use for fleas?


Jan said...

This tickled me :) adorable moments..

I miss our little dog so much!

You have a gorgeous place Scrappy

DesertHen said...

We don't have fleas! =) The winters are too cold and the climate too dry for fleas around here. Instead we have ticks! ICK! But only out in the desert, so we have to check the dogs carefully after we have been out camping.

Such cute photos of Toby! He looks so much like our bosses dog Teddy! They could be brothers! So cute that he has his own cup in the car!

We love our Maggie dog! So glad Hayman rescued her last summer! She is very, very spoiled and my husbands constant shadow! Country Chicks rescue, Munchie, is a total goofball and funny to have around! =)

M-Cat said...

That's funny about his own water cup.

My furry friends are spoiled rotten too.

And we are lucky because we really don't have a flea problem in UT. I think it's too dry, but I have never had to treat my dogs and never had a problem.

tammy said...

Our dogs would have so much fun together. My dogs would be in heaven on your farm. I love how my Harley loves to cuddle with me whenever I'm on the couch. He doesn't just lay next to me, but gets as close as he can so he's almost laying on top of me. Love it. I haven't had a problem with fleas ever.

laterg8r said...

such a cute puppy :D

no fur babies here, too many real babies (i'm never alone either LOL) :D

Lillian J. Banks said...

I am have maltese that we got for my parents. We trained him for them and everything. My mom ended up being allergic to him even though he is hypoallergenic. We inherited him. HE loved to be right by my side, but the best part is that my 2 year old can carry him around like a baby and entertain herself for hours with him. He is mostly tolerant of it :) My only dilemma is he is sneaking my chicken eggs out of their coop. That is a problem.

Julie Harward said...

What a face! We have one too and he is the same way, and such a licker/lover! Mine loves to travel too and we take him! :D

Garden of Egan said...

What a sweet little face!
He looks like he's totally having a blast outside.

I'll remember that about the drinking cup when you come and pick me up for a night on the town.


gigi said...

I've used confortis in the past but we used Advantage right now. I love the energy that Toby has. What fun.

Creative Mish said...

These are fun photo's. I love all the action and hopping! I wish I had that much energy.

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